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hola. my name is MJ (which stands for mary jane). i LOVE music. my first concert was nine inch nails, jane's addiction, and street sweeper social club. i'm random, loud, nice, and funny, according to my friends. my favorite bands are (in no particular order) : metallica nirvana nine inch nails jane's addiction smashing pumpkins goon moon<333 radiohead sublime queens of the stone age rage against the machine the beatles pink floyd the ramones the clash the doors iggy pop & the stooges death cab for cutie foo fighters pantera stone temple pilots iron maiden dead kennedys system of a down avenged sevenfold megadeth alice in chains killswitch engage slipknot faith no more rush soundgarden primus pearl jam muse led zeppelin bloodhound gang devo :D red hot chili peppers 311 talking heads the who beastie boys kings of leon silversun pickups "at this moment, you should be with us, feeling like we do, like you love to, but never will again." <3

  • how can i put music from an mp3 player on my ps3?

    the mp3 player is a sansa 1gb clip, and i downloaded the songs with limewire then put them on my mp3 with windows media player. i don't have a usb drive or anything else to put the songs onto my ps3, and i don't have money to buy one. my ps3 is a 250gb slim. when i connect the mp3 player to the ps3 with the usb cable and try to display all files or whatever it is, it says there are no files to display.

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  • is Eric Avery leaving Jane's Addiction?

    i've heard that he isn't going to be playing the New Year's Eve show in Aspen with them, and a friend told me that on Twitter, Eric's only following Stephen, and Perry isn't following Eric. (not a big deal, but it still matters here). is there any truth to this?

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  • How to upload MP3 from Audacity onto kiwi6/Mediafire?

    so i already converted the file to an mp3, but now i'm trying to upload it onto kiwi6 and mediafire, but i have no idea how to do it. any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Why won't my playlist post to my MySpace profile?

    i'm using if that means anything

    well yeah, my playlist won't show up on my profile

    i followed all the directions and stuff


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  • Is Peter Murphy going to play a vampire in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse?

    if that is true, that will be the only reason i will watch that movie


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  • Is this odd or normal?

    about a month and a half ago, my dad called me and told me he was going to jail. two days later, i got a collect call from a federal prison. it was my dad. when we talked that day, he said he couldn't tell me why he was in jail.

    fast-forward to now, and my mom and i STILL have no idea why he is there. why can't he tell us, and why hasn't the jail told us? i can't even find it on the internet. is this typical? does this have anything to do with what he did? any help is highly appreciated.

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  • What kind of kind of PC do you have?

    just curious.

    i have an HP G60-445DX notebook PC.

    have an awesome day :)

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  • Why can't I view the LCROSS impact thing?

    i know it hasn't happened yet (as of 3:35 am pacific time :P), but people i'm talking to on twitter can see the control room and whatnot fine. i've installed all the players and plug-ins and crap, and i still can't see anything. is it because i don't have a mac or something? any help would be great.

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  • Why can't I paste text directly into Livejournal when updating my journal?

    it says the editor is not able to access my clipboard data directly due to my browser security settings, but i have no idea how to fix this. help please :)

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  • Based on my musical tastes, how old do you think I am?

    my top five favorite bands are metallica, nirvana, nine inch nails, jane's addiction, and the smashing pumpkins. i also have another longer list of my favorite bands on my profile.

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  • Name this song (spacefillerrrr) ?

    count the sheep above your head

    the end is near, we are the dead

    smell the lillies, drink the wine

    drape the bodies with the lime


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  • Blink-182 vs. Jane's Addiction?

    (IF YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF JANE'S ADDICTION, DON'T ANSWER THIS QUESTION. i'm not here to get opinions on blink fanboys and fangirls.)

    my friend and i have been debating over which band is better. my friend is a huge blink fan, and anytime i mention jane's addiction in any way, shape, or form, he has to go on a huge rant about how they suck and blink-182 are way better. the only reason he says this (and he has admitted to this several times) is because he's only heard one song by jane's addiction (mountain song). when he's done whining, i usually start by saying that he shouldn't judge JA by only one song. to defend myself, i've heard several songs by blink-182, and all of them annoy me. the vocals are incredibly whiny and irritating, travis barker is a very basic drummer, and the guitar/bass parts are usually generic and as far as i know, there are little to no guitar solos in any of their songs. in my opinion, when you compare blink to JA in terms of the talent of each member, jane's addiction wins by a longshot.

    now that i'm done ranting (lol), i'd like to hear your opinions. who do you think is better, who do you favor, etc. please try to add as much detail as possible to back up your claim because i'm really interested in what other people have to say about this.

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  • R&P: random survey thing 'cause i'm bored...?

    now listening?

    favorite song at the moment?

    favorite member of your favorite band?

    Jason Newsted or Rob Trujillo?

    what song is this lyric from (NO GOOGLING): ""imperialistic house of prayer, conquistadors who took their share"?

    last album you bought?

    name a random lyric.

    ninjas or pirates? :D

    favorite drummer?

    how many CDs do you own?

    and, last but not least (cool points to whoever gets this right):

    what have i become, my sweetest friend?


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  • Should I get an Xbox 360 or PS3?

    i'd mainly be getting either one to play guitar hero and rock band (and possibly call of duty), but i have no idea which system's better, costs less, and whatever else matters when you're getting a new console. i'll also probably be getting it around christmas time. thanks for the help in advance, &if you need me to clarify something or give details, i'd be happy to :)

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  • Am I going about things the wrong way?

    there's this really nice, funny, cool, and, erm, beautiful guy in my spanish class. he sits behind me and we talk a lot about random stuff like music and what we did yesterday and other things like that. i've really started to like him, but i have no idea how to get him to like me. at the moment, i'm focusing on our friendship, but i don't know if this is the wrong way to get him to like me. i also don't know for sure if he has a girlfriend or not, but if he does, i'd probably just give up trying to make him like me. it would be pointless, of course.

    also, i don't know if i should hint around to him that i like him or keep quiet about it. if i hinted around, he might be creeped out or something and not like me at all (if he already does, which i strongly doubt), but if i kept quiet about it and he did like me (which, again, i strongly doubt), he would never know i did too and we wouldn't be together and blahblahblah.

    any help/advice with this, would be greatly appreciated :)

    also, you get full credit/points/whatever if you can name what song i referenced in the question and the band who made it ;)

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