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Rachel Thurman

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  • They found a 2cm spot on my liver, when do i start to worry?

    I was seen for abdominal pains, loss of appitite, and chronic fatigue. They ran blood and found nothing. Different doctor sent me for CT scan with the dye I drank and had injected. He calls me Saturday morning to tell me about the spot on the top of my liver. I am only 30, I have never done drugs, and have never been drunk. I drink no more than one wine cooler every couple weeks and I do not take pills for anything. My husband is terrified and I don't know enough to say that would comfort him, let alone myself. Brave face for my family until my appointment for the more in depth scan provides a clearer picture. I just need to know, how likely is it that my symptoms are from something else and the spot is nothing of consequence?

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