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  • math homework help please?

    rate of death decreasing at 10 % a year how long ill it is 50%

    2 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • can someone help me edit this paper!?

    i can email it if omeone is willing to help im desperate!

    2 AnswersHomework Help1 decade ago
  • What should i wear to my first day of work at aeropostal?

    I just got the job and im not quite sure what to wear. Would jeans and an aero shirt and cool jewlry be okay. People ive noticed working their wear these kinds of things.

    6 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • tee shirt idea for my crafts class?

    im doing silt screening and i need an idea for a tee shirt. maybe a short saying from song lyrics or anyday sayings. or a graphic design. or something funny. ideas?

    2 AnswersHobbies & Crafts1 decade ago
  • custom cheerleading tee shirts?

    does anyone know where i can buy/find someone who makes custom cheerleading or any kind of tee shirts. My all girl partner stunt group needs custom tees!

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • what should i write in a christmas card to my boyfriends mom?

    shes always been really nice to me and has done alot for me. i want to write something like thank you for all your love and support but im not sure what else? ideas?

    7 AnswersChristmas1 decade ago
  • someone who has applied to college?

    i need help. im a senior in high school and will be applying for college soon. i need help becuase i have no idea what to do. my guidance councler should help but she is always so busy she has no time to talk.

    when should i start getting letters of reccomendation, transcripts and all that. someone just please explain EVERYTHING to me!!!

    also its new this year that sat scores cant be sent with transcripts so we have to do it from what if im not sure which schools exactly i want to apply to.

    2 AnswersHigher Education (University +)1 decade ago
  • I need a gymnast/cheerleaders opinion about my problem with my back tuck?

    I have had my back hand spring for a long time and its very good. i can do running tumbling also but ive always wanted my back tuck. today for the first time on grass i attempted a back tuck. I realised without anyone telling me what my problem was. I think im so used to going back instead of up, so i did a bunch of just jumping straight up using my legs and throwing my arms up. i get fairly good height but i have a bad problem where i cannot tuck/ grab my legs fast enough?. any technqies to help my height or actual tucking skills?

    i realise this will not come in a day but any ideas/techniques to help?.

    3 AnswersOther - Sports1 decade ago
  • some whos read to kill a mocking bird,. i need help with my project!?

    my task is to represent the accepted view of society or ruling body which the rebels are fighgting. as such i have to construct a wanted poster to aid in capturing the rebels and bringing them to justice.

    a) a haracter from the literature read during this marking period (TKM)...

    i was thinking atticus finch, for going against the social norm by helping tom robinson..


    - picture

    -breif biography and psyical description

    -id of the force which the rebel(atticus) is fighting

    -descriptyions of nature of the offense and how the offense defied social norms.

    1 AnswerHomework Help1 decade ago
  • teen bedroom girl wall ideas with pictures?

    i just has a wall full of black and white pictures of me and my friends. they were page sized pictures that covered one whole wall. i want to do something again with pictures but completly different any ideas?

    2 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling1 decade ago
  • My dog getting her "period" and spayeding question?..?

    I know its not really a period but my dog just got it yesterday. I was wondering as to how soon i could take her to the vet to get her spayed. Do i have to wait until her period is over or is it possible to take her while she still has it and get it over with. My vet wont spayed until she is 6 months exactly which is in 3 days.

    10 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • partner stunt ideas?

    does anyone have any cool ideas for a highschool advanced partner stunt routine?

    4 AnswersOther - Sports1 decade ago
  • Guys, if you could have one thing for valentines day what would it be?

    nothing sexual or over expensive that noone would be able to buy. what would you want thats the most meaningful or somehitng you really would love?

    3 AnswersValentine's Day1 decade ago
  • ideas for my boyfriend and i's valentine + 1 year gift.?

    so me and my boyfriend have been going out for one year on febuary 28th. i wanted to combine valentines day and our anniversary into one gift. does anyone have ideas of what i could get him?

    5 AnswersValentine's Day1 decade ago
  • Agree or Disagree: When the law does not suceed in punishing criminals, citizens should do so?

    (can be other forms of "punishment").

    What do you think?.

    9 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • my 4 girls and i are doing all girl partner stunt group?

    we are in high school, and are looking for some pretty hard stunts to do since we are pretty advanced. our hardest things we can do are like full up and double twists one mans things along those lines. we could probably do harder but were not sure of what or if it would be legal...

    were doing top gun this year and we REALLY need some cool advanced stunt ideas or transition ideas.

    please any former cheerleaders help ! :]

    also where to find music might help

    4 AnswersOther - Sports1 decade ago
  • so i want to buy guitar hero...?

    but im not sure if i need a ps2 or ps3 or xbox or whatever to play it. i dont have any of those and i want the cheapest one that can be used to play guitar hero... how much would that be? and how much is the actual guitar and game?

    4 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • new puppy / pee pad help?

    so i have a new puppy. 3/4 pug 1/4 jack russel. i just got her like a week ago and i need help. i got her as a suprise for my birthday so i was not planning this. im home in the morning with her until 7. then we put her in the crate and my dad comes around 12 to check on her then i come home around 230 and im home for the night. my question

    1) what to do about the potty training issue?. weve been taking her outside usually every time [when im home or my dad checkin g on her] and shes been doing pretty good with that. but when we leave her in the day we put a pee pad in her big crate and it just ends upchewed. sometimes shell go on it sometimes she wont. she just chews it. any help with that?.

    2) also i was wondering about the chewing issue. shes starting to chew on carpet and random things that cannot be happening. i heard put a little vinegar but does that really work?. also heard the "spray the water" theory and scream NO!.?.

    any ideas?

    5 AnswersDogs1 decade ago