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I am quite full of curiosity in various subjects,hence I could offer an answer to various kinds of questions but could give better answers to medical or health related questions. BEST OF ANSWER 2006:;_ylt=AoQA5pRuqhAHHw_UCD7VBeN51KIX?qid=20060921084907AAruCEI;_ylt=AoQA5pRuqhAHHw_UCD7VBeN51KIX?qid=20061024110403AA0ThCL;_ylt=AsjHTTrMRtbAapbpC_G9BKMjzKIX?qid=20061009084944AATkBla 50th ANSWER'S FEATURED USER: "I am just but human who could be wrong,please let me know of any errors I do." Lani S.