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well im just me a crazy girl with crazy dreams, ur abnormal female, Texas born' raised' and breed. I love all music; mainly COUNTRY & ROCK and i live for my son! He is my world and i love him with everything in me! He always comes 1st 2nd and 3rd!

  • Help how much would you charge to babysit the following ages?

    On the 23rd i have to watch a 3 month hold little girl for an hr,at the same time i will be getting a 2yr(21 months almost 2) & a 5yr old for 7hrs while their mother and her boyfriend are at the cowboys game. and i dont know how much to charge her. i need some thoughts, tips or advice!

    at the same time that i am watching these kids i will also have my son that will be 2 in january and his dad will be gone the weekend b4 and wont be back till the day i have to watch the kids and his dad can only come by for an hr and a half. were not together so its an odd schedule of when he can see his son because of the "female" he is with and he is not allowed to take my son. so i dont know if i should take this into account when i am figureing out prices or not! help!!!!!

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  • How can i get my 19month old in his own bed?

    my son is about to be 19 months and he has been sleeping in my bed since he was between a month and two months. Cause i fell asleep with him in by bed one night and since then i cant get him out, i need help i dont want to have a 10yr old still in bed with me.... so does anyone have any any ideas??

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  • Myspace.... Love it or hate it?

    so many people online have a myspace, but many dont.... in my case i didnt even know what myspace was untill a few months ago, about 6-7, i had a 360 page b4 myspace, i only keep it to talk to friends and family,i love it but its such an addiction i hate it! but what about you? i want to hear ur thoughts about myspace!

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  • Do you think you should have to tip Sonic ppl?

    im serious, i mean come on all she is doing is taking 10-20 steps out the door to hand me something, i could understand if it was freezing cold or really hott, but on a normal day when all i do is go and ask for a large cherry lime-aid, why should i have to give this girl my money? its not a huge accomplishment. and ppl say well they dont get paid that much, but why should i feel bad about that when they chose that job, nobody asked them to do it. and there have been times i'll give them the money for my food but it costs $8.50 and i gave her a 10 and she said thanks and walked away and that upsets me! So do you think it should be nessasary to give the sonic girls a tip?

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