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  • 92 Mazda mx6...would this be worth the investment?

    I'm looking at an old Mazda MX6 for sale, 2.2 I4, 5 speed manual. The engine seems to run fine except for an exhaust leak that makes it a bit noisy. I took it for a test drive last week and the first thing I noticed was the clutch is trash and it could barely make it to 40 mph. The body on it is in fair shape with a few issues, the interior is okay except for a cracked dash. The guy's asking 1,000$, which is ridiculous. I offered him 500$ and he said "no". Apparently he's strapped for cash now because he came up to my work today saying he'd take the 500. I put him off for a day and told him I'd think about it.

    I'm not entirely sure how much a new clutch would cost to have installed, I'm guessing it would be another 500 at least.

    Would this be worth it? Or would I just be wasting my money?

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  • Can I get some feedback on my webcomic?

    Hey all! Gotta new comic I'm trying on for size.

    Don't have much yet, but I'm looking for serious critique of what's there. Specifically, I'm trying to figure out what kind of audience the concept may have, and what I might do to broaden the appeal.

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  • Hair question for guys only?

    Everything else being equal, do you prefer women with long or short hair?

    Just trying to prove a point to the answers at:;_ylt=Ap6FL...

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  • Why do women do this to other women?

    I was just looking at a question and all the women were saying how wonderful her short haircut looked. The haircut was atrocious! Why do women always attempt to "uglify" all the other women? Why do they feign support for horrific beauty choices? And why do women listen to other women that dole out such awful advice? This is a public service announcement to women of all ages: Don't cut your hair! Don't listen to anyone that tells you to cut your hair! Guys don't like it. Women that cut their hair look like our mothers, or Ann Heche. Ann Heche isn't cute! If you're a lesbian, go ahead and flail away at it with the scissors, apparently that's what women like. Just please don't surprise your man by coming home from the beauty shop with one of those terrible "pixie" cuts. Oops, this was more a statement then a question, but I really want to know why women sabotage each other.

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  • What is C12IIP15.exe and how do I get rid of it?

    Every 10-15 min this file attempts to access iexplore (which I don't have) and causes an error message to appear. I cannot actually find the file on my comp, but I'm guessing it's some sort of spyware (Spyware Blaster didn't stop it). Any suggestions?

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  • Any suggestions for a comic-book character names?

    I'm in the early stages of developing a comic I plan on running online. I'm having some trouble finding names I'm comfortable with. It's a fantasy comic, very loosely based on Dungeons and Dragons. I want it to be a mixture of humor and drama.

    First character is female minotaur. She's a ranger (picture Strider from Lord of the Rings). I have "Sam" penciled in. Don't like it at all. I'm thinking of "Amynta" or "Aminta" both Greek variants meaning "defender". Also kicking around "Damali" which means "calf", but that's kind of an insult.

    Second character is a human male. He's an illusionist with some fighting skills. I'm calling him "Lars" for the moment, but I could probably do better.

    Third character is a female halfling (hobbit). She's a monk (or martial artist, if you prefer). Her name is Valarie right now, but that doesn't strike me as a hobbit name. Maybe Ivy or Violet. I don't know.

    Help me out here. Thanks.

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  • What would your perfect comic be like?

    Let's say ability is irrelevant. If you were to create your own web-based comic, what kind of story would you tell? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Drama? Comedy? Superhero? Horror? Erotica? Would you limit yourself to single page newspaper-style Sunday comics, or would you spin an epic yarn? Something in between? What kind of art would you prefer? Anime? Realistic? Toonish? Beefcake? Would you favor highly detailed art or would you sacrifice art in order to highlight your story? Would your characters be stagnant, or would they mature (mentally and physically) over time? What audience would you target? Would your comic be rated G, PG, PG-13, R, or MA?

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  • Hey ladies, what about gray hair?

    Do you women find a man with some gray to be distinguished or just old? I'm 33, I found my first gray hair when I was 22. It's mostly brown but I have a good amount of gray above each ear and lots in my beard. I'm thinking about the just for men hair dye. Is that a good idea or am I being vain?

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  • Has anyone out there quit smoking?

    I quit smoking about three weeks ago (for Mother's Day). I realllllly want one right now. I've been daydreaming about chain smoking an entire pack. How long will the desire to smoke last?

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  • No good answers?

    How do you choose a best answer to a question you asked if all the answers were wrong?

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  • How come everyone is always taking their own picture?

    Doesn't anyone have friends anymore? How come everyone that posts a pic of themselves online have taken the picture at arms length? Even good looking people who shouldn't have any trouble finding someone to photograph them do it. Am I the only one that finds this annoying?

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  • Any auto machanics out there?

    I have a 1990 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4 with a 318 v8. It has about 220,000 miles on it and has run like a champ for the last 9 years that I owned it. The other day it simply died while driving down the road and I had to tow it home. The first thing I tested was the fuel lines and they all checked out fine. The engine turned over fine so the battery was good. I checked the sparkplugs and got zero spark at any of the plugs. I found that I was not getting a spark from the ignition coil so I replaced it. I'm still getting nothing from the coil. What between the battery and the coil could be preventing the spark from getting through? I followed the wires back as best I could, and all I found was very minor damage to one wire that I re-spliced.

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  • Is 9:30 too early to start banging a hammer on sunday morning?

    My neighbor has been pounding nails non-stop since 9:30 this morning. He's maybe 25 yards from my bedroom window. I like to sleep in on Sunday until 10:30-11:00 but this j-off has kept me up. Would it be unreasonable for me to ask him not to do this in the future?

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