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  • Middle name for Thomas?

    Thomas is a family name that I will be using but I feel it doesn't flow very well with many names. Do you have any suggestions for a middle name I could use with Thomas? Thanks.

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  • what is the derivative of 1-cos x?

    I need help! thank you!

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  • Full names for Sadie?

    I love the name Sadie but I don't think it ages too well so what are some full names I could use that could have the nickname Sadie?

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  • Who is your all time favorite person?

    It can be an athlete, artist, actor, whatever! Dead or alive, whatever!

    Someone you are absolutely just dying to meet.


    Mine would be Robinson Cano from the New York Yankees. It just seems like he has the greatest personality, always knows how to have fun, and and all around great guy.

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  • Make 5 Girl Names Out Of These Boyish Names?

    Make you favorite names (first and middle) from this list. 10 points to whichever I like best!

    Marley Ryan Riley Hadley Harley Ronan Cameron Lane

    Harper Rayne Logan Casey Finley Tristan Hayden Dallas

    Rowan Harlow Payton Blair


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  • WDYT of the names Hadley and Duke?

    I'm normally very conservative when it comes to names and I usually only like simple and traditional names, but these I like for some reason.

    I understand you might have a different opinion on names, but please just give and rating and opinion on the names. Thanks!

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  • What do you think is the most beautiful baby girl name?

    Please don't give a huge list.

    I'm looking for genuinely beautiful girl names.

    Right now my favorite is Sophia Grace, but I need other ideas.


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  • Make names from all of these different lists?

    Make at least two names for each group.

    Choose first and middle names.

    You can make nicknames too.

    Sorry if you don't like some of the names, I don't either!

    Good luck!

    List 1: Me and my friends names:

    Olivia, Dana, Michaela, Jessica, Kate, Alexandra, Leah, Danielle, Jessica, Jamie

    List 2: My girl cousins names:

    Keren, Kathleen, Cassandra, Emma, Grace, Katherine, Emily

    List 3: My boy cousins names:

    Sean, Daniel, Brendan, Jack, Brian, Gavin, Will, Eric, Thomas

    List 4: My favorite girl names:

    Ava, Shay, Grace, Brooke, Sienna, Annalee, Kaylin, Sophia, Isabella, Delaney, Faye

    List 5: My favorite boy names:

    Riley, Nolan, Connor, Harrison, Carson, Quinn, Cole, Braeden, James, Aidan, Ethan

    List 6: My aunts:

    Karen, Erin, Kathryn, Denise, Kelly, Tracy, Dawn, Jane

    List 7: My uncles:

    Brian, Stephan, Thomas, Timothy, Gregory, Patrick, Kenneth, Robert

    List 8: 10 random girls from my camp:

    Andrea, Savannah, Morgan, Molly, Jillian, Marley, Lian, McKenna, Rosy, Sunnie

    List 9: 10 random guys from my camp:

    Glenn, Donald, Taylor, Scott, Owen, Miles, Kevin, Eric, Dylan, Dennis

    List 10: My guy friends:

    Matthew, Connor, Jake, Cole, Garrett, Zachary, Grant, Brady, Justin, Jack

    Hope this entertained you for a while!

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  • someone please help me?

    I probably sound just like a pathetic little girl on here but I'm 17 years old and this is my story:

    So there's guy 1 and guy 2 and I need help.

    I went out with guy 1 last year and I'm going out with guy 2 now.

    So I'm going out with guy 2 and he is literally the nicest guy I've ever known. Everyone always tells me how he is just the sweetest and he treats me like a million bucks. The only problem is I can't stop thinking about guy 1. He was a good boyfriend but it was a summer relationship and just didn't work out. He is so foooooking goodlooking its ridiculous. And I know guy 2 would be a better boyfriend since he likes me so much and would do anything for me but he doesn't make me laugh the way guy 1 could. I feel like I just had so much more fun with guy 1. Well me and guy 1 were planning on getting back together but things didn't work out (again) and I started dating guy 2 soon after. I know it will kill guy 2 but I really need some help, should I tell guy 1 I still have feelings for him?

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  • What name suits each word?

    In your opinion, what name would go with each adjective?

    Do a girl and a boy's name for each category.

    You can add middle names if you wish.

    1. Preppy

    2. Trashy

    3. Nerdy

    4. Beautiful

    5. Wealthy

    6. Ugly

    7. Smart

    8. Old

    9. Foreign

    10. Trendy


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  • Help With Character Names Please?

    I'm writing a story and I'm having a hard time picking names. I need first and last names. Please pick one name for each category and answer every one. Thanks!

    1. girl- wealthy, rude, horseback rider

    2. girl- (sister of #1) wealthy but down to earth, volunteer

    3. girl- maid, very quiet, difficult past

    4. boy- butler, very helpful and charismatic

    5. girl- adopted sister, introvert, shy

    6. boy- #5's boyfriend, very sneaky and promiscuous

    7. boy- nice, very good looking, jock

    8. girl- Mom of the family, very high maintenance

    9. boy- dad of the family, caring, very over protective

    10. girl- grandma, very old kind and wealthy

    11. girl- old friend of the girl who wants to seek revenge on the family

    thank you for your help!

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  • Comment AND rate my names please?

    Not pregnant, just wondering.

    Feel free to suggest different spelling, middle names, and other names I may like.


    Kaylin Brooke

    Analeigh Kathryn

    Sienna Grace

    Naeva Grace (nay-va, family name)

    Shay (---?--)


    Nolan Patrick

    Riley James

    Maclyn (--?--)

    Carson Thomas

    Harrison Ryan

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  • WDYT of the name Naeva?

    pronounced "nay-va"

    No, I'm not pregnant.

    And it would most likely be Naeva Grace.

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    Just for fun!

    Totally random things.

    Don't choose neither or both because.....just no.

    LETS GO.

    television or computer

    camera or ipod

    rap or hiphop

    jamaica or puerto rico

    nude beach or antarctica

    12 kids or no kids

    forgetting sarah marshall or superbad

    dancing or singing

    british accents or australian accents

    siblings or no siblings

    facebook or twitter

    boobs or butt

    taylor swift or carrie underwood

    lily or rose

    summer or winter

    grilled cheese or pb&j

    italian food or chinese food

    sex or abstinence

    beach or pool

    middle school or high school

    beer or liquor

    football or baseball

    rain or snow

    movies or mall

    drugs or drug free

    kiss or hug

    boys or girls

    flip flops or sneakers

    car or train


    1. What is your favorite thing to do during the summer?

    2. Who is your favorite band/artist?

    3. What was the worst injury you ever had?

    4. What is your favorite movie/

    5. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

    6. What state/country/providence do you live in?

    7. What is the first name of your crush?

    8. If you had a twins: a boy and girl, what would you name them?

    9. What is your absolute favorite scent?

    10. STAR? yes.

    35 AnswersAdolescent9 years ago
  • This or that...What would you rather in a guy?

    Don't pick neither or both, because that's just no fun!

    Gorgeous eyes OR Gorgeous smile

    Huge dick OR Amazing personality

    Big Feet OR Big Hands

    Rich Guy OR Guy who makes you feel like a million bucks

    Blonde OR Brunette

    Blue Eyes OR Brown Eyes

    Tan OR Average Colored

    Great with kids OR Doesn't want kids

    Doctor OR Lawyer

    Big Family OR Small Family

    Great sense of humor OR Great amount of kindness

    Personality OR Looks

    Smart OR Generous

    Greedy OR Rude


    26 AnswersAdolescent9 years ago
  • Guess which name doesn't belong in the sibset?

    Just for fun!

    These are all families that I know with one extra name thrown in.

    10 point to whoever guesses the most of which name shouldn't be in there.

    Good luck!

    Sibset #1:

    Keren, Brian, Hailey, Kate, Brendan

    Sibset #2:

    Ava, Grace, Kate, Pat, Maggie

    Sibset #3:

    Brooke, Matt, Kayla, Danielle

    Sibset #4:

    Sean, Nolan, Jack, Daniel

    Sibset #5:

    Miles, Madelin, Melissa

    Sibset #6:

    Will, Carson, Gavin

    Sibset #7:

    Camille, Samantha, Nick, Victoria

    Sibset #8:

    Cassandra, Brianna, Robert, Garrett, Owen

    Sibset #9:

    Shaylin, Emma, Sarah

    Sibset #10:

    Meagan, Katie, Kevin, Shannon

    If I get 5 stars, I'll make another one.

    16 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago