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  • Can this lawyer get away with this? Sorry, it's long....

    A year ago I left my abusive husband hired a lawyer paid 2500.00 retainer fee then less than 3 weeks later went back to husband. Attorney said retainer good for a year. Have since left husband att drew up the agreement from last year then changed the dates on it and said to call him and come by to pick it up for it to be signed. I called 4 times that day and never heard a word. I had an errand close to his office and thought that I could just speak to the receptionist and pick up the papers. When he heard I had came and was in the lobby he started yelling about how could I just think I was better or more important than everyone else, I apologized. He rolled his eyes and yelled if all my clients called 4 times a day and just came by when they felt like it I would never get my job done, even though earlier he had said it was important to get ex to sign asap. I did not call until yesterday when I went to pick up my child early bc of the way ex was speaking to me in front of my son and would not let me speak to him which was a specification in the paper. I did not ask to speak to att. I asked receptionist to just please document why I had picked my son up early. I called this morning bc I wanted to ask if the papers were not signed should my ex get our son for visit bc he did not have to follow agreement. Upon calling att office receptionist heard my name and sighed really loud. I asked is there a problem with me being a client? She said no, but he's not going to call you back if you just keep calling here, he hates that and refuses to return clients calls when they call repeatedly. I was shocked bc I paid his fee therefore he essentially was hired by me. I then called around trying to get an answer from someone, anyone. I called the local District Attorneys office to ask someone there to help me. I did say that I was unhappy and had called the state's bar association bc he yelled at me and then receptionist was so rude. I then called the receptionist and told her that i know it is not her fault and that i felt like if it was her or att child they would do whatever they had to do and call 20 times a day when it involved custody and an abusive man/parent. I told her that i would be by later with 350.00 (the fee he charges for filing an agreement!) I called and a different receptionist told me that neither (enter HER using att. first name, nor "the receptionist" were in and she would suggest me come in later. I asked could I just drop it off so he would get it first thing Monday morning. She placed me on hold for a very long time then came back to say that "I just got off the phone with (enter TEMP using att first name) he has left your file hear with a form for you to fill out. When I got there it was a form releasing HIM from representing me!! Here is some of the EXACT words that he typed in his letter:

    I had destroyed our working relationshipwith my inconsiderations, ambushes of his office, my whining, my recent bizarre hyperactive behavior, my insitence on jumping in front of his other clients need for constant special attention is just intolerable. Also, my constant carping has led him to believe that "you are under the influence of some substance or have become unhinged, and further make me suspect that I was not representing the right parent. The last straw was when a member of the d.a.'s office informed him that I wished to make an ethical complaint against him!

    He refunded 1000.00 and attatched a bill with a fee for my "ONE ambush" not ambushes and he had said he would get it drawn up to come by and get that afternoon and I really thought he might be in court or busy and upon entering his office never asked to see him, I simply asked the receptionist if the papers were ready, for this I was charged 50.00 then he charged me a 20.00 fee today for placing a call to a person whose name I did not know. I thought he must be exes attorney and he had shared his nice letter about me to him. NOPE! It was a member of the police jury who also works in the DA's office, so he heard something and then eithout my consent or knowledge called my attorney and I got CHARGED for his blabbing.

    I admit I have been emotional as of lately because this is a man that I have a retraining order out bc he has threatened to kill me and "they'll never find your body" among other things, my son has heard this phrase so much that he repeats it. "Mommy, you're F****** stupid! He is 3.

    I have never been rude to him, even when he was yelling at me. That day while he was yelling at me I felt just like I do when my ex yells, but he was representing the wrong client? I have never been under the influence of a substance and have felt like pulling my hair out trying to get everything restarted for me and my son, but I have yet to become "unhinged". I would like to talk to this police juror in which I do know my name and explain how unethical his behavior was.

    Now, my question is what happens if this letter just happens to "drop" into all his lawyer buddies hands? This is a southern state and is still where the "good Ol boys still stick together" Do I have a way to dispute this letter? I know that he has a copy and I also know that he has been in practice in this town for a very long time and knows and is friends with allot if not all of the lawyers here in this small town.

    My ex was abusive to me and my son and the lawyer had proof through the r.o. that I obtained through the local Family justice center. I just cannot believe he was so unprofessional by making these unfounded ridiculous accusations. Can he do this to me?

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  • Am I all Alone with these feelings?

    I miscarried in March then after losing over half my blood I found out last week that I was pregnant but it was an ectopic. This is my second one, but now I just want to go away from everyone. My family, my husband and my son. I don't want to be gone forevr I just can't get things straight in my head. Has any other ladies out there felt like this? I just want to get away for a while alone because right now I fel like I am going crazy becaeise I am either screaming at everyone for no real reason or I'm crying all the time whats wrong with me?

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  • Asking again about these symptoms.....?

    Still not much better from earlier. I don't have an appendix, or my gallbladder. Gastric Bypass surgery years ago and a tubal pregancy. Pain in my right lower abdominal area, especially when i stand or walk. I am really thinking of going to the Dr now, even though i cant afford it, but am scared that it may just be constipation. I have only hurt like this once before and it was a tubal pregnancy, but I just started my period, although it was late and it is now gone. Could this still be a tubal? Will I look stupid if this is just constipation, or do you think it could be an obstruction? Help!

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  • Anyone else have this experience?

    First some history, had gastric bypass surgery, have had a tubal pregnancy. The pain that is in my stomach on the right lower part is almost unbearable! It is when I walk, and is so bad that I almost double over and sometimes get lightheaded! I am currently on my cycle, but these are not cramps, because they make labor pains feel like a breeze. I am worried that this could be a tubal pg again, or could it be an obstruction? In the area that is hurting so bad my stomach is swollen and tender to touch. I can't afford to go to the Dr right now, or at least I am trying to avoid it if possible, and were wondering has anyone else had an idea of what this sounds like to them.

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  • How do I keep a rug flat on thickly padded carpet?

    I have two different rugs, two different sizes. I had both in my previous residence one is room size, the other is smaller. Since moving into my new home with thicker carpet I can't keep them from "bubbling" throught the day. I have looked into carpet tapes, but those are for rugs that are on hardwood floors. Help?! I am tired of me and my two year old tripping all day!

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  • PDA surgery?

    My son is 2, he was born premature and one of the valves in his heart did not close. He is going to have it surgically closed this week, my question is have any of you ever gone through this, and if so, what is the recovery really like? The Docs keep telling me that it will be easily recovered from, but I would like opinions from any parents who actually have been through this.

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  • What Now?! Breast Lumps!?

    I noticed a lump in my left breast about six months ago, husband said not to worry bc I am just 30, so that is what I did. Ignored it. I went to the gyno this past week and she immediately noticed the lump and found another, scheduled me for a mammogram on this coming tuesday. On this coming Friday my two year old is going to have a minor heart surgery. Needless to say, my nerves are completely shot. I am wondering how long after the mammogram will it take to get results and if anyone else out there has been through anything like this. What other symptoms are there of Breast cancer, if that is what this is, or where else can I go to find legitimate information? I searched online, but so far the sites that I have seen seem vague on real information, that would be of help.

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  • Please help me get text messages from phone to pc.......?

    I need to figure out how to get important text messages from my handset to my pc. I have the USB cable, and the software that came with it. I am just trying to figure out this and the least complicated the better.... I have a motorola SLV L2, no manual.

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  • TRO hearing in the morning, I have an attorney, but he says....?

    that he does not. I am just worried about what will happen in this hearing. How much talking will I have to do, or will it just be the attorney speaking to the judge? I left husband because of emotional and mental abuse, got the TRO, even though it is rare with non physical abuse. I just am ectremely nervous. We also have a minor child, my attorney has an agreement about visitation and child support, that I hope he will agree with it, what happens with that

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  • If you have been here, please help.?

    I am living in a very controlled, very critical, verbally, and mentally abusive marriage. Of course, he does not allow me to work, only to stay home with my son. I love my son, but as long as I do not work, then I can't plan on leaving here. I do love this man, but I refuse to allow him to beat me down any more than he has, or to allow our son to see him act in this way. I am not perfect, as I am human and have a temper, so I know it is best to get away from all the yelling. My question is what is the first step to leaving? He has threatened to blow my head off if I do so, therefore I am afraid to go to any of my families homes. If I go to a shelter he will use that against me for custody that I left with no home to go to. He has went as far as to tell me how he would get rid of my body by telling me he would bury me a little lower under a grave that is to be used the following day. "No one would search a graveyard for a body." What should I do without dieing or losing my son?

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  • What is the difference in these sizes?

    I am currently on a diet, and slowly making headway. My problem is finding jeans to fit me. Size 3/4 is too big, size 2 is almost impossible to find in this area, and zeros are still a little too small. I tried on girls size 16 and ended up with a pair of those. So whats the difference in the sizes? What is a little girls size 16 in junior sizes? I just want to know the best fit for a flat booty, small waist and thick thighs......yes I know that sounds weird shaped, I am working on the thighs so please be kind.

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  • Easter Birthday?

    My son will turn two on Easter. I am having a party for him the day before, since most people have their own plans for the holiday. I want to have an easter themed birthday, decorating and hiding eggs little easter baskets as favors.....etc. When my son's birthday will be on Easter again then he will be too old to want the bunnies and all. My family thinks this is a stupid idea, but I thought it sounded fun. What are your thoughts? Any special ideas for me?

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  • Cheap PG test??????

    I went to Dollar Tree and got one of their pg tests....I had been reading online that they are just as sensitive. I am suppossed to start my period on the 28th of this month but have been ttc and thought i had some symptoms. I took two tests on both tests the control line was dark and on the test line there is the slightest line, almost invisible. It is almost like you see a line where the line for positive would be.....which I did not see before taking test. Is this a positive? I am old enough to know that it is almost too silly for response, but thought someone else might have used this test...anyone else have this happen before???

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  • HCG count chart?

    I have been ttc, and am thinking about trying one of the tests that you can test early. I have been researching which tests can detect at the earliest, and I am trying to find a chart online about hcg or mlu numbers. Know of any good ones?

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  • What is this?

    I had my last period at the end of Feb., and est ovulation date was the 14th. I went to the bathroom last night and there was a small amount of pnk blood in the toilet and pink when I wiped. It was more pink than a period, meaning not red, or brown. I thought that I must have been starting another period because I have not had implantation bleeding with my other pregnancies. I have not had anything since then, not last night or this morning. It is too early to test, and since I have not had implantation bleeding before then I would like to know from the ladies on here who have what it was like for you?? We have not been trying that hard to get pregnant, but have been off bc just to let it happen without worying about dates or cycles or anything. Since that happened last night though, I did go back and start looking at dates. I was under the impression that implantation bleeding would be only on tissue. No infections or anything that could cause bleeding or spotting. Please let me know.

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  • My son had rotavirus and now I think I do !?

    My two year old had rotavirus and ended up being admitted overnight on Mon., for dehydration. Now my stomach is cramping up from time to time like someone is punching me in the stomach. My bm's are more loose and frquent, soory, I know, TMI. The nurses had told me that it is highly contagious to the person handling the diaper changes, me, of course. I tried to steadily wash my hands to prevent myself from getting it and spreading it, but I kow this has to be what it is. What help is out there for adults with it? Has anyone else ever gotten it from their child? I feel like a failure, since this is a sickness that comes from not being clean enough, or atleast that is what I have been told, so I really embarrassed, therefore no mean or useless answers PLEASE!

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  • What would you do?

    I am married to a man that is increasingly making me unhappy. I try to make him happy, but he always finds something to yell at me about, then when he can't there is always my family to yell seeing as he hates them and wants me to have nothing to do with them, or any friends. He controls everything I do and if I go anywhere I have to have a cell on me at all times otherwise he goes crazy. No I have not cheated on him to make him feel this way. He takes all the money, yes, I stay at home, but even when I worked he took my paycheck cashed it and I was lucky to see enough of it to buy a soda. We have a toddler that is making it harder to keep the house spotless always and he does not take that into mind. So, got him a valentine bag with a few of his favorite candies then he just said oh yeah give me candy I am diabetic. He is but when he eats tons of sweets he tells me to lay off he takes a pill for it. I didnt tell him that he was rude, I am tired of fighting. Is it just over?

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  • What are we coming to?

    I am absolutely appalled! I just read how people are saying that Prince's performance at the SuperBowl with the shadow imaging during Purple Rain was to accentuate a certain "private" area with the guitar! What?! How bored are these people? I totally enjoyed the performance, as I am sure that most did as well. Does anyone on here think that is what he was doing with his guitar? Where did they expect him to hold it, on his neck? Oh, no, he couldn't do that it would then be considered an indecent insinuation of his tongue. How far are we going to let this go? With everything going on across the US and the world, people are spending time thinking things like this. No wonder we are in the situation we are with such close minded individuals trying to enforce their idiocricies.

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  • What kind of or dog?

    I have a little boy who will be two in April. We tried a puppy, but I really think he was just too young then about 6 months ago. I would like to know which is best to start with a puppy or kitten, which breeds, and what care to give them. My husband says that if we get a cat or kitten to declaw them because they will be in the house, but I really hate that idea. Any advice?

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  • What in the world is this?

    Since I have had my son in 05 I have had severe pain in my lower back and hip. Without ins I cant have an MRI done so I have opted to go to a chiropracter. He said that my right hip is rotated and has been trying to get it back correctly. At first, it was helping but there was a hole about the size of a half dollar, yesterday and today it is excruciating pain and that hole is now the size of my palm. Has anyone ever had anything similar or knows what in the worl this might be? I can barely walk and have an apt with the chiro this afternoon but was hoping that someone might be able to relate and have advice to ease the pain in the meantime. I am so tired of hurting and not being able to live my life to the fullest. I am only 30 and otherwise healthy and am not overweight. My whole right hip is now different to the naked eye and my right leg is almost an inch and a half shorter than my right, and is getting worse. Is the chiro making things worse?

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