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  • why wont my hair bleachhh?

    Okay so about a week ago I decided to put some blond streaks in my medium brown hair, I have never dyed my hair before so this is my natural color. At first i used volume 30 bleach and left it in for an hour but it didn't do ANYTHING to my hair color, then a week later I used volume 40 and the same thing happened :/ HOW CAN I GET MY HAIR TO BLEACHH??

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  • Balls, tiny shorts, and sweat...?

    Alright soooo, im on the volleyball team at my school and tommorrow we play our rivals and we need some saying we can paint on our faces to get the spirit up.We are the American Patriots and the opposing team is the Golman Gators.

    no cheesy shizz please:D

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  • fowibhgovrheoigvhreog. Well this sucks:/?

    Met this guy.


    We get to know each other, become really good friends.


    He tells me about a month ago that he likes me...alot.

    Me=happiest person alive

    The following week is pure bliss.

    Then he gets all wierd and we shift into neutral.


    Time passes, he drops hints here and there that he still really likes me.

    Me=okay...what now?

    We're still good friends by this point.

    Then he meets her.-.-

    guy=awesome regardless

    About two and a half weeks ago he tells me how he cant fall for girls the same way he used to...


    Next day I smoke le ganja with him and the emotions and thought come barreling foreward. I ask him what he would do if i asked him out and that i do still like him.

    He tells me that he's scared that he'll f**** up our friendship if we go out but he does still like me and has come to love me.

    me= O.O

    THEN, i hear he likes this other chick...

    alright w.e im not the "fight for a man" type.

    I was kinda uncomfortable though so i tried to avoid him, and he noticed.

    he approached me the second day of evading contact

    and told me he misses me alot and why am i ignoring him.

    Guy=making it hard to get over him.

    alright alright, we start chilling again.

    He tells me he loves me alot and cares about me, Blah Blah Blah.

    Now though since im such a good friend of his he's telling me that hes considering asking this other girl out...but not directly though cause he doesnt know that i know he likes her...ya digg? lol

    So yah... im thinking i should suck it up and be a good friend for him, but damn it really really hurts, more than I expected.


    what the f*** do i do?

    what kind of "love" is he refering to?

    Am i just ranting? (probably)



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  • How long..........................…?

    would it take to transfer from a school in Florida to a school in Chicago? Is the process difficult as far as paperwork and all?

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  • How long..........................?

    would it take to transfer from a school in Florida to a school in Chicago? Is the process difficult as far as paperwork and all?

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  • Anyone heard of this hair style?

    Alright so I'm desperately looking for pictures, examples, anything with even slight resemblance to this:

    Basically the tips of the hair (and only the tips) are dyed different colors giving an.... Aurora Borealis effect?

    Ugh i cant really describe it too well but if you know what I'm babbling about please help.

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  • Help. Something really weird is happening at my house...?

    Whenever I go out to get the mail and I leave the door open it slams shut by itself. ESPECIALLY on windy days. Do you think I have ghosts?

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  • Whenever......................................?

    I give my boyfriend head he tries to deep throat...What should I do?

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  • Calling all creative and devious people....?

    Give me your best ideas for a prank call.

    Note: nothing is too perverted and/or obscene... ;)

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