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  • Reloading a emachine em 250 series kav60 it has windows 7 starter?

    Ok for all you computer smart ppl. I bought this notebook from a coworker they just used it to store pictures and stuff on it and never used it and sold it to me. I am wanting to restore it to store bought so it gets rid of all their stuff on it however they didnt give me a disc and I dont know that it came with one I know i can restore it from the computer itself but i dont want to lose the word pad and power point stuff it has and i don't want to lose windows 7 starter as i dont have a way to replace those back on it.. I dont have anything to save on it so i wouldnt need to save pictures or anything just dont want to lose the windows and stuff that would come on a computer so if i were to restore the computer what should i do? Thanks in advance

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  • I have a universal remote i want to program to work with converter box?

    Ok i have a access hd dt1080 converter box with a Phillips universal remote i am trying to get it so the remote will change the converter box channels but i cant find a code for it as the websites I've looked up since i don't have the owner Manuel.. it doesn't list the converter box brand i have. I dont know if it matters but my tv is an Emerson brand.. Thanks in advance .

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  • Does anyone know what happen to foxy spray cologne?

    Ok I used to buy this foxy spray cologne from debs all the time, but they stopped carrying it and have no idea what i am even talking about i am not sure of the company just know its called foxy spray cologne does anyone know any info about it? i would really love to be able to buy some more. Thanks in advance

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  • Does anyone remember this game for the commodore 64?

    Does anyone remember this game - its for the commodore 64 all i Remember is your like this knight or skeleton thing with a sword and you have to go thru this maze thing fighting bats and snakes or something and you go thru the doors but you have to have a key to get thru the door to get to the next level and i remember the background would turn pink and you had to fight theses things I knwo its not a very good description but if you could help me please figure out the name of this i would be very appreciative thank you

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  • HELP What should i do?

    This might be pretty long but anyway Me and my boyfriend broke up so i moved into my mom's place to try and save up money and start over however now my moms boyfriend and her are breaking up (not b/c of me) He is going to give back the 3 or 4 months rent i paid so that would only be 600 or 800 bucks if i figured that right. Anyway my mom dont have a job (reason her bf wants to break up) So id be only person in house with money but i dont have a car and im soon to be without a place and internet so what is the best thing i should do (i dont really want to stay with my mom) But i only make 600 a month there are apartments by where i work so i could walk to work but they are like 300 or so a month my moms bf said i could rent a place there cuz i could afford it with food stamps but what do you think and how would i get the place

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  • what do you get when you get all the reindeer on yoville?

    ok i have all nine deer on yoville and nothing happend i play on facebook and sometimes ill go on but nothing is happened whats the point of these deer?

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  • can i afford an apartment?

    I have 1,000 saved in a savings account and i make roughly 350 every two weeks i have a cell phone bill of 70.00 a month i dont own a car so to get around id have to walk or ride the bus or car pool.

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  • plz don't hate help ..I want him back?

    Its a long story but the deal is me and my bf broke up we were 2gether 4 six yrs we had a few probs and broke up once be4 we got 2gether and just broke up again b/c of his family and partly b/c of past he says he can't trust me and I don't desreve him I've been hateful and selfish and I have lied a litte but I love him I know u say if I did I wouldn't of hurt him and we aren't soulmates buh I've changed his family loves me and hates we broke up reason I said family didn't help..his bros ex started drama and lies and broke me and him up and b.c of past he believed her. I really was changed and im trying the love dare but I feel helpless I do I prove he can trust me and that I won't hurt him anymore I want him back

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  • t mobile contract ending soon?

    Ok ive had tmoblie for like 2 years my contract is ending within the next few days. i still want a cellphone and stuff and i know they go to a month to month thing but which is fine im not really wanting to get stuck into another contract with anyone So i was wondering what should i get I talk on my phone but i text way more i heard prepaid cost more or just about the same as a contract so any ideas .. or better phone companies i could go to? Id do a year contract if i had to but id rather be free to go to any phone company i want. (i have a side kick slide right now with everything on it) and i have another phone line that im getting rid of (cuz its my friends)

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  • Do you know What movie is this ?

    Alot time ago i watched this movie it had to do with indians there were passing storied onto one another and it showed them as they were told. I dont remember much about it expect that i thought it had something to do with dream catcher or something but the movie called dream catcher is some horror movie and not even close to what im talking about.. its hard to explain since i cant rmember much about it i just really would love to find this movie. I know its a hard to find movie and even harder since i dont know the name Can you help please?

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  • what should i do someone is trying to be me?

    Someone stole my identity and opened a trash service in my name I called them and they told me they cant do anything and if i don't pay up there taking me to court. Im pretty sure i know who did it but what should i do next? HELP ASAP

    idont know what to put this question in sorry

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  • How do i get internet on my laptop?

    How do i get the internet to work at home on my laptop.. I know i need a wireless router or something b/c the laptop has built in wifi. I was wondering b/c i have cable internet for my desktop.. So how do i get my wifi on laptop to work at home what do i need

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  • Landlord wants us gone asap?

    The landlord says he can make more money else where than us renting the place (he wants to raise the rent and stuff ) he wont let us renew because we dont want to pay extra rent and wont let us month to month till we find a place. So we have til june 30th to get out. Is this legal?

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  • What kind of Laptop should i get?

    OK first off i know laptops are expensive but I'm looking for a good laptop to basically be a second computer that's portable. Id mostly use it for internet Yahoo chatting, my space, maybe hold some pictures and music, and some gaming like Sims or just other basic games.

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  • pennies everywhere so confused any ideas?

    Ok so My friends have just started moving into this duplex their renting for a few months and as they got in there they noticed pennies everywhere in the window sill, doors, sidewalks everywhere. What do u think this means?

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  • what would you do? :) ?

    ok this may be a stupid reason but lets say for a good year or two working with the same people and boss then all of a sudden your boss is getting moved and taking a buch of the people with her only to leave you stuck with the new boss and whoever maybe get hired and such.. Would you quit like everyone else or would you suck it up. Reason i ask is because there moving my boss and shes taking everyone I could of gone but its much farther from where im at not so not worth the gas and such to move. but i dont want to stay now either. What would u do? sorry i didnt know what cat. to put this.

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  • sidekick and already have a plan? and can i add a phone upgrade to the bill? ?

    ok which is better I already have a Mobile plan free nights and weekends with my favs. 700 mins. However ive been wanting texting which is 15 Unlimited but sidekick is 20 for Unlimited everything. Either way i still want to upgrade my phone i currently have b/c its a year old. and its the free crappy phone. So which is better. I don't really need Internet as you can see i already have that w/o my phone Ok well u cant see it buh yeah.. also if i get a sidekick and decide later after my contract is up i want to get flex plan can i use the sidekick. also can i add phones to the bill and pay a little at a time.

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  • Getting Driver licensee?

    Ok so this is kinda a stupid question but a friend of mine moved out before she got her driver ID well now she wants one however nobody is willing to let her use their car let alone help her practice she has her permit so anyway how would she go about getting her driver licensees on her own. She is almost 21 so she is old enough to already of had this all out of the way but don't yet. She knows how to drive for the most part just needs some practice and Lives in Mo if that helps.

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  • Where to buy UV light?

    Ok id like to get a hold of a uv light to detect fake money, Id like it small like handheld or something b/c i plan to take it to work with me as well as home so i need to be able to carry it back and forth I want to know what stores i can buy it in. NO websites please i cant buy from the Internet and i don't want to.. Thanks...

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  • What phone should i get?

    OMG there is so many new tmoblie phones out now they all look awesome its so hard to choose... Ok heres what im looking for ... A full q. keyboard, bluetooth is not a biggy but would be nice. Um pretty much it thats important for it to have. I dont want it to be really expensive as i have to pay full price for it. Buh i dont want a cheap crappy phone either. Any ideas? (i thought about the G1 buh i heard there is a ton of bugs still in it..)

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