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  • Did you hear about Tony Romo's new endorsement deal?

    Apparently, the makers of Butterfingers have signed him to be the spokesperson for the candy bar. When asked about the newly signed contract, Romo told the press, "It was one deal I couldn't let slip through my fingers."

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  • Why are Bears fans so delusional about reaching, let alone winning the Super Bowl?

    I understand that the team went 13-3 this season, but:

    1) Rex Grossman is HORRIBLE. He completed more passes to Green Bay in the final game than he did his own team. Folks, this isn't a slump. The term slump implies that things will get better. Things are only getting worse for Grossman.

    2) The Defense is playing HORRIBLY. Yes, they were amazing in the first part of the season. Over the last 4 games of the season, they have given up over 27 points per game (including to Tampa Bay). There is no way that both the Bears offense and defense can struggle as much as they have as late and expect to win.

    3) But they went 13 and 3!!! The Bears have the WEAKEST strength of schedule of any of the teams currently in the playoffs. I think they only beat 2 teams with winning schedules, and they should have gotten killed by the Cardinals.

    So Bears fans, what gives? Why are you guys so confident about winning the big one this year?

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  • Which WR should I start as my third?

    My league allows you to play 3 WRs. I am starting TJ Houshmandzadeh and Terry Glenn. I have the following available to take the 3rd spot:

    Chris Chambers (MIA) v. Texans

    Derrick Mason (BAL) v. Chargers

    Joe Horn (NO) v. Panthers

    Reggie Williams (JAX) v. Redskins

    Who should I play as my 3rd receiver, and why do you think this particular player should get the start?

    10 points to the most well-thought out and logical answer.

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