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Things Difficult to Say When You're Drunk......... a) Innovative b) Preliminary c) Proliferation d)Cinnamon Things that are VERY difficult to say when you're drunk . a) Specificity b) British Constitution c) Passive-aggressive disorder d) Transubstantiate Things that are DOWNRIGHT IMPOSSIBLE to say when you're drunk... a) Thanks, but I don't want to sleep with you. b) Nope, no more drinks for me, I've reached my limit. c) Sorry, but you're not really my type. d) Please take the shooters back, let's have water. e) Good evening officer, isn't it lovely out tonight? f) I'm not interested in fighting you. g) Oh, I just couldn't - no one wants to hear me sing. h) Thank you, but I won't make any attempt to dance, I have zero coordination. I) Where is the nearest toilet? I refuse to vomit in the street. j) I must get to my bed as I could never have a really good sleep in that hedge

  • Anyone know about a Saab 9-7x?

    When we were looking for cars, I was really excited about the Ford SYNC system. I ended up with a 9-7x, a beautiful car, however the dealer told me I would be able to use the system in place in the car and be able to talk on the phone- without buying minutes from On Star. Turns out that is not the truth, you can only do that if you have Verizon. Is there kit I can get to override this?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 1st Birthday party dilemma?

    My sons first birthday is coming, and my home is to small to host it. I am looking for space to rent where he can run around but the adults would still be comfortable, with couches or something. Basically i would like a large room with a kitchen and space for people to spread out and socialize. Has anyone had to plan a party for this age before? There will not be very many children (maybe 6 all under 3) so this party is mostly to celebrate his birthday with adults. We are in Michigan, and in January its going to be way to cold to be outside (it was only 2 degrees last year when we brought him home) Any suggestions are soo appreciated!

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  • Leg cramps while pregnant?

    Hi everyone! I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and i have recently felt what i can only describe as tightness in my legs. I thought at first maybe I need to be exercising more, but I wear a pedometer to work, and I walk on average of 7 miles a day. At this point, i can only assume that it is the extra weight, and i am just going to have to live with it. The only problem is the last few nights i have been woken out of a sound sleep with a HUGE charlie horse in my calfs. Yesterday, i woke up after having a dream that i needed to stretch. I think what is happening is that i am trying so hard to stretch and make my legs feel better, that i am actually stretching to hard, and hurting my legs! If you have any suggestions, please, I need HELP!

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  • how often is to often to dye your hair?

    I was coloring my hair last night, and after i dried it, the color didn't look the same as it normally does. I realised that instead of the normal 4C that i buy, i somehow came home with 4N! I use Natural Match by Loreal, it accentuates your natural hair color, i like it because it makes my hair just a touch darker. Well looking at it today, my roots have a reddish orange tint to them, and my hair overall has reddish tones, which is not what i was looking for. My wedding is in three weeks, i don't want to distroy my hair, but i really want to redo it. What would you recomend? I want to go home tonight and redo it, but what dye will cover all of this, i don't think the natural match is going to be strong enough. Or should i just live with my mistake?

    It funny how much hair can impact your life, thank you ahead of time for your suggestions!

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  • whats an excellent movie choice?

    I just had a really hard day at work and i am wondering what your favorite movie rental is? something in maybe the comedy department or at least upbeat, since i am recovering from one of the worst days ever! Thanx for your suggestions!

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  • Myspace editing?

    I want to cover the part where it says "tabitha is in your extended network" with a picture. how do i go about doing that?

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  • 2 motherboards 2 different problems?

    P4 socket 478 3.02Ghz

    2 sets of 1Gb Corsair twinX ddr400 pc3200

    Ati radion x800pro

    Samsung 300gb Sata HD

    Maxtor 70gb Sata HD

    400watt PS

    Motherboad #1 Intel D865PERL

    With this motherboard i Installed a new heatsink then put everything back inside and tried to boot it up. I have no video and no usb function. The monitor just turns idol. and i have left it at that point for up to 15 min and nothing happened. I removed the HDD and the Video card but got no error beeps. Then i removed the memory and got the memory beeps.

    #2 ASUS p4v800d-x

    I installed all of the hardware and set the bios to read my SATA drives. I set the BIOS to boot from the 70gb HDD since thats the one with windows xp installed on it. It posted then hung with a cursor in the corner. I set the bios to boot the winXP cd and it loaded everything then restarted after i hit enter install. I plugged in an old IDE drive with XP on it but it restarted after windows loaded,

    I tried each of these things multiple times

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  • How often is to often to get a manicure?

    I work almost 50 hours a week, and i never have time to do my own nails. i don't wear acrylics, since my own nails look nice when they are taken care of. last week i went and got a manicure and i really liked the results. it will be a week tommorow and i am wondering, is it to hard on my nails and cuticules to get a manicure every week? The polish is starting to wear off on the tips of my nails, and i know i won't have time to do them myself. Thanx!

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  • what about me!?

    I am doing an online poll about me, to see how well my friends know me. so what are some questions i can ask to really test there knowlege of me?

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  • second baby, need help with name?

    my best friend and her husband are expecting there second child in july and have been trying to think of a name that would sound right. there daughters name is skylar, so they want something that isn't going to come completly out of left field. so i thought you guys might be able to help me out! thanx so much!

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  • myspace pictures?

    How do i send a picture in a comment? do i have to upload it onto my pictures?

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  • chapped lips?

    Okay so about 2 weeks ago I noticed my lips were kinda chapped so i have been using some extra hydrating lip balm. well last week i rubbed my lips together and an entire layer of skin came off in like 2 really big sheets and it was really gross. the next day my lips kinda burned and when i looked really close i notice red dots on my lips. now the area outside of my lips is starting to chap. i have tryed medicated lip balm, hydrating lip balm, and regular. nothing seems to be working. what can i do! 10 points to the answer that works!

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  • fashion emergency!?

    I have to wear uggs to work next saturday, and i don't know what to wear with them. i am planing on wearing my knee high pair. The only problem is that i work in an enviornment where we usually dress up, and i am not alowed to wear jeans, but we can wear a denim jacket. everyone at my work that i have talked to plans on just wearing there normal black pants and top with a jean jacket. I think this sounds rediculous! please help!

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  • Greif support?

    Okay, I have asked this question before and i only recieved one answer. So I am hoping for a better answer this time. I recently lost my Grandfather who died of old age and my cousin who died in a car acciedent at the age of 20 within the last four months. This has been a particualarly hard time for my family and i have been looking for a greif support group in the state of michigan that is not relgion based. This is a group that i would like to be able to attend with my immediate family, the youngest of who is 13. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx :)

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  • Writing thank yous after an interview?

    I just came from a job interview and I would like to thank the person who interviewed me. What is the best way to do this while still sounding sincere?

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  • Where are grief support groups in Michigan?

    I am looking for a grief support group in SE Michigan that is not relious based. I am looking for a group that my whole family could attend, including my parents and siblings, the youngest of who is 13. I would like to go to an actual group and not an internet based program. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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