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  • Scottish Qualifications and German University?

    A friend of a friend comes from Germany and is an au pair in Scotland. A change of circumstances has raised the question:

    Can she study in Scotland to achieve qualifications such as HNC/HND in college and be able to use them to help get into Uni in Germany? In other words, do Scottish qualifications count toward entry to German University?

    If there are any universal guidelines i may have missed in all my googling they would be greatly appreciated.

  • Maxim Magazine..........?

    is it a name and then a magazine? or a magazine and then a name?

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    Im looking to get a new driving game to tide me over for a while and as far as gameplay and lifespan go im wondering what you might recommend?

    Unfortunately a while back I purchased ridge racer 7 over Gran turismo 5 prologue (since RR7 had motion sensor function which ive come to learn isnt that great imo). Biggest mistake I ever made and confirmation as to why I never bought any of the first 6 ridge racers! I plan on trading RR7 and getting something else but im not sure if Gran turismo is my thing. Im looking for something which really stands out gameplay wise but ive always been wary of turismo's whole driving sim thing. I played the demo to motorstorm pacific rift and as fun as it was im just wondering if theres much more to it than just the racing? stuff like career mode and all that jazz...

    Any input would be muchly appreciated :)

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    Is it me or is the E4 ad for Dev Fest just not their best work?????

    I don't know about anyone else but I'm sure as hell looking forward to it. But I'm on a downer from that cus a vagisil advert came on after! :S

    DEV FEST!!!!

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  • Why Killzone 2 sucks!?

    Lol... I actually love Killzone 2

    but the thing I found sucky is "Why on earth did they have to kill off the main character from Killzone 1"???? ARGH I was soooo gutted when that happened!

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  • Whats your favorite time signature?

    APART FROM 4/4

    I'm getting my mind blown by Tool's 'The Patient' and 'Vicarious' which are both great examples of flowing music in 5/4... but whats your favourtie time signature and why, and if possible, give examples :)

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  • Anybody know any good songs on Religion?

    Note: I am not meaning any gospel style music, just something rockish and or mellow! I dont have a preferance between songs which are pro or anti religion, I'm just curious to hear what sort of things people write about based on the subject.

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  • Does Lenny Kravitz make you laugh?

    Is it me or is Lenny Kravitz just the most comical name ever... I just cant help but laugh myself silly when i see his name!

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  • How do I learn to play complex polyrhythms on piano (eg chopin's fantasie impromptu)?

    I can play 2 notes on the left hand whilst playing a triplet on the right and i want to go a step further and be able to play 4 notes on the right hand whilst a triplet on the left. Are their any exercises for getting ones hands to work independantly from each other that would help me accomplish this?

    Chopin's fantasie impromptu is a good example of what im wanting to be able to do :)

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