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  • Open When Letters?

    My husband and I are probably going to be moving about 1800 miles away from family...and I was thinking of leaving my mom some "Open When..." Letters. Most of the ideas are for long distance boyfriends or friends going away to school... Does anyone have ideas for parents? Thanks <3

    2 AnswersMarriage & Divorce6 years ago
  • Am I/ Are we being selfish??

    My husband was medically retired from his job, and we are considering moving out of state to a place with lower cost of living that is also near to close friends/church friends, so that he wouldn't have to work as hard or be gone as long to provide for us... BUT it means moving quite a ways away from family. Are we being selfish for wanting to go where we feel we can provide a better life for our children, if it means leaving family behind???

    6 AnswersMarriage & Divorce6 years ago
  • Honor thy mother and father or give authority to my husband?

    My husband and I are Christians, with the exception of my mother all the rest of our family is not. My husband was medically retired from his job a few years ago and financially it is getting more difficult to stay in our current state without my husband getting another job. We also discovered some doctrinal differences with the church we attended and have since parted... We feel moving out of state is best for us, both spiritually and financially but we want our families blessing. His parents have given it, my dad and step mom are against it, and while my mother doesn't want us to go she has reluctantly given her permission. We have 4 children and 1 on the way and we home-school. My husband was devastated when he was retired from the career of his dreams but now sees it as a blessing to be able to stay home with us and really have a hand in raising his children. Is it wrong or unwise to move without their whole hearted blessing??? My husband really wants to move, and deep down I do too, but I don't want to be disrespectful to our family... or somehow dishonor God.

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  • Are there any Christian homeschooling, homesteading families in California leaving family size up to God?

    Just curious? I know of lots of families that fall in to 1 or 2 of those categories but not all 4.

    3 AnswersHome Schooling7 years ago
  • Keeping a family dairy cow/ shelter/housing/barns?

    We would like to get a Jersey dairy cow, to produce milk and dairy products for our family...Our 5 acre property doesn't have a barn...Is there a place where I can get plans for a single cow barn/ or what type/size of building would I need...calf pen, milk stall and storage area... Also we plan to do a rotational grazing, anyone have plans for a movable shelter, for moving between pastures???

    4 AnswersAgriculture8 years ago
  • Homesteading for beginners...?

    My husband and I are going to close escrow on our new 5 acre property with a house...We have been urban homesteading for years now, raising chickens, turkey and rabbits, and growing lots of fruit and produce in our small back yard...We are very anxious to have so much room to expand, but are now having trouble deciding where to start...The issue is the place has been vacant for some time now, and the pastures (about 3-4 acres) are totally overgrown...Can anyone suggest which animal to begin with to help knock down the grasses...Sheep were recommended but we weren't sure which breed, mostly because we weren't planning to raise sheep. Is there a beginner breed of goat, sheep or cow that we can start with. Maybe something we can raise up and just resell???

    2 AnswersAgriculture8 years ago
  • Antique icebox, looking for information?

    We recently acquired an antique Icebox, it appears to be from Modern Refrigerator Co. Peru, Indiana, does anybody know anything about the value, condition, etc, OR where to find such info, such as a web site or dealer etc. Thank you.

    1 AnswerHobbies & Crafts9 years ago
  • Will Sugar Maples grow and produce sap for making syrup in Browns Valley CA?

    I tried looking up the zones, but I really coudn't find an answer to whether they will produce the sap that make syrup...It seem that they will grow in a zone 7 which is what I beleve Browns Valley to be, but is there anyone out there with specific knowledge on this subject for that area of the U.S. Thank you.

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape9 years ago
  • Table Napkins??? Traditionally people did laundry once a week...?

    I did the math and for our family of five to use a cloth napkin at each of the 3 meals in a day and only do wash/laundry once a week that would mean we need 105 cloth napkins...That seems like a lot. So what did homesteaders/pioneers/farmers use for napkins...or did they...and how many would a family typically have...and what about when company would come over????

    1 AnswerHistory9 years ago
  • Which campgourn is better??? Thousand Trails/KOA Newport WA or Tamarack RV Park Coeur d'Alene ID?

    We are trying to plan a road trip and need a place to stop over between Seattle WA and Glacier National Park MT? Not sure which way is better. As a Thousand Trails member we have so many free nights, but as a Passport America Member Tamarack RV park offers a 50% discount...From Thousand Trails we would travel north through Bonner's Ferry, not sure if that route is nice, etc. Any info welcome! Thanks

    3 AnswersOther - United States9 years ago
  • Memory verse rewards for kids?

    When I was little I went to a Bible study that offered little felt pactes/badges for each verse we memorized...does anyone know where to find these??? Or something similar???

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 years ago
  • Those of you who have had at least 3 kids...?

    I am currently 36 weeks with #3 (due May 12). My first came 1 week late after an induction...My Second was 4 days late, no induction. Just curious if your 3rd came before or after your due date, and by how much?

    Thanks just for fun. I know babies come when they are ready but was curious about 3rd babies.

    2 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Does anyone else not like the term "stay at home mom"?

    I realize it is just an opinion...But I don't like the term "stay at home mom". I think it sounds like your job description is making the children your sole focus, and running a child centered home. Like your whole exisistance and reason for being at home is for your children...

    I much prefer the tradional term of homemaker or housewife. I think it better encomapsses all that we do while at home. I strive for a husband/family centered home. I cook and clean and do the finances, and shopping for my Family. I run the home for my husband while he is at work.

    I wonder if some husbands feel resentful of their children, because mom's focus on being a great moms and not always a great wife or family/home manager????

    I wonder is some stay at home moms feel stuck at home, because they only think of themselves as biological daycare providers, and not like what they do everyday makes a difference to their family???

    Being a teacher or childcare provider is good work. And There is no shame in being a housekeeper or maid, but when you do those things for your own family and children, and call yourself a housewife, people are put off.

    Just curious what your opinions are about labels & titles and how they affect how we think about ourselves.

    17 AnswersParenting1 decade ago
  • Natural Vaginal Childbirth, what do you think makes the difference?

    For those of you who have had 100% "Natural" childbirth (Meaning no interventions or any drugs what so ever, with the exception of hebal remedies) what do you think improved your chances of sucess???

    I had a c/s with my first (supposed CPD) but really it was due to a failed induction. I had a Natural Homebirth After Cesarean HBAC, with my second...

    For me I think it was a combo of mind-set, knowledge and being at home.

    I am trying to compile info for my sister-in-law who would like a natural birth with her first.


    3 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Beginning treasure hunter in need of advice...?

    I would like to purchase a metal detector to use at the beach or camping, for fun with my kids. What is the best bang for my buck (without breaking the bank)???

    1 AnswerHobbies & Crafts1 decade ago
  • Learning to live without TV?

    I am planning to begin homeschooling my children this next year, my two youngest not yet school age, but my oldest will be in second grade. For families who used to watch TV regularly, and decided to phase out TV except for educational and family time purposes what are some hints or tips to accomplish removing the TV with out big disruptions?

    5 AnswersHome Schooling1 decade ago
  • I need a chicken pot pie recipe that can be frozen??? See below for further details.?

    I would like to find a very traditional chicken pot pie recipe with only natural ingredients, (NO canned or pre-made stuffs like crusts or canned soup bases). With the directions for freezing and reheating.

    I don't mind the work, because I will double or triple the recipe and freeze them for quick meals in the fututre.


    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Questions about Home-school Curriculum?

    I have yet to find one curriculum that seems to meet my needs. I am new to home-school and will be starting next fall, teaching 2nd grade to my son.

    Do most home school parents just buy the packaged curriculum or do very many piece together books from different packages or sources?

    What are your opinions about Spectrum vs. Horizon vs. Saxon fo Math? (Or other)...

    9 AnswersHome Schooling1 decade ago
  • I am looking for the best things to see or do in the Washington D.C. area, Virginia and Maryland...?

    I went to D.C. way back when and have done & seen many of the tradtional tourist spots:

    White House


    Lincoln Memorial

    Washington Monument

    Jefferson Memorial

    Arlington Cemetary

    George Washingtons Home



    I have one full day (a Sunday) and am staying in Lorton, VA...

    What are some good places to eat?

    Or some off-beat local places that are really cool to go see and do?


    3 AnswersWashington, D.C.1 decade ago
  • Country folk, homesteaders, hippies & health nuts :) What do you keep in your freezers?

    I just aquired a frezzer...I am pretty health conscience and frugal, I was curious what besides meat do you store in your freezer, food wise...not film etc..???

    Thank you.

    9 AnswersOther - Food & Drink1 decade ago