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  • 數字進位數的變換


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  • 如何開啟Port:7990



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  • 爲什麼所有行星都是繞以橢圓形軌道運行??



    若行星繞以太陽運行則會有一萬有引力 F = GMm/ r2 太陽質量:M 行星質量:m



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  • 找一首歌的及他譜~~somewhere out there

    請問有人有這首somewhere out there的及他譜嗎??


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  • 不好意思請問有人可以幫我翻譯嗎??

    These are many commonly held belifs about eyeglasses and eyesight that are not proven facts,For instance,some people believe that waring glasses too soon weakens the eyes.But there is no evidence to show that the structure of eyes is changed by wearing glasses at a young age.Wearing the worng glasses,however,can prove harmful.Studies show that for adults there is no danger, but children can develop loss of vision if they have glasses inappropriate.

    We have all heard some of the common myths about how eyesight gets bad.

    Most people believe that resding in dim light causes poor eyesight, but that is untrue.Too little light makes the eyes work harder, so they do get tired and strained. Eyestrain also results form reading a lot, resding in bed, and watching too much televison. However, although eyestrain may cause some pain or heasdaches, it does not permanently damage eyesight.

    Another myth about eyes is that they can be replaced, or transferred from one person to another. There are close to one million nerve fibers that connect the eyeball to

    the brain ; as of yet, it is impossible to attach them all in a new person. Only certain parts of the eye-the cornea and the retina-can be replaced. But if we keep clearing up the myths and learning more about the eyes, someday a full transplant may be possible!



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