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  • How do I get friends and stop being pushed around?

    I know a lot of people and have some close friends but don't't know very many people on a persoanl level. I don't have very many people. I have acne and this prevents me sometimes from meeting people. I don't know how to meet people and have a conversation.

    I'm tall but some people will move me out of the way and yell move when I'm not even to close to people's way. And they aren't joking I'm actually pretty good with getting a girl to have a crush on me but I still feel ugly and have trouble making real friends with guys and girls

    My friends are really popular with a ton friends and I don't know how and wish I could be them. I'm a freshman guy on the cross country team and will play baseball in the spring. Please help!!!

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  • The Phillies? Give me your thoughts?

    I like to hear your 2012 thoughts and predictions.

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