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  • How do I get rid of punctuation and paragraph markers in e-mail?

    Accidentally hit something and now whenever I open a new e-mail to write I see all of the editing marks for punctuation and paragraphs. How do I get rid of them?

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  • Excel worksheet formula question?

    I have a column in a worksheet that will be filled with one of four letters (w,d,g, or v) I need to track the total of the letters, such as how many v's total in sheet. How many d's total, etc..

    Is there a way to create a formula or something that will identify which letter is present in the cell and then assign a number to that letter? ie if "V" then 1 in another separate column so that I can tell quickly how many of each letters there are in a sheet.


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  • Why do kids have kids?

    I am mystified by the number of 13, 14, 15 & 16 year old girls getting knocked up. Every day there is another question here about a girl who had a baby and is now in a bad relationship. It saddens my heart to see these girls burdening their lives. I know alot of girls these days want to grow up fast, but seriously, having a child does not make you grown up it only shows how immature you are to get yourself into that position to start with. A grown up person makes wise decisions and is capable of standing on their own in life.

    Please wake up girls, sex does not make you an adult, babies do not give you freedom. All you get is heartbreak and a much harder start to life. Have respect for yourselves and get yourself together. How unfair to bring a baby into this already difficult world when you are not ready to raise it. Selfish to say the least.

    If you are un-happy with your life, then buckle down and do the things that will help you get out and get better, like school & work.

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  • Walnut bread help?

    I need help... My Granmother used to make a walnut bread that was light and airy. It always rose up out of the pan and had a thin layer of ground walnuts, butter and brown sugar rolled inside. I have a recipe for Provatica bread and have made it the last three years, however all I get is 2-21/2" slab of bread. It tastes ok but is does not come out the way Gma used to make it. I am using Fleischmens regular yeast and use the wet method of hot water to activate it. Yesterday I made two loaves as per recipe and it rose well in the bowl. I then punched it down, let it rest 5 minutes, rolled it out and filled it. I then let it "raise" for 1 1/2 hours, but it did the same thing, only getting 2" thick. I need a different way of doing this because it is not working. I use all purpose flour and even used a Kithenaid mixer, but it is sad. Please, if anyone can help either with a different recipe or different procedure, ingredients I really need it.

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  • New slant on last question. Homosexuality R,M,P?

    Wow, you guys blasted me and I realized that I didn't word the question in the manner in which I should have, sorry. The actual question or observation i was trying to make is that once upon a time it was considered a very bad thing to be gay in this society. Over the years,, the pundits of this lifestyle have succeeded in convincing us that this behavior is OK. So my question is what's next?

    There have been recent cases of pedophilia or child love where I have read that some people are starting to think that this behavior may be OK as long as the child is 13,14,15...

    I am disturbed by this trend and see a correlation between homosexuality and where we seem to be heading as a society.

    Am I wrong? And for those of you who answered that there are no victims in homosexuality, I would argue with one word...AIDS.

    Please take a second and consider where we are headed.

    I am not condeming homosexuality for I am not God, just wondering... Where do we go from here.

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  • Homosexuality, Murder, Rape what's the difference?

    I ask this due to the overwhelming inquiries regarding the subject of homosexuality. We have all heard the argument that goes something like this, "I was born this way." I would propose to you that this may be true. You may have been born with feelings of homosexuality, since we are all born in an imperfect state and are considered sinners.

    So what do you say then about people who claim they were born with the desire to kill others? What about all of the people that fantasize about forcing themselves onto others without their approval? Should we accept their actions because they were born with these feelings?

    We all have impure feelings that we can say we were born with, therefore using your argument I should be able to rape my neighbors wife if I choose, because I just can't fight this feeling I have had since I was a child. My earliest memories are those in which I could have my way with the little red headed girl who lived on the corner.

    Do we accept pedophilia next?

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  • I keep getting "Internet explorer not responding" while in Yahoo, can anyone help me fix?

    I have updated IE and additional security patches, no help. I have run computer clean up program, helped a little. I have to exit windows and then re-enter, sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't.

    1 AnswerOther - Internet1 decade ago