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  • Has anyone been prescribed Opana XR to try to combat an opiate addiction?

    I am addicted to Vicodin and a few other painkillers, and today, I fessed up to my doctor and told him, and he prescribed me Opana XR twice a day. He said it will help ween me off the opiates/codeine without the withdrawls. I have tried to quit cold turkey several times, and ended up sicker than a dog. He claims I only need to be on gradual doses for a month, and I should be okay. Anyone had a similar situation?

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  • Why would my doctor prescribe me Opana XR when I'm addicted to opiates?

    I have been on narcotic painkillers for 7 years due to back surgery and several other injuries, and I am a full blown addict. I finally came clean to my family and my doctor today and told them I have a serious problem. I have accepted the fact I may have to go into a detox/rehab to combat this problem, as I have tried to kick the habit several times alone to no avail. So today, my doctor prescribed me Opana XR (20mg 2xs a day) to help me get off the vicodin without the severe withdrawls. I've been doing research on the drug, which is fairly new, and people state it's stronger than Oxycontin! I'm not interested in becoming addicted to another drug, I need off of them! Any suggestions? He is planning on decreasing my dosage every 10 days til I'm off of it after a month...I'm still scared, but willing to try it. When I detoxed on my own back in July, I thought I was going to die I was so sick. I can't go through that again, as I have a 9 month old son to take care of and a husband that I adore. I want to be clean for myself and my family. I am happy I am finally gaining the courage to get help, but I want to make sure I'm doing it the right way. Any suggestions?

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  • Just had a baby, and just went back on NuvaRing....?

    I was on the NuvaRing for 2 years before I was pregnant. I just had a baby 6 weeks ago via c-section, and my doctor told me to start my NuvaRing today. I put it in, and now my va-jay jay has been burning ever since. Could I be having a reaction to it since being pregnant? I'm positive it's in!

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  • My 6 week old baby wants to eat all the time, any advice?

    My 6 week old son was 9 lbs 12 oz when he was born, and at his 6 week checkup this past week, he's already 12 lbs 13oz! My pediatrician says that everything is fine, however, I feel my baby is eating way too much! He is eating around 5 oz of formula at a time, and then usually falls asleep, wakes up around 20 minutes later and is screaming and rooting wanting to eat again. This goes on at night too, so I am hardly getting any sleep! He's waking up every 2 hours right now. It takes him about 45 minutes to eat a bottle, so by the time he wakes up again, I feel I had just fallen asleep. My mom and mother in law keep telling us, if he's hungry let him eat....I find that's all I do all day is feed him. We've also tried pacifiers as well, and he won't keep them in his mouth, he's not a fan of them. Any suggestions?

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  • Anyone pregnant and take Metformin for PCOS?

    I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and take 1000mg of Metformin daily. I began Metformin last year due to PCOS, and fell pregnant 2 weeks after starting it after 5 years of infertility due to PCOS. I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 14 weeks, to which my OB immediately took me off the Metformin. I miscarried at 19.5 weeks and had to deliver a stillborn fetus.

    I went back on the Metformin, and conceived 3 months later, and I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant with a little boy. I asked my doctor at my last visit whether or not to stay on the Metformin, and he said to cut my dose down to 500mg (1 pill) a day. I am so scared to do that, because I am positive I miscarried the first baby because I stopped it altogether. I have done tons of research stating that Metformin during pregnancy has not been proven to cause complications, and it does help to prevent gestational diabetes. I tested negative for gestational diabetes last week. Anyone stayed on it?

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  • I'm on painkillers while pregnant....?

    I recently was in the hospital for 25 days (July 5-30) and had to undergo back surgery for two ruptured disks. I was on percocet in the hospital, as well as morphine, flexoril (muscle relaxers) and tylenol with codeine. Of course, all of this was dispensed under doctors orders. I'm now at home, with 200 stitches in my back, and I have been taking vicodin (again, under doctors orders) for the pain. I lost a baby at 19 weeks back in December, so as you can imagine, I didn't so much as take a regular tylenol when I found out I was pregnant again. I'm so afraid the baby is going to have complications and I worry all the time. So far, the baby is doing fine. I would love to stop taking the medicine, but my pain is still quite unbearable. Any advise? The only thing I've been warned of is withdrawl symptoms if I take the medication too close to the end of my 3rd trimester....I'm just worried.

    Oh, and all of the meds have been approved by my OB and neurosurgeon...

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  • Has anyone had back surgery while pregnant????

    I am currently 18 weeks, and I've been in the hospital with a 2 herniated disks and a ruptured disk since July 5. I need surgery but my team of doctors say they don't want to do it because I'm high risk. I am not getting better and I wanted to know if anyone had a similar situation and how the outcome was with or without back surgery. I'm dying here in the hospital and VERY discouraged. I have PCOS which contributes to a high miscarriage rate and with that alone, I have a 40% of losing the baby at any time. I need advice..thanks!

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  • Pregnant, have PCOS and having a bad pain right now.....?

    I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant, and I'm having a bad pain on my left side of my lower abdomen as we speak. It's been sort of throbbing on and off for the last few hours. I have PCOS and before the doctor put me on Metformin, I used to get a similar pain all the time, day after day, on the same side. The pain was usually because I had a cyst that was getting to large. I was pregnant last year, and the doctor told me to stop the Metformin during the pregnancy and I lost that baby at 20 weeks. This time, he's told me to stay on the medication, and I haven't had this pain in months. Has anyone had a similar problem? I'm not bleeding and it's not excruciating, it's just more annoying than anything. Or, do you think it's just normal "growing pains" of being pregnant?

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  • 14 weeks pregnant, having my AFP test done in 2 weeks.....?

    I am currently 14 weeks pregnant after losing a baby at almost 20 weeks in December 2006. When I had my AFP screening for the first baby, I came up as a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis. Since then, my husband has been screened, and he is not a carrier, which diminished our chances of having a baby with CF.

    My NT and Trisomy18 test came back as a screen negative for those two syndromes. A serum test was also performed with an ultrasound for these two. No worries.

    Do I still have a need for the AFP test? I am considered high risk so I have ultrasounds done every 2 weeks. No mention of neural tube defects so far....I have been on my prenatals since my last baby, any need to worry????

    I was on pins and needles with my first pregnancy and I'm trying not to freak out with this one. I come from a devout Catholic family and my parents have almost stopped talking to me several times because they think I'm being ridiculous with all the testing. My last AFP left me with serious bruising.

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  • Anyone read the book "Babywise"???

    My friend lent the book to me last night and I sat down and started reading it and couldn't believe some of the practices it suggested. Anyone else think this book is strange? I'm trying to best prepare myself before the birth of my child, but part of me thinks I should just wing it. Suggestions?

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  • Pregnancy and Urinary Tract Infections?

    To my surprise, my OB called and said my urine culture came back positive for a UTI. I completed a run of antibiotics, and thought everything was fine. The day after I completed the antibiotics, I started feeling a burning pain and felt like I had to urinate when I didn't have to; these were symptoms I hadn't yet had the entire time. I went back in, did another culture, and my doc put me on another run of meds without telling me if my culture came back positive. Long story short, I'm done with the meds again, but think I might still have one. I've read that pregnant women actually lose the sensation to feel the typical signs of UTI, burning and painful urination, and sometimes you have a full blown kidney infection before it's detected. I've also read that UTI's can cause mental retardation if not treated. I think I may have been overly cautious and might have caused the burning from too much cleaning (if you know what I mean). Should I be worried? I've never had a UTI not clear up.

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