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Atomic Fireball I love to spice things up. There's something tempting about me that lingers, making me hard to forget. Though sometimes I'am a little over-powering, people always come back for more. That's because I'am a rewarding challenge. Deep within the layers of that tough outer shell lies something sweet and satisfying at the core. I like the whole bad boy thing. While dependability and hard work are in my bones, I am a rebel at heart. Smaller and more agile than my predecessor the hot rod, I am lean and mean, fast and fun. I like wide–open spaces with danger and adventure in the air. I will never go out of style, and you don't take crap from anyone. I am a master strategist, from A to Z. I break problems down and aren't afraid to mix things up to see where the tiles fall. I am a skilled wordsmith, so I know when a familiar term will get me farther than an obscure one. I have high integrity. Success is in Me....