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I am a 40 year old female Colon Cancer survivor (and hope it stays that way). Married with 2 rotten grown daughters who are about to make me a grandmother for the first time about the same time. I used to be a Police Dispatcher for 13 years until I was forced into medical retirement. I have also been doing Paranormal Investigations got over 12 years now. Heres the link to our Yahoo group. The group is new.

  • Colostomy problems any help?

    I am having a hard time with my colostomy. It seems lately that I am having to change my bag daily and it is tearing my skin up. I have had this for over a year and have never had this big a problem with it before. I asked my doctor and he says it is normal because my stool has been watery than normal lately. So I bought imodium and have been eating bananas and cheese and it still isnt helping. Any ideas?

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  • Anyone will to share personal Ghost stories?

    I am in the process of writing a book. I am including a chapter on "local" ghost stories from people like you who have experienced them or close to someone who has. I have set up a web site so you can post there and add photos if you want. Also if the story is NOT pertaining to you, do NOT use real names. Here is the web address if you want to leave a story. I would prefer it there but if you must leave it here that is fine also. I will award 10 pts for a really good one :)

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  • PAU D'ARCO TEA/Lupacho tea?

    PAU D'ARCO TEA, has shown that it may hold the secret for the successful treatment of cancer and other diseases. Dr Daniel B. Mowry, PhD, states in his widely published article on Pau d'Arco that "whole Lapacho has produced clinical anti-cancer effects without side effects." Read Dr. Mowry's extensive research and history of Pau d'Arco published here. Over the last 15 years I have received many reports and testimonials from terminal cancer victims relating their miraculous cures of this deadly disease.

    The USA pretty much refuses to deal with it but other countries have used it with success. There are also people in the USA who use it on their own with amazing results. Does anyone else know about this tree and the uses for cancer?

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  • Sulfur water?

    My husband and I want a salt water fish tank. We live in the country with well water and it is full of sulfur. I know that kind of water does not produce alot of oxygen. Is there a way to treat sulfur water for the fish or will we have to buy water for the tank?

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  • Richard Pepper?

    I am looking for information on Richard Pepper Sr. born about 1715 unk where died Nov 21 1760 He married a Martha Alexander (her maiden name is Fox this is her first husbands name) They had one child Richard Pepper born 8-16-1742 in Virginia. I have found a few land deeds on Richard and a will but nothing that will get me closer to knowing who his parents are and where he was born. I have been stuck on this man for almost a year now. I havent the funds to drive to Virginia to try and dig further or I would. I know it was in Sussex Virginia near "Peppers Run". Any and all help is appreciated. I already have a membership to so please dont suggest it.

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  • Emergency Dispatchers?

    I live in the USA and have been an Emergency Dispatcher for 14 years. Im not sure what you call themin the UK. My question is if my husband is a UK citizen and we decided to move to the UK would I be able to find a job doing the same thing there as I do here. We take the emergency calls (its 911 here) dispatch police, fire and ambulance to locations of these calls. We also dispatch rescue units, the coroner, state police, sheriffs department and some FBI units. We enter stolen items and wanted people into the NCIC along with child molesters and domestic violence orders. Our academy for this is the best in the USA where I am at. Can someone advise if this is possible?

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  • Ghost Stories?

    I am looking for stories of local ghost or urban legends. If the story did not happen to you please DO NOT use the real names of the people. I also at least need the city and state it occurred in. If you would like your name printed as told by also send your name. If the place is public and people are allowed to go there please send the directions in the story also. Send to

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  • Tax Rate in Ireland?

    What is the tax rate in Ireland for purchases? Do you get taxes taken out of your paychecks like we do in the states? If you do what is the percentage of that? I live in Kentucky in the US and here it is 6.5 percent on purchases and payroll. I ask because my husband and I are eventually retiring to Ireland.

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  • Chemo tingling?

    I can not remember what it is called but when the chemo causes that tingling numbness in your hands and feet. How long does it take to stop after the chemo stops?

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  • Dual Citizenship?

    My husbands mother is British (Great Yarmouth). Is he able to get dual citizenship being born to an American Soldier in 1973 in Germany?

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  • Dual Citizenship?

    My husbands mother is British (Great Yarmouth). Is he able to get dual citizenship being born to an American Soldier in 1973 in Germany?

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  • Stupid Question?

    My last chemo was Dec 11th 2007. Would it be safe to color my hair yet since I had never lost it?

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  • Why is it?

    Why is it that Paranormal Phenomena is in Yahoo Answers under Math/Science/alternative and everyone post the Paranormal questions under mythology?

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  • Colostomys?

    Because of my colon cancer I was forced to wear a colostomy bag. My stoma is larger than most, why the doctor made it so big I do not know. It is not even round. It is 3 inches high and 4 inches wide. I have to wear post surigal bags and those are even pushing it when I have to cut them as being small. I have made my stoma bleed really bad several times. Is there a place where they make bags for larger stomas?

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  • Fleas and ticks?

    Is there a way to keep fleas and ticks off your pets other than all the chemicals on the market? Is there a "Green" solution?

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  • When you were told you had Cancer?

    When you were told you had Cancer did you cry? freak out? go into shock? Or just sit calmly and ask questions? I ask this because when I was told I had inoperable Colon Cancer I did none of the above. I only asked the doctor if he could reverse my colostomy and got mad when he told me no. He then after a few days wanted to put me on depression meds and such because I had still not cried or freaked out. He was concerned when he came into my hospital room and my husband and I were playing UNO and laughing and talking. I was raised not to fear death but accept it if there was no alternative. I had alternatives such as chemo and radiation which has shrank my tumor to the size of a penny when it was 7 inches in diameter. I did not see me getting depressed and freaking as helping my husband and kids cope with my condition. He almost made me feel like I was wrong by not acting like a typical female and freaking and crying.

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  • Ok, answer this...?

    If you are a christian religious person do you believe in Dragons? If not explain why because they are mentioned in the bible. Isaiah

    13:21 But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there. (13:21-22)

    Dragons will live in Babylonian palaces and satyrs will dance there.

    13:22 And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.

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  • Do you believe ghost are evil?

    Do you believe ghost are evil or just lost spirits or they just possibly belong here until your religious beliefs tell you the end of time is here? If they are just lost spirits do you think it is possible to make them "go towards the light"?

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