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  • Teen clever halloween costumes for two girl best friends?

    At our school EVERYONE dresses up for halloween and I was wondering if anyone could come up with ideas for two girls? There is a huge parade and they choose a winner. We are in eighth grade. Something clever would be GREAT not like witches or vampires or any boring thing like that. We want to win the competition!

    3 AnswersHalloween6 years ago
  • 13th Birthday Party?

    So I am turning 13 in November and I am inviting 9 of my friends over for a sleepover. I don't know what to do though. I want to stay at my house. Any games that are fun for a pretty big group or even just like a movie night? Any ideas are helpful! I am a girl btw so ideas girls would like! Thanks!

    1 AnswerEntertaining6 years ago
  • Does anyone know a type of lizard that doesn't have to be fed everyday?

    My mom is a teacher and she want to have a class pet. She was going to get a guinea pig but one of her students is allergic to anything with fur. I have a couple of questions.

    1. Does anyone know of any type of lizard (my mom is PETRIFIED by snakes) that can be left with its heat and light and everything for a weekend?

    2. If not the first one. How about a lizard that can be transported VERY easily. We live 45 minutes away from the school so...

    3. Also, it would be really helpful if the lizard that is friendly with kids.

    4. If not, does anyone know if someone with a fur allergy is allergic to birds? I know it sounds stupid because birds have feathers but I wasn't sure.

    Thanks!!! And if you answer please absolutely KNOW the answer! Don't guess! Thanks!

    2 AnswersReptiles6 years ago