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  • i was reported to the police as a drunk diver, as so saw me pull up to a local grocery store i have 3 ruptured?

    discs, and a condition similar Parkinson's, it in know way effects my driving but makes it hard to walk.When I came out of the store and got in my truck I was surrounded by 4-6 police cars. They said I was reported by some one as driving drunk. I explained my condition to the police, and had no smell of alcohol as I had not had a drink in at least a week. One cop put his body inside the open door of my car used his flashlight to search behind my seat (does this violate the in clear site law, I had not been arrested.) and they had a me blow a breath analyzer test I blew a zero . I ask who reported me am I right that I have the right to know my accuser? they said an a person reported an old man with long gray hair with color of my truck and my license plate number. I think the police should give the store owner an explanation as I am a regular customer and a mistake was made and I think that the cop who look through my truck should be reprimanded, also I should get an apology for being called old I am 56 and fond this quite offensive. I would like to here from lawyer or those in the legal procession. I live in upstate NY and this is where all this took place.

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  • I have severe headaches triggered by tropical storms. Does anyone know why or have the same problem?

    I live in the northeast and when there are tropical storms I get severe headaches across between cluster and migraine. I can tell if a storm is coming about as fast as the weather station or faster. The severity of the storm is not always related to the severity of the headache. Barry is a killer and I felt it coming over aweek ago.

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