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  • need wrist tattoo idea...?

    I have the words "no regrets" on my right wrist. i want to put something on my left, such as "live strong" or "no fear" maybe...something along those lines...but im not sure. any ideas on what might go well with what i have?

    2 AnswersTattoos10 years ago
  • what degree should i go for?

    i want to work with teenagers with addiction problems, particularly in a juvenile detention center (kid prison) what exactly is that degree called? i know there is a certification thru the state for it, but alot of places require a degree- what's that fall under? and if you were my potential employer- would you hire me? i have a felony record- got locked up when i was 18 for charges directly related to my drug addiction. im now 4 yrs 5 months clean. i want to help kids while they still can have a future- and feel that i have the real experience to really know what these teens are goin thru.

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  • his mom is threatening our future?

    my boyfriend and i are very much in love. we have talked about marriage, kids, all that, but are waiting until we are more financially secure and all that. here's the issue: i have my own apartment. He and his mom live together. his dad left when he was still unborn and now that he is older, he is making the house payments, as it will be his house when his mom passes. now lets say 3 years down the road we decide to get married. i dont want to live in his house with his mother! dont get me wrong, she's a very sweet lady and we get along great, but am i wrong for not wanting to live with the in-law? my bf and i have also talked about me just moving in when my lease on the apartment is up in two months... i'm used to having my own things and doing what i want, would i be expected to change because i am living in her house? (which it is even though my bf is the one that makes the payments and does all the upkeep) i being selfish?? he's stuck in that house until it's paid, because of the economy, the resale value wouldnt be enough to even cover what he has left to pay. and she cant afford the house on her own.

    eventually when i want to be married and have children i want us to start our lives together...just me and him...i dont know what to do about her....

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  • bootable disc? open iso file?

    i downloaded a copy of windows xp from a torrent site. i know the file is good. how do i now take that iso file and make it into a bootable disc? im doing a clean install on a friends laptop, and cant figure out how to open the file on his laptop- or burn it on mine so i can boot from disc on his!

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