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  • Liquid Powder Coloring What Is It?

    So I was at a mexican resturant the other day and when the waiter asked us what we wanted to drink my friend said he wanted Sprite with some name I can not remember. When the waiter brought his sprite out it was RED! I asked my friend what it was but I cant remember what he told me. He said they put some powder in it to turn it red, that's all I can remember.

    2 AnswersCooking & Recipes7 years ago
  • Garrys Mod Tech Help!?

    When I install addons then delete them from my Gmod folder the reinstall kinda like it is over Cloud. How do I perma delete an addon?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games7 years ago
  • Turtle beach X12 mic help!?

    Ok so my mic is not working BUT when I use Moo0 recorder and turn it to Any PC sound it does not work. When I turn it to only voice it works. When I turn it to any pc sound and voice it comes up with a mic setup thing but the things it tells me to do I cant do! I think my mic works with skype and the Moo0 recorder but it does not work with voice recorder (comes with windows) or fraps! I really need help!

    1 AnswerPC8 years ago
  • I need a world plugin for my bukkit server!?

    I need a plugin like the stargates plugin if you know what that is. Something that will let me generate new worlds into my server. Example. I would like a creative world just for creative mode. My server is survival but i want a brand spanking new superflat world for creative.

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • Minecraft Bukkit Server Setup Help!?

    Ok so I have my bukkit server setup and all i need to do is make it to were other people can join. I have port forwarding setup to I think. Help?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • I need a HDMI to RCA cable?

    I just got an Xbox 360 unaware that it uses a HDMI cable to plug into a TV and I still have a pretty old TV that has a RCA cable input. Is there a place I can get a HDMI to RCA cable?

    5 AnswersTVs8 years ago