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  • Can my Orthodontist charge me more than the estimate for braces if they never told me about a change in cost?

    Went and took both of my boys to the orthodontist today. After the appointment, the billing person tells me that we need to take care of some additional costs that were more than my estimate. I told her that I was never made aware of any additional costs and to top it off the work was done without my approval. . Should i be responsible for paying for the these additional costs for work that was done without my approval? This cant be legal. I feel like I'm getting punked.

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Why do firefighters need to work 24 hour shifts?

    What is the purpose of firefighters working 24 hour shifts?Currently the city I live in is having problems with their budget and overtime from the fire and police dept. has alot to do with it. What is the advantage of having someone work for 24 hours as opposed to having 3 eight hour shifts ?

    6 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • Automotive insurance repair done by insurance contracted mobile repair company.?

    My Expedition was broken into and I filed a claim with my insurance company ( AAA). They have a mobile repair company that they "recommend" to do the repairs. My dash had a minor scratch on it and the initial claim adjuster told me that it would be fixed with scratch repair paint which was fine with me. Well I scheduled a day for them to repair it and after all the work was said and done, I noticed that the dash had been carved with a razor blade in order for the ashtray to be able to close all the way. When I noticed this I was furious. I called the company the next day and told them I was unhappy with their service and wanted the repair done right . I also told them that I did not want them to do the repair and would be getting estimates from other companies to do the work, which I expect them to pay for. They are only offering to redo the work or give me a $100 cosmetic damage check. Do i have a good enough case for small claims court? Insurance company has paid the claim.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Dsl and phone service work sporadically. I can be surfing the Internet and then my dsl service will go out for

    no apparent reason. It will then return in about 4 to 7 minutes, stay on for awhile and then go out again. This happens to all the computers in my home, including the main desktop that it goes through. Also my phone service goes out too. When Iam on the phone the other person will not be able to hear me. Anyone know what can cause this? I'm stumped !!!

    4 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • Do I have any grounds to sue my empIoyer ? An internal job posting was put up (which I did not see) and the?

    closing date had passed. I talked to my boss and he said he would see what he could do. A few days later he told me that he had talked to his boss and they would allow me to submit an application for this position. Fast forward to today and I get told by Human Resources that they would not re-open the "hiring list" and that I was out of luck. So here's where it gets interesting. The person that was previously in the position that I'm applying for missed the application filing deadline and he was allowed to submit his application and ultimately get the position. This seems sooooo unfair to me and I'm pissed. Do I have any legal grounds to sue?

    9 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • 1995 Honda Accord High RPM'S?

    I have a 1995 Honda Accord and when I get up to higher speed 70-80 mph the rpm's get real high. They're around 3600 to 4000 and I know they shouldn't be that high. I can hear the engine really working at this speed. Anyone have any clue as to what can be causing this problem?

    2 AnswersHonda1 decade ago
  • 1992 ford explorer gas gauge and temp gauge not working.?

    In the instrument panel there are 4 gauges two on top and two on bottom. The two on top ( Charging system and Oil pressure ) work but the two underneath them ( Engine temp and Gas gauge ) do not. I checked and pulled every fuse from the fuse box and everything checked out alright. I doubt the fuel sending unit and engine temp. wiring both went bad, but i could be wrong. Is there any thing that i may be missing?

    3 AnswersFord1 decade ago
  • How much to charge for a sidejob saw cutting asphalt?

    I plan on doing a sidejob cutting out about 100 square ft of asphalt in the street. The street is 19" thick so will will have to change the blade 3 times( to a bigger blade) in order to get all the way through. I will be using the contractors saw cutting machine. Any ideas on how much I should charge?

    1 AnswerOther - Business & Finance1 decade ago