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  • How can i stop my ponies saddle slipping?

    I have a 12hh fat, barrel like shetland x welsh section A. We have 3 saddles for him and they all slip!! Do you reckon a breastplate might help???

    Ideas welcome!!! My daughter who just turn 5 is walking, trotting and cantering on the lunge and after a few minutes she says....mummy i am slipping again!!! She can walk / trot on her own and without tight circles the saddle is better. She has started doing a couple of jumps on her own too and saddle semms ok but the cantering on the lunge s the issue!!!

    Thank you. x

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  • What should my 5 year old wear in the working hunter ring?

    Doing a show next weekend and we are going to do a selection of showing classes, coloured class (we have a dun pony), Lead rein class and the working hunter cradle stakes lead rein. Will it be ok to wear the black show jacket for all the classes or am i gonna have to splash out on another tweed jacket??

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  • what is the song "head, shoulders, knees and toes, let me see you dancin across the floor.?

    it is a street dance song, rap sort of song.

    Other lyrics are "let you knees wobble, raise the roof"


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  • What gift can i buy my best friends to thank them for organising my hen night?

    I have recently come back from my hen weekend which my two best freinds organised completely for me. It was fantastic and all 18 of us had an amazing time.

    I want to give them both a thank you present on my wedding day when we give the best man and bridesmaid (my daughter) a present.

    My hen night was a neon, 80's theme so shall i get something fun like that or something they can keep forever...i was thinking maybe a personalised gift like a compact mrror with our hen night photo of the three of us on??

    Any thoughts???

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Ideas for personalised wedding vows?

    Hi, i am getting married next year and want to write my own wedding vows. we are a couple who have been together for a long time and already have two amazing children. I want to include some lines that recognise that we have children, eg i vow to stand by you as we watch our children grow etc....any poetic people out there with ideaas, sentences, phases th elike which i can use in my vows?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 38 weeks pregnant with vaginal pain?

    Hi, i am currently 38 weeks pregnant and carrying a large baby . I am due to be induced next friday but over the weekend i have been having an increasing pain / ache in my lower bits. It hurts to sits and when i go to the toilet and wipe it feels like my labia is bulging. It is sore to press around that area and i think the only way of describing it is that i feel bruised!!

    I have quite a lot of braxton hicks contractions but have done all the way through this pregnancy, however, when i get them now i feel the pressure more in my vagina.

    Last friday my baby was in the oblique head down position, i don't think i have noticed any major shift in position but maybe the head is getting lower????

    I am hoping to hang onto this baby until September!! I was late with my first baby who was also a big baby but i don't remember feeling this pressure / ache down below. Have taken some co-codamol which helps a little but it is still there and quite uncomfortable really.

    Any ideas?? seeing Midwife tomorrow but i always find experience better than professional advice!!! Thanks Guys!

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  • Iron tablets in pregnancy?

    Anyone else taking iron supplements and suffering from diahorrea?!!!

    I hate them!

    Thought they were supposed to make you constipated!!!

    Oh the joys of pregnancy!!!

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  • 28 weeks, bump changed shape and baby movement felt in different place today.?

    I am 28 weeks pregnant with my second baby and last night i felt a massive fetal movement. I have been having regular movements and kicks up high under my right side for many weeks now. However, this morning i have woken up and just feel like the baby had dropped down and my bump had changed shape? Anyone else experienced this at this stage? I have also been feeling regular movements today but they are much more subtle and lower down.

    I have also been suffering from hideous heartburn over the last few weeks but today, no heartburn!! One plus i suppose in that it will save me a fortune on Gaviscon!!

    My last baby was big and this baby is measuring three to four weeks bigger. I have a growth scan booked for 32 weeks to look at birth options depending on size. I know i have my dates right as we only tried for one month before conceiving so i am not worried about the dates being wrong, i just wondered if anyone else has experienced these symptoms at this stage in pregnancy?

    My last baby never really dropped until i was in labour and i carried high the whole time.

    Thanks for any info.

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  • Sick hen, infected scabs, bright green smelly pooh.....please please help!?

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help us??

    We have a 7 month old Sussex Pullet who is sick! About 6 weeks ago she seemed to start going lame and looking uncomfortable when she was walking. This slowly progressed to her not wanting to walk at all.

    We also noticed she was very dirty around the vent which does happen with her as she is VERY fluffy and has loads of under belly feathers. We usually catch her and wash her off which is what we did this time. On picking her up this time we noticed a horrible smell which smelled like an infection. On washing her off we noticed a large amount of thick scabs on the top of her legs and under her belly which we soaked off in the water and removed. The skin under the scabs was infected, red and very sore.

    On placing her back in the garden she was attacked by the other hens which left her bleeding and with some nasty wounds. We quickly separated her and have been treating her with TLC. we have used "Frontline" flea and lice treatment as directed by a friend, on all the chickens, cleared out the hen house and used lice / mite powder on all surfaces and Jeyes fluid on all floors etc.

    However, although the wounds have appeared to heal she remains unhappy walking and uses her wings to balance when we encourage her outside for gentle supervised exercise.

    She is eating and drinking small amounts and seems happy enough in the box but doesn't seem to be making a massive recovery.

    Today, i let her out and noticed some smaller scabs on the base of the feathers on her back which easily fall off, taking the feather with them and leaving a sore leison. I had not noticed them before but her whole body seems to have scabby areas. She also has a fowl smelling, bright green diarrhoea which only comes out when she trys to run. There is never any pooh in her bedding.

    She doesn't smell infected anymore and is looking generally a bit brighter but we nor anyone we have spoken to has any idea what is wrong with her.

    She is a pet and we are not worried about meat / eggs as she is hopefully her for the long run to live a happy life with the others, however i am wondering if she will ever get better??

    Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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  • Advice on a broody hen sitting on duck eggs.?

    I have a broody Wellsummer hen who when she started laying decided a good place to lay would be on top of our very high garage, in a bush!! Hence we have not been able to collect the eggs regularly and now she has started sitting on them!! So now i can't get either the chicken or the eggs down!!!

    However, she came down a few days ago for some grub and we caught her and put her in the coop....she went crazy so we brought some fertile duck eggs and placed them with her in a box in a separate shed and she has been sitting happily for a couple of days on six eggs.

    However, i thought once she has established sitting i would let her out for a bit of fresh air and guess what....she went back on the garage roof!!!!

    After a lot of fuss we got her down and put her back in the shed where she sat back on the duck eggs seemingly happy.

    I let her out again today for about 15 minutes and then placed her back in the shed before she had time to leg it to the garage again.

    My question i doing the right thing? How long will she take to forget about the garage roof nest??? The eggs she has laid up there are not fertile as we currently have no cockeral!!! I am worried if she stays on the roof she will be open to predators and the lovely UK british weather!!! will i have to keep her in the shed for a full 28 days until the eggs are due to hatch or will i be able to open the door soon and let her come and go as she pleases which i feel happier about as i don't like her being stuck in the shed when all our chickens are free range and able to come and go as they please.

    We are vegetarians so the chickens are pets, the eggs are a bonus but we are not concerned about egg production etc just as long as our chicks are happy chicks.

    Thank in advance for the advice.

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  • Unusual / unique four letter baby girl and boy name suggestions please.?

    We both really like unusual names and short preferably four letter names and need some help as we just cannot agree!!

    Any ideas gratefully received!!

    Thanks in advance guys.

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  • Potty trained but going downhill!!?

    My daughter is 22 months old and approx a month ago she decided it was time to use the potty. I had the potty around the house for months but never even put her on it, then i came home one day with a load of nappies as they were on special offer, and she said "no nap naps mummy, use potty" and with that she sat on it and did a wee!

    Since then we haven't looked back and she is dry during the day. Still wearing nappies at night as she drinks like a fish and i don't think she will get night time potty training anytime soon!! I have put her in her bed now so she can get out at night but not pushing the issue at all and just hoping she initiates it like she did with daytime training.

    However, that all sounds good but the last day or so she has started saying "mummy i am weeing on the floor" and doing just that!! I think it is for attention and i have tried ignoring it, telling her off, naughty step etc but she has done it three times today and i don't know why she is suddenly doing this?? Anyone have any experience with this and ideas of how to handle it??

    She also just looked like she was needing a number 2 so i asked her if she need the potty, she said no then proceeded to poo on the sofa!!! whats up with her???

    Thanks in advance, hope you can all help me.

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  • Support for Jade Goody.?

    This is not really a question but i wonder if others are interested.

    As a young mum myself, i find myself thinking about poor Jade Goody and her family at this very sad time and feel like i would like to show she is in my thoughts. I have tried to access her official website but it is not running now and i wonder if maybe people who would like to show her their support were to write a message on yahoo whether someone with a computer brain could possibly forward all of them to her??

    I have been touched by her sad sad story and cannot possibly imagine how she feels to think she has to leave her two boys alone in the world in just a few short months. It really is heartbreaking.

    I can understand Jade may not be everyones cup of tea but what a brave strong woman she is and i personally admire her.

    Thinking of you Jade. Hope the next world is a happier place for you.

    In our prayers.


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  • 11 month old will not drink any milk at all!!!?

    My daughter until recently was having a bottle of formula in the morning and at night but has completely gone off it full stop!!

    She refuses the bottle!

    I have tried various cups, milkshake, hot chocolate, cows milk, soya milk, rice milk you name it i have tried it!!

    She drinks a lot of juice and will have fruit smoothies etc but just not milk!

    I make sure she has plenty of cheese, yoghurt etc but any ideas on how to get milk into her?!!!!!


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  • Anyone esle have an American Bulldog and see Casualty on BBC1 this week?

    I am so unset that there was an amercian bulldog on there which went around biting everyone!! I have so much grief from people when i am out with my american bulldog as they think she is a "fighting dog" and "should be muzzled" or "banned". I spend so much time educating these ignorant people who think any breed of dog with "American" in the title is a Pitbull. I really don't think this episiode of casualty is going to help my American bulldog plight and just wanted to see if anyone else has had any increased animosity following this programme. Today i was verbally abused for having a "killer dog, which should be put down"!!!

    The American Bulldog is such a fantastic breed, friendly family dogs, why are some people so quick to judge and have no facts! AGGGGGHHHHHH!

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  • 6 month old waking.?

    My daughter used to sleep through the night from 7pm until 7 am but lately she seems unsettled and wakes during the night. Mostly she settles herself or just needs her dummy replacing but sometimes she wakes at 4am and will not go back to sleep.

    I change her and feed her when she won't settle and she then usually does go back eventually but the 4am thing is a killer!!

    Is this normal for her age? She is 6 months exactly.

    This is not every night but seems to be one in three. Last night i relented and took her into our bed for my husband to look after her while i made her feed up and when i got back up there they were both asleep!! so i let her sleep with us! Am i making a big mistake doing this?

    I wonder if it is separation anxiety as she doesn't seem that hungry and will only take a couple oz. She seems happy once she is with me.

    By the way, she is weaned and on 3 meals a day and 4 milk feeds. She weighs 18lbs and is totally healthy.

    Is this something i am going to have to ride out?

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  • 3 months old, how much expressed milk should she consume??

    My baby was born weighing 9lbs 5 1/2 oz and is now 13 weeks old and exclusively breast fed. I pump and give a bottle of expressed milk at bed time and she seems to eat tons!!

    Tonight she has just had nearly 12oz!!!!

    Is this normal?

    She just keeps on guzzling!!

    I know my milk flow is fast and she feeds regularly throughout the day for an average of 20 minutes per feed so she may be getting the same each feed? However, in a bottle it is a lot! Infact i have to put it in two bottles as one is not big enough.

    My HV says you cannot over feed a breastfed baby and she is not overweight. On last weigh she was 13lbs exactly at 11 weeks old.

    She is perfectly healthy and sleeps all night from 8pm to 7am.

    Should i be worried about the amount of milk she is having??

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Newborn gums?

    Since my baby was born her gums have been kind of contoured, not smooth. Is this normal?

    My nephews gums 7 months are smooth and only recently have they started to be a bit bumpy as his teeth are coming through.

    Is it that my baby will just start teething sooner?

    Has anyone else noticed this on their newborn? She is now 11 weeks old. No sign of any teeth but i just need to be reassured.

    She is healthy in every way and i am very lucky but just a paranoid first time mum!!

    Sorry and thanks in advance to those who answer.

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  • Sleepy after immunisations?

    My 8 week old baby had her first vaccinations this afternoon and i gave her calpol (infant paracetamol) as directed. She was a little grizzly but then appeared fine for a couple of hours. Now she is really sleepy and has been asleep for over three hours. She never falls asleep at this time of day!!

    Is it the calpol or should i be worried about possible side effects from the jabs?

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  • How much breast milk?

    I have an 8 week old baby and am exclusively breast feeding. I have just started to express some milk for my partner to feed at the 10.30pm feed but don't really know how much we should be giving.

    We started with 3oz and have increased over the last few days to 5 1/2 oz. My baby takes all the milk in about 15 minutes and sleeps for 3-4 hours after this feed (as she does with a breast feed). However, it doesn't seem to matter whether she has 3 or 5 oz she still wakes 3 hours later and i therefore cannot gauge if she is having enough or too much.

    When she breast feeds she is very quick only feeds for about 10 - 15 minutes and then sleeps for 3-4 hours which my Health visitor says means she is having enough, but my question is how much should i give when i express?

    She is gaining weight well and is a healthy 12lbs.

    Any advice?


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