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  • I'm a female and never orgasmed -_-?

    I'm 20 and never had an orgasm before. It's whack and annoying. I also have a rotated hip and I think that might be the reason. No matter whats done to my clitoris or g-spot, its never enough. What are some things I can do? And masturbation is out because it takes too long and isn't enough.

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  • ok so for the guys, how would you feel if your ex gf did this to you?

    how would you feel if you were in love with a girl (didnt tell her though) and she put you through alot.. you dated while she was talkin to her ex who she dumped you for and then they broke up and she went back with you but wasnt over him and you broke up again but then you findally got back together when she was over him but she wasnt completely honest with you? like she was still hurt by the last guy and didnt really know how to act with you.. anyway so she didnt want to be with you and cheated once and planned on dumping you and you found out and you two broke up but not long after she wanted you back? like she fell in love with you mysteriously and said she'd do anything to get you back? even give you her virginity?? what would you do?

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