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    Dogs teeth are going black?

    I've taken my 3 year old dog to the vet for a dental exam and he said nothing about her teeth. I'm desperate for a second opinion. I've been using Leba lll for the past few months and nothing has changed. Are her teeth rotting? She eats hard food. You can see her gums are mostly black too. She eats fine and they don't seem to bother her.

    2 AnswersDogs6 years ago
  • Using Leba III, but dog won't open mouth?

    I have a maltese x. She is 6lbs and just over 2 years old. The vet recommended that I use Leba III. The problem is that she just won't open her mouth. I've tried different techniques, watched videos on how to open a dogs mouth, and I just can't do it. I read on the bottle that you can also use a syringe and drop the liquid on the tounge, but that would also mean opening the mouth. Today I squirted some of the liquid into the cap and put my finger in the liquid and had her lick it off of my finger. Would this effective? I'm not sure how else to give it to her. Any good suggestions?

    4 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • My dog has had 4 different shots, what are they called?

    So I'm too embarrassed to call my vet to ask, because I don't want to sound stupid. So we got our dog when she was 6 months, and by then, she had 2 shots done, and as soon as we got her, we got a third shot done. Then when she was a year old she had her rabies shot. I'm wanting to know what these first 3 shots are called, and what they are for. Thanks.

    2 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • My dog got a baby rabbit, and I don't know where the nest is?

    So I have this baby rabbit. Not sure how to tell the age. My dog had it in its mouth. Its eyes are open now, but I don't know how to care for it. I have no idea where the nest is, and no, i won't find it. So i'm not wasting my time looking. I just need someone to help me by telling me how to best care for this rabbit. Thanks.

    7 AnswersOther - Pets7 years ago
  • Best toner for dry and oily skin?

    I have really dry skin, but also really oily skin. Which toner would you recommend for someone with my skin type?

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body7 years ago
  • having 1 dog vs. having 2 dogs?

    So my husband and I have 1 dog right now. She is 2 years old (Maltese x) and we've had her from 6 months old. She seems like a pretty happy dog. Even though my husband and I both work, I always come home on my breaks and lunch hour and spend time with her, including taking her for a walk at lunch and after work. We take her to different places, play with her, cuddle with her, etc. When we leave to work she has free roam of the house. She is not destructive in any way, and never does potty in the house.

    But sometimes I think that I should get a 2nd dog. I personally don't feel ready for one, but I sometimes think it would be nicer for her to have a friend. Even though she gets along great with dogs, she doesn't get to interact with them very often.

    I was hoping to get answers from 1 dog families as well as 2+ dog families to let me know what the benefits and advantages there were that you found.

    7 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • Neopets Premium 5th Neopet?

    If I make a 5th neopet while on premium account, and then I cancel my premium account, will they take my 5th neopet away?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games7 years ago
  • Hole beside my bottom left wisdom tooth?

    I have not had my wisdom teeth removed yet. I'm 22 and on the bottom left side there is a kind of hole inbetween my wisdom tooth and the tooth beside it. Food gets stuck in there lots and I'm afraid of it getting infected. Should I be worrying? I did have an appointment to get my wisdom teeth taken out but I had a panic attack and told them that I had to leave, because I have a fear of anesthesia, and by the time they were starting to give me other options on how to extract them, I was too panicked and couldn't think straight anyways, so I left. My wisdom teeth do not bother me, and my top ones have already grown through and they feel fine. My bottom ones are underneath the gum crooked, but they have not caused me problems yet. Its just the bottom left one that I'm worried about because of that hole. What do you think? should I just ignore it or should I get that wisdom tooth out asap? I can feel the hole there but it doesn't hurt.

    2 AnswersDental7 years ago
  • Groomer cut my dog on inside of leg?

    Took my 1 and a half year old dog to the groomer and the groomer cut the inside of my dogs back leg. I took her to my vet that same day and he gave her 3 stitches and gave her long lasting antibiotics so that I didnt need to give her any. It has been almost 2 days and she is still shaking with pain and she will only walk if she absolutely has to. Is this normal for her to be in so much pain?

    4 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • Dog Daycare's in Brandon, MB?

    I'm desperate for a Doggy Daycare that is open on Saturday's. Is there any? Just for the day, not overnight.

    1 AnswerDogs7 years ago
  • Help with math question?

    Think fast! What do the following numbers have in common? Count out loud if you want to.

    1, 2, 4, 14, 21

    1 AnswerMathematics7 years ago
  • Help with Math question?

    Sam found a new store this week and wanted to purchase an item. When he went to the Bank, however, he realized he had forgotten his PIN. He searched his inventory for a special note he had written to himself and he was able to remember his PIN again thanks to the clues provided.

    If the clues written on the notes are as follows:

    The PIN is in the standard format of four digits.

    None of the digits are the same.

    The PIN is comprised entirely of even numbers. Yet, both numbers 22 and 194 go into the PIN exactly.

    What is Sam's PIN?

    2 AnswersMathematics7 years ago
  • What kind of dog does this look like?

    She is full grown. I was told her breed, but have doubts. What breeds do you think she has in her?

    5 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • What sort of personality comes to mind?

    When you see these 2 names?



    6 AnswersBaby Names8 years ago
  • Why am I feeling so tired?

    So these are my symptoms

    - physically drained and feel like sleeping the whole time

    - loss of appetite (stomach is growling, but I dont feel like eating)

    - Sore arms even though I haven't used them more than usual.

    There doesn't appear to be any other symptoms. I sleep normal hours. Usually 7-9 hrs a night. Last night I slept for 11 hrs though, because I just couldnt stay awake. I'm 22, female.

    5 AnswersOther - Health8 years ago
  • Dreamt that my dogs teeth was rotting?

    So in my dream, my dogs teeth were all rusty coloured and pretty much chipping away. They looked horrible. Why would I dream that? I love my dog very much by the way. And she is young, and has healthy teeth in real life.

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation8 years ago
  • why do i get horny when i drink alocohol?

    So whenever I drink alcohol, and not even strong stuff, I start to get extemely horny, and it annoys my husband, because when he drinks he just wants to sleep, so in turn, it really annoys me.

    Anyways, why is this. I dont get drunk by the way, just a bit buzzed. I'm 21 by the way. Is this a common thing?

    3 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits8 years ago
  • Why would he call me flat?

    Ok so I was telling some guy about how over the weekend some guy mistook me for being 14 (I'm 21) and he says to me "Well, you are pretty flat. You wouldn't want to get any flatter."

    Ok, I KNOW that I am flat, (very flat at that) but why would he be so mean?

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay8 years ago
  • Why would he say this?

    So i work with this guy and we had to watch some webinar thing together. It was really boring so I just started talking and I was telling him about how on the weekend someone mistook me for being 14 (I'm 21), and he said to me "Well, you are pretty flat, you dont want to get any flatter."

    I just kinda laughed it off, but why would he say that. I mean, I know I am very flat... but what would make him say that. Was he just trying to be mean?

    2 AnswersQuotations8 years ago
  • Gloss hardwood floor got mud for plastering on it.?

    So we have these idiots doing one of our rooms in our house, and their plastering the walls right now, and of course, they are all muddy. So I put down towels on the floor leading to the door and the room, so that they didn't have to walk on the floor with their muddy shoes. But being the idiots that they are, they go and walk on my high gloss hardwood flooring anyways. I'm am soooo peed off right now. This has happened about 3-4 times now and I've had to wash it off. Is this gonna damage or fade away the gloss on my floor, the fact that I've washed it 3-4 times in a row? Any suggestions?

    3 AnswersCleaning & Laundry8 years ago