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  • Should I ask for a raise?

    This is a little long sorry.

    I work for a very busy solo practitioner podiatrist as the Office Manager in central Ohio. The doc has been in business for almost 35 years. There are 3 employees including myself so I look over 2 employees. However one employee is the docs wife and she does the billing.

    Anyway my duties include:

    Answering phones

    Scheduling appointments

    Assisting is minor in office surgery

    Taking vitals

    Documenting medical history in electronic medical records

    Taking x rays

    Collecting payments/copays

    Some bookkeeping

    Maintaining medical equipment x ray machine and film prosesser

    Whatever else doc asks me to do in the office

    I'm 23 no kids 3 dogs :)

    I currently make an annual salary of $19,680

    I have been there for 3 going on 4 years

    I have only received 1 raise

    We get 1 Christmas bonus of $250

    My hours are about 30-35 a week with paid time off

    I am worried about asking for a raise because we are preparing to move the office, and overhead will almost double or more.

    I may be selling myself short in saying that I don't do enough in the office to merit a raise but my husband doesn't even have a high school diploma and he is almost making $25,000/year only been on the job 1 year. (His is a bit more physical than my office job lol)

    Someone please give me some insight about this. Is now a good time to ask for a raise starting Jan 1? Keeping in mind that my hours don't reflect full time status.

    Thanks a bunch!

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  • Older Pearson Spoiler compound bow.?

    My boyfriend has an older (late 90's) Pearson Spoiler. It is really bare bones, no frills. He didn't get a deer with it last year, it also was his first year with a bow. He went to the archery range the other day and he told me that all the other shooters had really nice newer bows, and was convinced that his bow was no good. It is larger and heavier than the newer ones, but I think he should invest in some parts to enhance the bow then to toss it aside and drop $200-$300 that we really don't have on a new one. He also doesn't practice much because arrows are kind of expensive. I want him to keep this bow since he is novice, and we are poor.

    Are Pearson's still good to use?

    What kind of mods can he do to make this bow more accurate and quiet?

    Where can he get the parts/mods for this older bow?

    Can this bow be wrapped in a more modern camo pattern?


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  • Can I have a Wood Burning Stove?

    I currently have a vented propane heater made by Warm Morning. However, the cost of propane is high and we can't have natural gas in our area. Our house is small. Less that 1000 square feet. I want to replace our 20''x24''x12'' heater with a small wood burning stove of the same size. I want to keep the propane for the furnace but use the wood burner to cut the fuel cost. The wall behind the heater is concrete covered with wood paneling. The current heater is about 18" from the wall.

    Can I use the same vent for a wood burner as my current heater?

    Would I have to change the wall covering to prevent heat damage?

    Do I need any special permission/permits to do this?

    Note: I currently rent the house so lets assume I had my landlords permission for the sake of conversation.

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  • Is my dogs pain medication making her sick?

    Last week my dog got run over by a car. She survived, but she has a broken shoulder and disjointed hip. The vet gave her 50mg of Tramadol for the pain and she takes an antibiotic for the cuts and an anti inflammatory for her shoulder. She was eating her wet puppy food well, but now she really wont eat anything. Except table scraps like cooked hot dogs and sausage. Also, she hasn't been pooping very much and sometimes not at all.

    Is there something I can give her so she will go because I know she has to. Is the Tramadol making her loose her appetite?

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  • Can I jump my 29 year old horse?

    I have a 29 year old quarter horse gelding. He has done wonderfully in all of his speed classes and contesting. He loves to jump when we are on trails but I don't ask him to. He is sound and very spunky. This summer, I want to participate in a simple hunter over fences class. They are having only two jumps that are between 2' and 2'9". With consistent work and proper preparation, do you think he could safely compete in the two jump class?

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  • Can a small female dog breed with a large male?

    My friend has a female JRT who just went through her first heat cycle. She definitely looks very pregnant. However, to my knowledge she has only been around larger dogs (Rottweiler). Is it possible for her to have pups from a larger dog? Will it hurt her? I am very confidant that she is pregnant, Her teats are swollen and she seems to be lactating. Please let me know what you think.

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  • Harness for a pot belly pig?

    I need a harness for my pot belly pig. What kind should I get? Should it be a dog harness or do they make harnesses made for pot bellies? She weighs about 100lbs. and is 13in tall 23in long. Would a full body dog harness work?

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  • TWH doesn't know how to park. How can I teach him?

    My 18 year old TWH who doesn't know how to park out. I have now idea how to teach him either. I was thinking about showing him in a halter class and it would be good for him to learn. If anyone has any tips about how I would go about teaching him I would apreciate it. Thanks

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  • Skinny Horse. How can I get him to gain weight?

    I have a 26 year old Quarter Horse gelding. We just got him last year and at his old farm, he didn't get much time at grass. In fact, almost none at all. Well, we brought him home last September and thought that if he had more time at grass, it would help him gain weight. Nope. I am planing on showing him at my county fair and right now he is way under weight. I am aware that because of his age his is skinny. I need a way to get about 300lbs on him by July. I also want to use him in my senior pictures. I work him regularly in the spring and summer so would someone please tell me what I should do to get him gaining weight. Thanks.

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  • TWH not doing his run-walk anymore?

    My TWH is gaited and he used to run walk perfectly, as of late, he is troting in diagonals and not using parallels. When I ride him and ask for his runwalk, the gait feels very strange. I was wanting to show him next summer, but I can't if he isn't exicuting his gaits properly. Why is he doing this and how can I fix it.

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  • Show name for my horse.?

    I have a 16 year old Black and white painted Tennessee Walker Gelding. Next year I am planning on showing in my county fair. His name is Dakota and I just wanted some suggestions on some show names. He is really big. About 17 hands. I am going to show him in western or Austrailian. More than likely will be Western. I don't have an Aussie bridle. Thanks and I am open to just about anything because I have never shown before and I don't want to steal someone elses name. Thanks So Much!!

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  • Will he ever be able to jump???

    I have a gaited TWH who is not only beautiful but he is HUGE!! he is about 16.5 hands and is very clumsy. His owner says that he used to jump well then he would get lazy. So they stopped trying. Since then he has gotten way over weight and I am working on him to get the weight off. I heard that gaited TWH's are generaly not good jumpers and are used better in dressage. Is this true? Him being gaited would mess up his stride in between jumps wouldn't it?? I really need to get back into jumping soon so i can prepare for the Fair next year. Please help!!

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  • Storybook love story. What have I gotten myself into???

    From the top....My ex-boyfriend of a year and a half, took off with out notice to the state of Delaware (he lived here in ohio). He never said anything to me, no good bye or anything. I freaked. He called me 4 days later and told me he was no good and I should go and do something amazing with my life. To go and find someone else. By now I am in tears and wondering why he is doing this to me. So, then he told me to not call him or any of his family or he will have my number blocked. So I didn't. He called me again a few days later and we talked breifly. I tried to be firm but I broke down. After that, my bosses step-son asked me out. I knew I was on the rebound, I knew I would have to move on eventually. No better time than the present right? Wrong. So I went out with this new guy and we had a good time. He wants to go way to fast way to quick. I don't think I will last much longer. My ex called me today, and wants me back. I told him he hurt me real bad. We cried and I still love him.

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  • Self Esteem Issues.?

    I have had self esteem issues my whole life. As a child I was chunky and wore the uglyest glasses that were about a quarter of an inch thick. I'm being totaly serious. But now that I have grown, my features have matured and I am better looking. I dropped the glasses and slimmed down. In the past, guys have told me I was ugly, now they tell me I am "hot". Guys my age want nothing but a piece of @$$. fyi I am a junior in high school. Other guys give me complements but to avoid getting hurt, I just roll my eyes and shrug it off. How can I convince myself that I truely am beautiful and to trust a guys word? It frusterates me and by boyfriend. He says I am pretty but I don't believe him. Help!!

    3 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • I changed my e-mail twice and changed my password more what to do!!?

    O.K so on yahoo, I have had e-mails in the past and never had this issue. Someone keeps hacking into my e-mail account and changing my password. They don't do anything else but change the password. I have changed tehm countless times to stuff that is so random and so hard that I sometimes have a hard time remebering it. I never give out my password to anyone anywhere. I am getting very frusterated. What should I do?

    6 AnswersOther - Internet1 decade ago
  • How do I get my horse to pick up his feet?

    I have a gaited Tennessee Walker Gelding. He is massive!. I'm not sure exactly how tall he is but it isn't less than 16 hands. Right now he is overweight and I have been working him regularly. When we ride, he stumbles a lot. I tried to trot poles and even when they are on the ground, he still knocks them. Is he being lazy? How do I get him to be a little more sure footed. He used to jump but I tried once and he just blew right through the fence. i know he isn't in pain because he walks fine and has no feet issues. What to do?

    **Also, anyone know of any good exercises for him. He is pretty heavy and all that fat needs to become muscle. Since it is summer, he gets very, very little grain and only a flake or so of hay in the morning. The rest of the day he is out in the field. Every day I ride him for a little more than an hour and we walk a lot then I work his run-walk for a bit and then I canter for a good bit. It works his legs but he has a huge barrel. What can fix all this?

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  • When will our Peacock get his full train?

    A friend of mine has a peacock that is a little over a year old. He has a little bit of a train but it looks sad. Her husband keeps buying females and now we have four females and one male. The male presents himself to the females but I know that unless he grows a better, fuller, train he won't be able to mate. We really want some babies and maybe get a few more males. When will his train be at it's fullest to atract the females?

    4 AnswersBirds1 decade ago