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  • Do you have MS and on Avonex?

    Am on Avonex for about 6-8 months. Had the dreaded flu-like symptoms at first, noone warned me about that. Now I take the necessary precautions for that but still get those effects although slightly less intense. The day before the injection I get sick just thinking about it and come close to panic attacks. I'm a retired RN so needles don't bother me but I have entertained thoughts of quitting and that does bother me because I know I can't. What's your experience and suggestions?

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  • How do I get away from toxic family?

    86 yr mother & 55 yr younger sister live with me. Sis is a top notch mooch. Mother is ill & feeble & cannot say no to sis. Sister has cried her way into mother's pocketbook for thousands of $$. Whenever I try to kick out this mooch from my house mother has illness & cries. I'm sick of it, literally, and want my house and life back. Tried everything! Sister was a professional & made good $$ but now is destitute & homeless due to a bad spending addiction& recently received SSDI income. No jokes, serious responses please from the experienced.

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  • Multiple Sclerosis medications-Copaxone?

    Anyone taking Copaxone injections for MS? Have you had to quit this med due to adverse reactions? I have been having severe injection site reactions and considering stopping the med. I get very little response from the Dr. and have contemplated going to the ER! I know the redness & itching are very common but this is EXTREME and today's injection has blisters on it and itches horribly. I have no more sites for injections because these lumps (~3-4 cms) won't go away for 2 weeks. I am an RN so I know how to give this med. I'm concerned because I don't know what to do and wonder if anyone else had this problem. Don't bother telling me to call my Dr., I have 2-3 times and get the same thing from the ARNP, (take benadryl or use the creme). Forget trying to talk to the Dr. I've done everything I know. Help!

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  • Antique Chinese Furniture----?

    Need info on my antique Chinese Foo Dog rocker. Back & seat is "rolled" and appears to be flame mahogany veneer. Hand carved with foo dogs on front arm supports and on top of back. I've looked everywhere I know and can find no info on it. Help?

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  • Wood Laminate Flooring?

    My wood laminate flooring is dull no matter what I do to it other than waxing which I don't do because of mfg. recommendations. Is it possible to get a little shine on it and how? I don't want any kind of wax.

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  • Attention Antique Furniture Experts: Old Rocker?

    Need to identify this old rocker: It is a dark stained veneer, the veneer pattern has the appearance of tiger maple. The top of the rocker is carved, as well as the front of the legs in what appears to be asian motif. I know little about antique furniture, but from researching this it looks very similar to "Foo Dog" carvings, or possibly a lion. Hope you can help. Thanks.

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  • How can I make very miniature trains?

    I need one for a diorama that needs rail cars of 1/2-1 inch in length. I have not been able to find these in stores or online and I do woodworking as a hobby. So I could make them if I had to, but would rather not. If anyone knows of a source to buy them, let me know. Or where I could find instructions to make them.

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  • Need old hand tools for woodworking----?

    I am looking for hand tools for my woodworking hobby. I need a wooden mallet, cooper's adze and whatever I can find. Where can I find these used and usable, not for show or collecting? New ones are so expensive.

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  • Need resource to learn about mt. climbing in a nutshell. Would like response from the pros out there.?

    I'm writing a book (fiction) about a group of mt. climbers and need to know about the sport, the geographics that are the best climbed and the most difficult climbs. Is there any one "tabboo" mountain that climbers stay away from and why?

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  • NEED HELP!!--No $ for medications----Have Medicare D but---?

    ---just went into the "gap." On fixed income and 18 meds/day. Can't live w/o any of them. Now cost $500-800./mo. I've exhausted all avenues for help. Where can I go in Ky.? Don't qualify for Medicaid.

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  • Need attorney/advice for class action suit.?

    Have enough evidence and others with same complaint against buisness for fraudulent practices. Unable to find atty. who will take case. Media ombudsman won't handle cause business owner & family are local celebrities. Wondering if SOL on such case and need HELP.

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  • For university profs Only: 56 y.o. ret. RN desires adv. degree in bio or chem science.?

    Is this a reasonable goal for age? Interest and intellect very high per testing.

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  • Would like to move to coastal New England------?

    Are there any communities especially senior-friendly for those on a fixed income on the coast?

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  • Considering move from U.S. to Nova Scotia or PEI.?

    Has anyone done this or considering this? Any suggestions or info I need to know? Would like oceanside condo, bungalow or senior village.

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  • Too many problems with septic system, rip off??????

    The system is old Whirlaway with 3 separate compartments in tank, one is holding, second is areation, third is pumping clear water to laterals. Have spent big bucks on repairs over the years. Am doubting quality of service. Everytime it is pumped, I'm told another EXPENSIVE motor needs replaced. Now after pumping back in summer, an aerator motor needed replaced, then a timer on that aerator, then a new more powerful timer on that aerator that causes so much vibration I can hear it from indoors, now a float valve in compartment 3 and possibly new pump motor in 3. Oh, and this was caused by new timer that was installed in 2 because it was too powerful for aerator pump and tripped the breaker over and over causing pump in #3 to be submerged in water. This is not a one time thing. This happens every 1-2 yrs. Now is unplugged til service next week!!! I must have STUPID written on my forehead. Experts---what's up?? Don't say get a new system, I'm old and broke! Oh, and this is new company

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  • Water was turned off during new install, now low flow and no hot water?

    After installer left, had no hot water in new kitchen sink. Had it elsewhere in house though. I adjusted supply valve and got mild lukewarm water and low flow. Also got big leak at supply valve joint so had to shut valve off. Now it's the weekend and will get no service til next week, what to do??

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