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mommy and seabee/army wife (once a seabee, always a seabee - can do!). i love to do crafting including scrapbooking, quilting, drawing, painting, writing, cross-stitch and other things. 25 years old, who has had a decent amount of life experience. i try to be open minded, but i do not tolerate ignorance and blanket statements. non practicing catholic who went to catholic school for 12 years.

  • cooking with stoneware in omni + vegan household?

    everywhere says stoneware is non porous, but i'm a little leery of that. my husband and son are omnivores and he wants a covered stoneware dish for roasting chicken/turkey... i'm thinking that it would be for his cooking only, but it would be nice to be able to use the $85 purchase for me too!

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  • microsoft works spreadsheet?

    i was sent a file with a basic outline for a spreadsheet, however, once i get past the columns originally input, the other ones won't show on the print preview. so essentially, i have 75 columns of information, but only the first 7 show to print. any one know how to fix this? thank you!

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  • trying to print, windows encountered a problem...?

    i recently purchased an HP deskjet f4280 to replace a printer that had an internal problem. since installing the deskjet when i try to print i get a pop up stating that windows encountered a problem with the options debug, send error report, don't send. prior to my last printer's internal problems i could print fine. before installing the new printer i got no error message, the computer would think the page had printed, but nothing would happen on the printer side.

    this is the only new device

    i have uninstalled and reinstalled

    i have been to the site and installed the driver

    the printer will print a page when i initially start it up, but not the test page from the computer to the printer

    i am unsure what details you would need from the error report, but i can bring it up to tell you if necessary.

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  • on post housing, neighbor won't stop contacting me...?

    long story short, my neighbors and i ended up in an argument at which point i decided to stop all contact with them. today one of them knocked on my door to verbally accost me, when i shut the door (and in my state of irritation i did tell her "this, this is me slamming the door in your face"... i will not try to claim innocence) she chose to contact via yahoo messenger. does anyone happen to know if i have any recourse if this continues? i refuse to keep my son and myself reclusive because she feels the need to yell at me.

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  • plastik anime shirt?

    my husband has asked me in the past for a plastik anime shirt, and i have never been able to find one. i have recently started looking again to no avail. no shirts on ebay or jstore ( i'm hoping someone out there knows where i can get one - any help is appreciated! and i already did a google search with lots of different wording and couldn't find any, so i'm really at a loss guys! thanks in advance.

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  • any new anime?

    i was wondering if anyone knew of any good NEW anime, stuff that has just been released or will be in the near future. we're (my husband and i) are drawn more towards animes like kenshin, saiyuki, full metal panic... i really like funny, he likes funny also and he likes mech and serious as well. a good plotline - neither of us like naruto (probably because we like stuff that isn't plastered all over). new recommendations would be great, and if you could give me a brief synopsis or a direct link with one that would be great!

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  • what is the worst marriage proposal you have heard of?

    my now husband rolled over in bed and said "what do you think about getting married" i said "eh, whatever" and we never discussed it again. probably 2 days later we went out looking for an engagment ring (i thought he was actually going to ask) and then he just gave it to me. nothing else... he's not really the romantic type.

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  • what is the funniest thing you've ever experienced? made you laugh so hard you cried funny?

    some of my favorites were an older lady in front of us in church coughing trying to cover the fact she was farting, but she had the timing off.

    one of my brother's swaying like ray charles while we all held hands singing the our father in church.

    & one brother looking at the other in the shower (they were little) and asking him "where your d*ck at?"

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  • what was the fastest car in the movie the fast and the furious?

    the first movie. this is my husband's favorite question, so i thought i'd ask it for him.

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  • any calender ideas?

    I'm planning on doing a calendar for gifts for next christmas and i would like to have a picture of my son dressed up for each holiday... here's a list of the holidays i plan to cover (if you can come up with others that would be great too! however, they need to be american and catholic as the majority of the people receiving these calenders will be both - all are catholic). what i'm asking for are ideas on how to dress my son up for each holiday. any help would be greatly appreciated! (backround ideas would be great too - i normally use fabrics)

    new year's

    MLK jr day

    groundhog day


    president's day

    st. patrick's

    april fool's

    earth day


    mother's day

    armed forces day

    memorial day

    flag day

    father's day

    independance day

    labor day

    grandparent's day

    columbus day


    veteran's day


    bill of rights day

    christmas (should i do christmas eve too?)

    thank you!

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  • for ANYBODY ONLY!!!!!!?

    ever notice that almost evertime a question starts with "for such and such people only!!!!" it's racist? either that or it's just plain demeaning to anyone who is not such & such? what's the point of getting answers from only select people - and do people who post these questions honestly think that only such & such people are going to look at their question? or is this logical thinking just me?

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  • does any have solid scientific proof of a human gay gene?

    i have searched and searched. i remeber when i was in high school they were just starting to look for one. i've found articles on animals and insects having a gay gene, but nothing with solid proof of a human gay gene.

    am i not looking in the right places or doing the right searches? i would love to have a reference for solid proof for people who use similar questions as a form of gay bashing, but as of yet the best i can find is fruit flies.

    and i want it to be indisputable, so something in a scientific journal or the likes. no conservatist, religious, or gay publications unless the cite a reputable scientific sorce. i'm not trying to be nasty, i'm trying to make it indusputable.

  • homosexuals in the united states military, would you?

    if the us government gave up the don't ask, don't tell policy and implemented an open policy, would you join?

    i just gave an answer that made me a little nostalgic on reports and such i had given in high school and one was on the don't ask, don't tell policy and i was curious if you would join if you could be openly gay and were guarenteed that there would be serious repurcussions for any violence against you based on your sexual orientation?

  • if it was indecent to draw tweety bird with no feathers, then why doesn't porky pig wear pants?

    origionally tweety was drawn pink, as he is a newborn canary. someone high up at looney toons decided this was inappropriate. so then why does an adult pig wear no pants? i know donald doesn't and daffy is naked etc., but they have feathers to cover up their "bits & wobbles"... porky is just skin! how is that not indecent?

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  • if mice wore watches would their time go faster?

    their lives are much shorter. also how much faster do you think they would go? how many mice days to 1 human day?

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  • if you use soap to wash your hands, does the soap get dirty?

    from my husband's brilliant mind

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