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  • Could the Sharks have done better so far?

    Anyone else think the Nicklas Wallin signing (1 yr. $2.5 million) was ridiculous? Could the Sharks have signed someone better on defense to a lesser or equal contract based on today's signings?

    3 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Can someone give me a Hockey 101 on the NCAA?

    I watch the NHL a lot but want to know a little more about NCAA hockey, just the basics for now.

    What are the best programs?

    Whats different about the style of play compared to the NHL? Different about the rules?

    Best coaches?

    Anything you can tell me about it would help.

    2 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Who has the best top 3 starting pitchers in a rotation for NL teams?

    There's lots of good one-two punches, but I think 3 is a little harder to pick.

    My pick would be: Chicago Cubs- Zambrano, Harden, and Dempster

    Future pick is: San Francisco Giants- Lincecum, Cain, and Sanchez

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  • Where will Texieria end up after this season?

    Los Angeles clearly can't afford to bring him back next season, and his asking price will be huge: Scott Boras client, gold glover, switch hitter, power/average hitter, in his prime.

    I hope the Giants make a push for him personally.

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  • Marleau's Injuries= Sharks struggles?

    I'm just wondering, is there a correlation between Marleau not being in the lineup and the Shark's struggling.

    I think it shows that he is valuable to this team, even if he's struggled offensively just his presence in the lineup makes a lot of difference seeing how they've played the last few games without him.

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  • Is Alex Ovechkin taking his game to a whole new level?

    He's always been a great player, it just seems like he's playing a lot better all-around. Is it because of his new lucrative contract, the fact that Washington is in a playoff race and he has something to play for, or something else?

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  • Which MLB team has the best bullpen?

    Give me your top three, bottom three, and an underrated one

    Mine are:


    San Diego Padres

    Boston Red Sox

    Los Angeles Angels


    Kansas City Royals

    Baltimore Orioles

    San Francisco Giants


    Seattle Mariners

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  • Can the Milwakee Brewers really be the Detroit Tigers of this year?

    I think its possible because theres a lot of similarities- awesome starting rotation all the way around, one of the best combinations to close out games- turnbow/cordero, and a good all-around lineup that can do it all, they also play very good defense as well.

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  • Who is the hidden gem player who could drastically change his teams chances at a Stanley Cup?

    Other then the household name superstars, who really can help their teams, (no goalies because they're always key). for each team off the top of my head i'd pick these guys:

    Buffalo- Maxim Afinogenov

    New Jersey- Travis Zajac

    Atlanta- Scott Mellanby

    Ottawa- Mike Fisher

    Pittsburgh- Colby Armstrong

    NY Rangs- Matt Cullen

    TB- Vaclav Prospal

    NY Isls- Richard Park

    Detroit- Daniel Cleary

    Anaheim- Corey Perry

    Vancouver- Bryan Smolinski

    Nashville- Scott Hartnell

    San Jose- Steve Bernier

    Dallas- Eric Lindros

    Minnesota- Todd White

    Calgary- Daymond Langkow

    6 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Which player goes into the penalty box?

    When a goalie gets a penalty or the team gets a too many men on the ice penalty, how do the teams decide who will go to the box to serve the penalty? do they have a choice? I've seen some teams select their superstars to serve in the box and idk y.

    7 AnswersHockey1 decade ago