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  • My family has not met my new husband, and hid daughter is moving in with us in 3 days?

    I feel in love with a man and married him while he was in prison. He is still in prison (I don't need the lectures, he is a great guy and he will be out soon he didn't do the crime and the guilty person came forward) anyhow I'm currently living with my mother and 3 teenage kids. . my husbands daughter is going to be moving in with us in 3 days and noone knows yet.

    I'm 34 years old but I lost everything in a divorve, I borrow my moms extra car and I'm living with her. I use my moms car to see my husband on weekends. My mom thinks were just dating and asks why he doesn't come here. I never really answer her. My husband has a facebook that his brother operates and were friends on there and months ago my mom asked me if it was the guy in prison on my facebook that i was with. first time i kinda lied to my mom i told her that it shouldn't matter who I'm with as long as they treat me right and I'm happy.

    now how do i let my mom know I'm married to an inmate? And his daufhter is

    moving in

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  • Can people cause harm to others just by thinking bad thoughts?

    I have been thinking lately that 3 people that were around me as a child that my bad thoughts could have caused them to pass

    First I had an EVIL stepmom she actually hurt my mother on several occasions in front of my brother and I. The last time split my moms head and blood was running out. .. I was about 8 and I remember wishing something bad would happen to her mother so she knew how I felt. . Her mom died less than 6 weeks later.

    Then same lady always cut my hair she messed it up real bad when i was 9 and i wished something would happen so she couldn't cut my hair. . she got ms never cut my hair again and died a few years later.

    When I was 12 my stepmothers dad was real mean to my little brother. . and I wished he wpuld have to gi through the same pain. He ended up slipping on ice, they think he broke his femur bone but he froze to death.

    I don't have bad thoughts but am I the cause or is it something else?

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  • I have a friend who's boyfriends mother is so controlling?

    when my friends boyfriend is away (he works out of town), his mother signs into his myspace and facebook. She then pretends to be her son, and tells my friend horriable things, and tries to split them up. My friend is pregnant and her future mother-in-law doesn't care, she just wants my friend out of her son's life. The mother has her name on her son's bank account and controls what he can spend his money on. The mother won't even let him help with bills in the house they share. Her son has told the mother to back off several times, but she won't listen. Would it be wrong for my friend to confront the controlling mother?

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  • Should a wife allow her husband to cheat in order to stay married?

    My friend Rose got married two years ago, at 27. She married Fred he was 18. She is now 29 and he is 21. Rose didn't want to get married at first due to Fred being so young, be he insisted he was in love with her, and it was going to be forever. Now he says he doesn't want the married life with the wife and kids -- he want to just have sex with women and leave, no strings attached. Rose is now considering an open marriage, to save their marriage. She is debating on giving him time to do what he didn't do before marriage. Will this save the marriage or cause more problems?

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  • My husband recently got hired back by his old employer -- do they have to give him the same pay?

    He was working for this company for almost 2 years and then had to quit work when I became injured in July 2008. They hired him back, 2 weeks ago. He is in the same position and job title he was in before. Do they have to give him the pay that he worked so hard to get to, while employed there before? Or can they start him at the bottom of the food chain? We live in Pennsylvania, don't know if that matters. Thanks.

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  • Does anyone know how to build a merry go round -- the playground type, where kids run in circles?

    My children have almost everything in their yard now, due to our town having no park and I'm not able to leave home very often. I would really like to have the plans to build a wooden merry go round if anyone is willing to share or knows of a link.

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  • I have paralysis from the waist down due to an accident on 7/4/08?

    My husband recently lost his job, due to the economy. He is still looking for work. I want to know if anyone knows of any work at home jobs using a computer? I can type about 75 WPM with 0 errors. I am not willing to pay money upfront, because I know they are scams. Thanks for any advise.

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  • I want to fill in part of my yard. . .?

    I live next to swamp, actually I own over 2 acres and about .5 acres is swamp. We recently bought the house, but I want to fill in part of my yard, I checked with local government and I can fill in the area I want -- it is not part of the protected wetlands, but the rest of the swamp is.

    My question is what is the best material to fill in a swamp like wet area. I think dirt would just wash away.

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  • I am designing a dream playroom for my kids?

    I have all girls, but the playroom is going to be for a 5 and 7 year old. We are already going to do a magnetic wall and a chalkboard wall. I have looked online for designs and can't find anything. Any We also have tons of toys I want to find a way to have them out of site, unless they are playing with them. pictures or ideas would be wonderful.

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  • How do I get my neighbors to quit parking on land I own?

    I paid for my house and moved in September 08. There was a lot in front of my house that was sold to me in November 08 -- I now have the deed. The neighbors who live on the other side of the lot have made a parking lot in the newly acquired land.

    I want to do this tactfully, the land was already surveyed and I know they are on my land -- they know it too. Every time I walk their way to say something they go running inside.

    I was thinking about typing up a letter, stating that they are on my property and letting them know if they would like to continue to park there -- it's going to cost them so much a month.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  • Is sharing a bar of soap with 30+ other people safe?

    I just started working in an assisted living home with over 30 people. They use the same bar of soap for everyone -- I find it nasty, but have yet to find any information proving it to be unsafe. We have our next meeting on 4/17, I would like to have something by then. I really appreciate any answers.

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  • I need help in finding shoes that fit my husband?

    My husband is in a men's size 16 shoe ( US) and still growing. We have no local stores that carry his size, they used to special order shoes from the one store but can no longer do it. I have searched online but have had no luck. He prefers either vans or addidas -- as this is just a casual shoe. Do you know of any websites that carry that band in size 16? Please help. . .

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  • Looking for music for a 10 year old's birthday party..?

    My daughter is having a 10th birthday party in June. She want's a mini prom theme complete with mustic. We already have several kidz bop albums but I am looking for more music. What would be good music? This will be a co-ed party, and I am not sure if many parents approve of vulgarity. Please help.

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  • Where is the cheapest place to buy cigarettes in VA or DC?

    I am going to VA around DC area and looking for the cheapest place to buy cigarettes? Thanks

    1 AnswerWashington, D.C.1 decade ago