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  • my husband said......?

    When I asked my husband how he felt about me he answer was

    "I don't know how to put it into words and you know that"

    I asked him to just try and he responded by saying

    "you feel like home to me"

    I took it as a good thing but them after awhile I started think about it and now I am not so sure if it is a good thing or not. What do you think?

    Men --- Is this a good answer?

    Women --- Would you want your husband to say that about you?

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  • Question about hand raised kittens

    I found 2 small kittens about 3 weeks ago. After hours of looking for mom cat and finding nothing, I am now "mom". I have spent hours trying to get them to eat from a bottle but they are now about 6 weeks old and it's time to come of the bottle. They eat wet food and will lap up the formula and sometimes water, from a small dish but they still really want the bottle cause of the sucking. I don't even know where to begin on getting them off the bottle without them starving. Any advice anyone can give me would be a big help since this in the first time I am looking after kittens this small and without and mother. Thanks!

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  • Is the show LAS VEGAS returning?

    or are they just going to ended it and leave us all with a cliffhanger?

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  • Are u a dog or cat person?

    Do you find that you get along better with males or the females better? Why?

    I love all animals but hand down I am a cat person. I find that I would rather own a male cat then the female. Male is seem to be a bit more affectionate.

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  • Boxer's fracture.....pain?

    On Thursday I was goofing around with my 16 year old son and I broke my hand. He moved as I did and my hand smacked into his head leaving me with a "boxer's fracture". The hospital "buddy taped" it and splinted it, then wrapped it in cotton wrap. Yesterday my hand started having pain in it and now I keep getting shooting pains in the area every few minutes. I have take pain pills and they are doing nothing. Does anyone know of something I can do until I am able to see the doctor tomorrow? Thanks!!!

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  • So you think you can dance question?

    On last wednesday show (June 18) the first couple danced a jazz routine. Does anyone know the name of the song and artist who sang it that they danced to? Thanks

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  • Need help with 2 week old kittens?

    I allowed a dumped pregnant cat to come into my home so she would have a safe place to have her babies. On May 12 she had 4. One was dead and she abandoned one of the others. Since then she has become an great mom to her 3 babies. 2 babies are growing healthy but the 3rd is small and her eyes are still closed. I see mommy cat nursing ALL of the kittens and this small one is always on a nipple, so I am not as worried about her size as I am about her eyes. Does anyone have any ideas that have worked that I can try? I feel very bad for this little one. Thanks!

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  • A question for tall men?

    My 15 year old son is about 6' tall now and a few months back he began to complain of sore knees. First it was once in awhile but it has progress into a weekly thing. Due to the holidays, I can't take him into the doctor's yet so I just thought I would ask the question and help ease my mind a bit.

    Did your knees hurt when you were a teen?


    5 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 decade ago
  • What can I do for my husband?

    Besides sex cause we have a great sex life.

    I love my husband of 10 years very much. He is a great guy and puts up with alot. He is the sole provider of the family because I am unable to work. We have two children (boys 15 & 11) and he's good to them. He works long hours at times just to make ends meet. I want him to know that I am very thinkful to have him and I have told him but I don't feel it's enough. I want to do something special for him that shows him he is appreciated. Guys....what would you like? Woman....what have you tried? Thanks!

    10 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • What is the first thing I would notice about you if I saw you walking down the street?

    If you saw me, it would have to be my hair. I have very very long hair and I often have people touching it and commenting on it.

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  • Am I special?

    I don't hear or see the gap ad

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  • What is hte best 360 game out right now for a 15yr boy who really likes sports?

    Surprising my son with an xbox 360 for x-mas and I want to buy a game to go with it. I can't ask him cause then he will know that he is getting one. I know that he really likes sports games so I would like to get him a really good one. Thanks!

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  • Men...what does it mean when a guy say...?

    "if you want to know how I love, you need to see me with my mother"

    The guy does not live with his mother and infact lives in another city miles away from her. He hardly ever see her and talks to her on the phone only every few weeks. So he is not a mama's boy.

    He is saying this to the girl he is causal seeing.

    13 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • What should we do?

    A family member is self distructing and we don't know what to do. We have been dealing with this for years but it seems like the last few weeks have been really bad. We have tried talking to him and it doesn't work. He hangs up or tones out. He is doing very stupid and childish things like talking about removing the dishwasher so the roommates can't use it. Or he has taken the fuses out of the box to cut the power in one area of the house. These are just some of the things done..I could go on. He is in his thirties, single, renting an apartment which he shares with a couple and one other. He quit he job because he felt like he was not being paid enough (he was hubby works there as well). He doesn't drive and relies on my hubby or his roommate to drive him to work. He refuses to take a bus to work. He blames every1 for his problems such as telling his roommate it's his fault that he has no money to buy gifts..he thought the roommate would quit as well. What do we do as his family

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  • What should you be doing right now instead of being on Q/A?

    I should be wrapping my kids gifts while they are at school.

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  • Men....What time of day would you rather be having sex?

    The question came up between my husband and myself the other night. We joked and said "all the time" but if you had to pick one what would it be.

    Morning (haven't even been out of bed yet)

    Noon (at home)

    Night (after you have had time to relax)

    46 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • How long do I need to be nice?

    My husbands family is crazy. His brother is a lazy good for nothing pig and his mother is a messed up ***** that won't make any effort. My husband knows how I feel but he also knows that I will be polite around them and that if he wants to see them, he can. I don't keep my boys away from them but I also don't make an effort to get them over to see them anymore. Years ago we shared a home with the brother and it was hell...everything was our fault and still is. The father died and we moved in the mother (I never had an issue with that) with us. Things change between her and I right away. Now I was a ***** and could do nothing right. She talked down to me all the time. With both of them after me my anger grew and I started to hate them. Then came the "choose us or the *****". My husband laughed at them and me moved out a short time later. Over the years it has gotten worse. I love my hubby but really, how much longer do I need to be nice to people who can't be nice to me? Please help

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  • About Divorce...with kids?

    After reading a question about custody and divorce I find that I am a bit pi$$ed off. How can you use your children the way you do? YOU, meaning the couple involved...not just one couple but ANY couple that could do this to a child. I can understand hating someone so bad that you want to strike out at them. I also understand that it hurts to see your "exes" with another. We can get greedy at times but WHY WHY WHY do the kids need to suffer? They had nothing to do with why you two have split. As a parent I have to always put my kids first and make sure that they are taken care of and healthy and believe me I have. My kids have always been thought of first even if it means I suffer. I have spent days and nights crying sometimes over the choices I have mad for them but not cause it's bad or wrong for them but because it hurts me. My anger and frustration has to be mine and mine alone. I don't really have a question..just more of a rant and a plea...STOP HURTING THE CHILDREN!

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  • Women...Why is is so wrong for your man to watch PORN?

    If your b/f or husband watchs PORN once in a while, what is wrong with that? It's not like he is doing "it" with someone else.

    I have no trouble watching with my husband and I see nothing wrong with him watching it alone. I feel lucky to be able to have such an open relationship. I am just shocked that there are so many woman (or girls) out there that won't even let there men look at a girl mag.

    36 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • Advice needed with my brother-in-law?

    My brother in law is a jerk and the more people that meet him, the more people tell me so. My husband can't stand the childest things his brother pulls and that cause much tension between them. I hate the guy and wish I never had to see him again but he is my hubby's brother and I don't ever want it to be me that causes them to part ways. They were at one time very close but now they can't be in the same room with out a sarcastic remark being made which leads to more words being said. My hubby refuses to by a x-mas gift for his brother because of something very stupid his brother has done and although we aren't seeing each other for the holidays, I still think he should buy a gift. Should I just stay out of all of this or should I push my hubby into buying a gift? What should I do about all of this in general? Thanks!

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