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  • Newlywed and need advice...?

    I want to run my home well, but on a budget. It's just me and my husband that live together, and it just seems to be so expensive to maintain the house. Am new at this, so advice from more experienced women would be very appreciated. What would be a reasonable budget for stocking the house? And any advice on must-have products for the home?

    And then there is cooking...I cant seem to cook the right proportions and, at the right time, cause I'm so tired when I come home from work. Any ideas?

    Storage is another one...the bins I buy dont ever seem to be big enough to hold my stuff.

    So basically am saying, "HELP!"

    8 AnswersOther - Home & Garden1 decade ago
  • Romantic Ideas?

    I would like to prepare a special eveing for my husband. I need some ideas as to how to make it spicey, remantic, and unforgettable.

    9 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • Help! Need to Create a Query in Access?

    I need to create a query that will search for a specific entry, but if the entry doesn jot exixt, instead of opening a blank table, I want it to run a message box that tells the user that the query was not found. Help ASAP

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • To save a 25 year old marriage?

    My aunty and uncle have been married for 25 years. My uncle is huge on alcohol, I mean, I dont think the man has been fully sober in over 10 years. Whenever he drinks he starts arguing with my aunt, and blaming her for anything that goes wrong. They have 3 children together, and everytime he starts drinking, he says he needs DNA testing done on them, though he knows for sure that they are his. Many members of the family say he's ill, I think he just wanted a different kindof life, and never really accepted that this is his reality now. Last week they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, and he just flew off the handle at my aunt, when he read the program and saw he had to give a short speech. She was so upset that she left (as she always did), and went to stay with her niece for a few days. Everytime he apologizes though, she comes back, and as soon as he starts drinking, he starts the arguments again. Finally, my aunt packed all her things and moved out.

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  • Ex-wife Dilema.?

    My husband married his ex-wife becuase she threatened to prevent him from seeing his son. The son passed away as a baby, and basically the woman trapped him with another kid. Of course, she lives in another country, and refused to move here with him at any point, so they never lived together. She uses the kid against him, to force money out of him. She only lets the child speak to him when she hears about money. My hubby and I were just friends when I saw her plot, and tried to show him what I saw. She refuses to allow the child to visit him, and whenever she called to speak to him, she called him all kinds of bad names, including worthless, especially if he told her she'd have to wait. He couldn't have a decent conversation with her, even when it was about the child. So my husband stopped calling ever cause he cannot call to speak to his child without the ex-wife or the ex-wife's mother demanding money. I have now stepped in as the middle person, but I want a solution. Can't stand her

    10 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago