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  • South Carolina speeding ticket?

    I was driving on I-85 North from GA through Spartanburg, SC. I was in a rental with FL plates with a GA liscense. The speed limit posted was 70 MPH and I was going at 75MPH according to my speedometer AND my GPS. I was driving in the left lane behind 4 other cars with SC plates. So I see a state trooper in my rear view mirror coming in really fast and obviously I shift to the right lane for what I assumed he was going to pull over the first car. Now he gets behind me and so I pull over. The trooper tells me I was speeding, takes my license and writes me a ticket without any explanation. He tells me I was going 85 MPH in a 70MPH zone. I deny the charge politely and tell him I was going at 75 and with the flow of traffic. He tells me to take it to court or to pay the $180 fine online if I did not want to drive to Spartanburg (Also he was really pushing towards me paying the ticket online). So I ask the trooper politely if I can see what he clocked me at and he says he was not allowed to for my safety as he can't allow me to get out of the car. So I ask him to bring the radar gun to me and he stuttered and said "actually I did not clock you on the radar" and starts walking away. I try to call him with a higher voice but he ignores me and gets back in his car. So I just started driving away.

    Now my question is will his bs argument hold up in court? Also can he be so rude and not acknowledge me even though my tax money pays his salary? I know cops have another was of clocking speed with the time distance test, but this road did not even have those white lines where they can measure the distance. The weather was clear and sunny so no mistakes on my part. Apparently this is a trend in state troopers to finish their quota as they know that pulling over people from other states will decrease their chance of showing up to court and fighting the ticket.

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  • which channel will broadcast the cricket asia cup 2008 in the UNITED STATES for DISH TV?

    I know its not zee sports for sure. If its on PPV than which channel? or what other channel is it going to be broadcasted? I know ESPNSTAR has broadcast rights, but which channel on DISH NETWORK?

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  • Why does my windows not boot up?

    i just put toghether an older computer and when I boot up it gives me the message above and gets stuck. I put the hard drive on another computer and it booted i know its not a hd problem. Memory is also fine as it works with other machines. Hard drives are also detected in the bios and set as second boot device after cd.

    I have XP pro loaded on the hd

    Athlon 1800+

    ECS K7S5A mobo

    256MB Corsair XMS

    GeForce Ti4200

    20GB WD HDD

    Please help me out. Thanks.

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  • question about a civil tort lawsuit?

    Scenario: I got pulled over by the police for having a busted headlight. They later run my liscence and arrest me on ground for my liscense being suspended. Now the court had suspended my liscense on basis that I had not paid my ticket and it was a failure to appear in court. Late march I got an official notice at my house stating I have a speeding ticket due and I had till the 20th of April to pay it. I went and paid my ticked on the 6th of April and also got my court date rescheduled. Last week I get pulled over, get jailed for the night, have to pay bail money and pay for my car to get it out of the impound. I go to court and show them my receipts and all my paperwork, the clerk tells me it was a computer glitch and they didnt update their records, hence I got arrested.

    Now I was wondering if I can sue the court for tort or false imprisonment, since I had to spend a night in jail for no reason and my parents had to bail me out.

    Thanks in advance for everyones help.

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  • bond ytm question?

    Look at the two bonds below and answer the questions that follow.

    Issuer: Iridium Operating

    Coupon %: 11.250

    Maturity: July 15, 2005

    Price as % of FV: 26.875

    Issuer: Northwest Airlines

    Coupon %: 8.875

    Maturity: June 1, 2006

    Price as % of FV: 98.250

    How do I calculate the YTM for these two bonds? The bonds have already matured, so I don't know how I can use the YTM formula...please help!


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  • what song is this?

    It is kind of a punjabi-remix song. It starts out like "yaara meri...ooooo...shaan tu" and the background music is by the la bouche song "be my lover". I really don't know more details and I heard this song like 10-15 years ago. I can't find it anywhere..please help if you know this song or have a dled link to it...thanks in advance!

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  • What happens if I have not paid my speeding ticket for 2 months in GA?

    I got a speeding ticket 2 months ago in GA on 400 North. The officer gave me 11 over and did not put any points on my liscense. This is my first speeding ticket ever. I failed to pay the fine or appear in court. What happens now? Can I still pay the ticket with a late fee? Some of my friends told me they have a warrant out for my arrest, so I am scared. I am willing to pay the ticket with a late fee, just wondering how do I go about with this now?

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