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I'm a 50 year old all-pets consultant focused on answering only questions related to pet rats. Since my first pet rat in 1997 I have delved into **everything** ratty, and will continue to learn and share everything I can about rats. I specialize in the health and care of pet rats. My teachers/mentors are other rat-keeping experts known world-wide. I've enjoyed the company of over 200 rats in the last 11 years. I'm an active member on many rat-only forums and founded/own 4 of them. I'm building a website devoted to pet rats and will continue to work on it indefinitely. There are feeder breeders at Y!A who breed rats for reptile food, not beloved pets, and their answers will reflect this, with misinformation. For many reasons, I left Y!A a year ago and came back only 2 months ago to help the serious pet rat keepers. Y!A has been set up as a game which makes it difficult for experts to truly do their jobs. Come and visit the Spaz Rats at:

  • Are you a Hamster or a Mouse expert?

    As a pet rat expert I feel most confident in answering questions about Pet Rats, but I continue to get private e-mails asking me about Hamsters, Mice, and Guinea Pigs. I've never had Guinea Pigs as pets and so I will refer owners of Guinea Pigs to "Justified'. I use to own Hamsters, a long time ago, and Mice up to a year ago, but I have never researched their care indepth as I have with pet rats and I am not as confident in answering Hamster or Mouse questions. So, I need other experts here to refer these owners to when I get these private e-mails that I can't answer.

    You must be able to spell Hamster without a P

    Your questions and answers must be open to the public in order to truly help others.

    You must be a present owner of Hamsters and Mice, preferably a reputable breeder of these animals.

    You must be crazy in love enough to have done indepth research for your chosen pet.

    Feeder breeders need not apply, I'm talking pets.

    You must allow contact between us.

    Thank you

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  • Looking for replies from those who answer rat-related questions?

    I'm new to Yahoo! Answers as of Dec.1 and I would like to get to know the other rat experts who answer the questions here.

    Also, how do I add an image from my website to be used as my avatar?

    Is it possible for rodents to have their own catagory on this forum as dogs, cats, fish, and reptiles already do?


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