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  • Last Night's Grey's Anatomy?

    OMG! I Loved It! Wasn't It Good?...I Know Merideth Isn't Really Going To Die, Because She's Like The Main Character, But I Was Soooooo Scared! LoL What Do You Guys Think About It? Doesn't It Get Better And Better Every Week?....I Love It! :) -♥-♥-♥-

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  • Song Help!!!!!!?

    There was a show that used to come on MTV with a guy group. (Not O-Town) But One Of Their Songs Had These Lyrics In It...("U, plus sign, me ,equal sign, us.....Together!") Oh And I Remember At The End Of Show The Youngest Member Name "Q.T." Passed Away. Help! Anyone? lol

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  • Hey!...Who Sings This Song?

    It goes something like this..."La la la lala, & the bells keep ringing la la la lala......" I've been having that song stuck in my head for a long time now, n I like it!......Help Please!!!!! lol (I think its kinda techno)

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  • What do you think about a Cancer (female) & A Sagittarius (male) dating?

    Me and this guy has been friends for years. But I have always had a crush on him. I finally told him. He said he has always liked me too and other people has told me he liked me also, but we still aren't going out.....Please give me your honest opinions....Thank you so much!

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  • Who Is Your Favorite Member From The Group B2K? Even Though They're Not Together Anymore. . . .?

    I Love Me Some *Jarell Damonte Houston* a.k.a. *!~J-Boog~!*

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