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im 31 yrs old married with 6 children my little man finally arrived on the 7th of april,11 days late!!! i live in the UK wouldnt wanna be anywhere else if u send me stupid/rude or abusive emails you will be blocked i have no time for stupid rude ppl im here to get advice and help others not get into stupid arguments!! x x x x

  • biopsy! lump in 18months old neck.possible Non hodgkins?

    my son has been seeing the doc for about 3 months now due to a lump in his neck, he has had xrays & scans plus various anti biotics,they have ruled out cysts,abcess & ulcer.

    lump will not go so hes now booked in for an emergency biopsy on thurs

    have u been through anything like this and it all come bk normal?

    they think it may be non hodgkins but they have told us 2 wait for results before we worry!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 13yr old wants 18 yr old boyfriend! tips on how to deal with it?

    our daughter is almost 14, the last few wks shes been in non stop trouble at school due getting in with a new crowd of friends,

    she is now in love with her friends 18 yr old brother!!

    we contacted him and asked him to stay away from her and all we have got bk from him is its her life she can do as she wishes!! NO shes a child would the police be able to help? maybe have word with him?

    ATM we are feeling we will go deal with him BUT that's not gonna help in the long run

    has anyone else been through this how is the best way to deal with it. we tried grounding her but that did no good she bunked school to see him!

    she is very open with us and says shes not ready for sex but hes 18 how long would he wait? after all in the eyes of the law hes an adult!

    we are in the UK if that makes any difference

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  • toys for 6months plus? best buy?

    my son has out grown the play gym we got him, hes not fond of rattles

    hes crawling and into everything his fav toy atm is any electrical cable!!

    what would u say was the best thing you brought?

    im in the UK but if u have a picture/link i can try and find something similar here

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  • so tired :-( how do u cope?

    my lil man has taken to getting up twice between 12 & 5am im exhusted!

    naps during the day are out of the question because after ive got the older kids to school i have a toddler at home who has no OFF switch!!

    how do u perk yourself up?

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  • do u find it easy being a SAHM? do u think ppl look down at you?

    im not asking this to cause a debate i just find it so hard some times my day starts at 530am and doesnt end until round mid night

    my house always seems upside down yet spend all day doing it!

    ive certain family members who seem to think i have an easy life!

    i would love to work but childcare costs are so high im better off with hubby working and me looking after them

    i have 6 kids!!

    my kids are between 13yrs - 6months

    how do u find it? do u feel ppl judge you?

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  • husband having a vasectomy next month how long....?

    he has it done on friday ( 13th!!! ) and doctor has said he will be fine for work monday

    how long were u in pain, what can he expect to feel like after.

    what sort of things does he have to be careful doing after ?

    ( no smart comments! )

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  • best finger foods for a 6month old?

    he has been on solids for some time now so is fine with most foods but likes to hold and eat things himself ive brought so many baby bisuits but he doesnt like them what else can i try?

    i dont want to give him anything to tough incase he chokes!

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  • 6 months old cold best thing to use?kalvol or vapour rub?

    my lil man is full of cold, hes finding it hard to have his bottle coz hes so snotty!

    is it better to get the karvol drops to put on his bed or vapour rub to put on him! or anything else that worked for your little 1?

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  • why do babies suddenly get clingy how do u cope?

    my son is almost 6 months and has suddenly started a high pitched scream if i put him atm hes sat on the chair next to me playing.

    i will play with him all day BUT soon the older kids will be home and want feeding!

    i also have a toddler who i need to spend time with but the baby keeps grabbing his toys off him so now i hve a screaming toddler & baby

    so how do u cope?

    baby only sleeps when we do the school run so nap is not the answer!

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  • tips on terrible this mum on the edge plz?

    hes a nightmare! he is hitting,pinching biting u name it he does it!

    he screams so high pitched if he doesnt get his own way so his brother & sisters are bein affected now because hes upsetting them all the time

    its driving me mad

    the stupid thing is i have 4 other children who never seemed this bad

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  • how much does your 5 month old weigh & how much do they eat?

    how big were they at birth?

    how much do you feed them solids & milk

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  • ne 1 been to disneyland paris mickeys not so scary halloween party?

    has anyone been before what can we expect, my 5 yr old is terrified!!! ive told her it will be ok but shes very worried its going to be to scary for her!

    i never gave it a thought until she mentioned it

    we are going to be there for halloween itself so the evening party aswell

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  • letting your son use the public gents toilets alone?

    i dont take him in the ladies! the parent room where u can change baby,it has a toilet in there as well so i change baby while hes going for a wee

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  • Joys of teething! who else is feeling helpless today?

    my lil man seems to be really suffering, this morning i can finally see 2 teeth under his gums so am praying it will get better for him soon, he is such a happy baby it seems so cruel :-(

    how are u helping ur lil 1?

    ive spent a fortune on teething gels/ rings and calpol to find a cold damp flannel is all he wants and helps!!

    2 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • mums who started solids @ around 4 months .........?

    how did u know your baby was ready?

    my son has 8oz of hungrier baby milk every 2/3 hrs!

    i can't believe im asking i have 5 other kids but mind seems blank on all this lol

    the others were on solids about same age but can't remember why they were started then!

    plz no lectures on hes to young, my other kids are all fine

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  • my doctor has died maybe linked to swine flu!?

    our family doctor has died, he recently had swine flu

    do u know when we were most likely to pick it up off him IF this is what he died from?

    we were only in surgery seeing him 2 weeks ago with our son for his 1st jabs!

    6 AnswersInfectious Diseases1 decade ago
  • 3-4 month mile stones?

    my son is so active now its shocking!

    over night hes arching his back to be picked up, babbling all the time he loves the sound of his own voice lol

    the list could go on 4eva! he started rolling over around 10weeks and seems to learn something new every day

    whats ur lil 1 doing that amazes u?

    4 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • bleeding heavy 9wks after baby :-(?

    ive not really stopped bleeding since having the baby, i have a couple of non bleed days but now im bleeding heavy, sometimes it feels like im wetting myself!!

    anyone else found their 1st period really bad? its not painful

    im not due my check up for another 3 weeks

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  • very dry, very spotty face :-( best OTC cream?

    my skin is horrible, i have massive dry patches and millions or itchy red raised spots all over my cheeks & chin!

    ive tried E45 but it looks worse anything else anyone has used that will help clear it up?

    id prefer to buy it from the chemist going to the doctor for spots seems silly

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  • kids sun creams?? milk or lotion is there a difference?

    so im slightly confused is there any diffence between the milk or lotion?

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