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  • What type of lizard is this (pic)?

    I found 2 of these in my yard. My cat killed one and the other is still in my tree. Here is the picture:

    I figured it was a baby iguana since it has a really long thin tail and sharp fingers/toes. Iguana's run rampant in my neighborhood, you can go to the bank and find atleast 10 in the parking lot and we've had to fish 2 of our neighbors full grown iguanas out of our pool before. I've never seen baby igunanas though, so I am not sure.

    I also want to know what you think I should do about the lizard. I dont want my cat to kill this one, too. :(

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  • Boy or girl?

    Serious answers only please (no "alien" because haha... your soooo hilarious). Could you look at my baby's ultrasound and tell me what gender you think the baby is. Thanks.

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