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  • What can I do if I didn't get an interview when I know I should have?

    This is just a student position at college. I proofread 2 other student's application and both got interviews. The thing is I know my experience and skills are stronger since I reviewed their application.

    For example, they have 1 year working at company X, but I had a similar but higher position and worked there longer and had much stronger results.

    So what can I do? I know historically they have a certain demographic type but it doesn't play into the job performance.

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  • How to get over job references?

    I'm applying for jobs after getting laid off. I keep coming to a hurdle when they ask for references from my last employer. It was an extremely toxic company with a lot of backstabbing. It wasn't that I did a bad job, it's that I'm not very certain any of them will say good things.

    I'm not really sure how to address this to places I apply to, especially when they ask for references from the most recent employer.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Where to start working as a personal trainer? Salary?

    I'm getting a lot of polar information as to where to work and what the pay is like. Some say you get paid near minimum wage and some say you make $30 per session.

    I can't really made heads or tails as to what are good places to work at and what I should ask for in terms of salary. Any suggestions?

    Other info:

    I'm about to certify (NASM) and my degree is in nutrition. And I live in San Francisco, so I would assume the pay is better than average.

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  • Free volunteering abroad programs?

    I'm looking into volunteering abroad, particularly something health related. The problem is a lot of the ones I found you have to fork over a couple thousands of dollars.

    My background is in health, although I'm not a trained specialist, like a physical therapist or nurse. Are there any out there that are free or stipend and under 2 years?

    3 AnswersStudying Abroad8 years ago
  • How to become a personal trainer?

    So you just guy the books and take the exam -- and that's it? How do you go from books and an exam to knowing how to apply it? I looked into courses but they're all online and not sure that's any better. And how easy/difficult is it to get a job starting out?

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  • How do I change the Apple ID on my iTouch?

    So I got an iTouch to use for work. But I accidentally used my personal account info. Now I need to change it to my work's info. Is there a way I can wipe everything out and create a whole new profile for this iTouch?

    Also, whenever I update apps, the pop-up has my previous email. I can't change it manually. How do I change this?

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  • How much should I be getting paid per article?

    I applied to to a writing for this company's blog. The focus is on food and nutrition, which fits me pretty well since my degree is in nutrition and I minored in writing.

    The articles are between 500-700 words. They asked me how much I would want per article. Someone told me $50-75 is a good range, although some websites I looked at said I should ask for a bit more, especially since it would be classified, to some degree, as technical writing.

    Anyway, I just wanted to know what I should be hoping for. They already gave me a really low counter-offer. I should note I have some, but little experience and I graduated from college a few months ago.

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  • Where can I buy a portfolio binder?

    I need a portfolio binder for interviews. Just something where I can hold my work samples. I have a regular binder with those sheet covers and it's not really cutting it. I want to get it at a store, preferably, and also cheap as well.

    Something that looks like this:

    Any good places? Checked Staples, Office Max, etc. and it's a no-go.

  • How do I add photos to my iPod Touch?

    I dragged and dropped photos onto my iPod in iTunes but it keeps giving me message saying those files are being used, but they aren't. Any help? I'm using Windows if it makes a diference.

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  • How do I make it so uTorrent doesn't pop up when I start my computer?

    So it just pops up whenever I start up my computer. Anyway I can stop this? Before I recently downloaded the update, it didn't it it. Now it does. Help?

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  • Install Windows XP on a Vista computer? Won't work?

    So I'm trying to reformat my computer. It's a bit old so Windows 7 doesn't work so I decided to go back to XP which I liked more anyway. But the thing is when I start up the computer and put in the CD, the "Install Windows XP" is grayed out. All I can select is "Perform additional tasks" and "Check system compatibility." What can I do to reformat my computer with this CD?

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  • How do I spam someone's email?

    Okay, so there is this ***** who signed me up for something and now my inbox is just flooded with spam. So how do I do it back? I looked online and some suggestions require me to download something. Anyways I can do it without that? Any good websites?


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  • Relationship Advice? Any help?

    About 5 weeks ago, I sort of began seeing my ex again. It wasn't serious or anything, just to see if there is a possibility of getting back together. The next day, this guy I was talking to, who I did not think he liked me that way, asked me out. I have been going out with both, and I told both about the situation. I made sure I wasn't a complete hoe and restrained from having sex with either until it was something serious. And it has been difficult on that part.

    Anyway, It's been about 5-6 weeks now, and one of the guys (not my ex) has been talking to me a bit less. We both like each other and he knows I do have a somewhat of was preference for him. We made plans and they sort of fell through. I'm sure I'm paranoid and impatient, but is this a sign for something?

    I texted him last night to see if we're still on to do something that night. He responded 3 hours later and told me he was at the clubs with some friends and that I could join if i wanted. He asked me how my night was and I don't know how I should respond because I am a bit upset with the situation. Any advice?

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  • Is there a way to make certain people not see mutual friends on Facebook?

    I wanted to limit people so they (even people I'm friends with) to not see my mutual friends. Haha I have some questionable friends that I would prefer my family doesn't find out about.

    1 AnswerFriends1 decade ago
  • Is there a way to block someone, but still be friends on FB?

    Ok. So I have someone at work who I can't really block or delete from my FB. But he seems to be adding my friends and bothering them even though he doesn't really even know them. Is there a way I can make it so he, specifically, cannot see my FB friends or mutual friends or anything of that matter?

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  • My computer crashed and I can't access the files on my hard drive. HELP!?

    My computer crashed and my computer won't boot up. I turned my internal hard drive into an external hard drive. I can see my files, but I can't transfer it to my new computer. It says I do not have permission to do so. I changed the ownership of the files but it still does not work. Some of my files can be transferred but my documents, music, etc. cannot.

    Can anyone know what's up and can help me out?

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  • Mouse settings......?

    When I am using a messenger program like facebook chat, and someone sends me a message, whatever i was typing will freeze. i will have to click around the screen before i can type again.

    is there a way to change this setting? im using vista is that matters. thanks in advance!

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  • How do I split the apartment rent?

    Me and my friend moved into an apartment recently. My room is tiny! Her room is about 1.4 times larger. I commonly divided rent up just by the room and not the common space. She thinks we should include the common spaces like the kitchen and living room.

    I feel it is unfair because her room is so much larger but will only be paying about $40-50 more per month.

    Which way is most "fair" and commonly used (to include common space or not)

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  • Reset router setting?

    I installed and configured my router. I changed the SSID and added a password (sorry, if I'm misusing terms). I saved the settings and then decided I needed to change the password and name again.

    Now it won't let me connect wirelessly.

    Next to my internet service name where it will save security-enabled or unsecured network it says "The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network"

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Possibly reset the saved settings on my computer?

    I am using Windows Vista on my computer and is relatively new.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • Can you throw stuff away that is on your property but you don't own?

    My friend subleased a room and she went away on the last week of the month she took over a room in an apartment. During that last week, the person taking the room after that month, she threw my friends stuff away.

    When asked about it, the girl said she was allowed to throw away up to $300 worth of stuff of my friends. Despite it still being her room for the time, is the $300 part true?

    Also, she was going to leave her stuff in that apartment for a few days after her lease started and one of the 4 tenants said it was ok. Does this give my friend the right to lease her stuff there after her month was up?

    And this took place in northern California, if that matters.

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