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**WILL BE AWAY UNTIL THE 20TH*** PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS AND I WILL ANSWER THEM APON RETURN! I have developed a AIM screen name for anyone who wants advise on horses or horse realted topics. This screen name is made for people who need help ONLY and i will not be chatting to my friends or family, but rather be giving my undivided attention to those who need horse help! Feel free to consult me as many times as you want! I would love to help you all on training, feed, basic health, buying, costs, or other info so please take advantage of this! I am signed on my horse hotline screen name from 10am-11pm. I will not always answer right away and many times I am busy-- I remained signed on when away only so that you are able to leave me a message so that i can get back to you or address your question by e-mail when I am not busy :] ***ADD Equine Help 101 to your buddy list today!***

  • Societies and classical predecessors: history to 1500?

    This is the last short essay that i need to practice before the final, I am so stuck on all of these- where to start?

    1) Societies discussed during the second half of the course, during the “middle period” of history often incorporated many social, cultural, administrative and religious aspects of the Classical societies that came before them. (rome, han china, mauryan india, the olmecs, Zoroastrianism Persia) chose at least two of the following societies and discuss how these societies looked back to their classicial predecessors (med Europe, the Islamic world, gupta india, the mayans, post-han china)

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  • Conquest and related effects?

    This is a short practice essay for history that I am also stuck on, any ideas, pointers? or just write it? haha

    Conquests bring the obvious side effects of death, destruction and political domination by one group of another. Beyond these what are some other developments—cultural, religious, economic and biological—that can come about through military conquest? Include at least two of the following in your answer: the crusades, Islamic conquest, mongol conquest

    -what are other ramifications and effects, beyond blood and guts?

    -in broader contexts

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  • World religions short essay?

    Okay, so these are just practice essays for my history class and I am really stuck! I need help, pointers, ideas, or you can just write it :p

    World religions change and adapt over time (some more than others) to reflect cultural and spiritual needs of its adherents and to accommodate new populations. Choose at least two of the following world religions and discuss some of the ways these religions changed during this Middle period: Christianity, Buddhism, islam, Hinduism, Confucianism

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  • I cant get out of this riding rut?

    I used to answer questions on here a LOT if anyone remebers me and I was pretty well known. I used to know so much about horses and be so talented.

    I started riding when i was 8.... but during the last few years of high school I stopped riding and my horse got sold. I started riding again when I got to college on the equestrian team but I have never been the same.

    I used to show, I used to jump pretty good sized jumps and I was GOOD. My trainer and team doesn't even believe that I used to be so talented based on how shitty I ride now. I can't do the things I used to do, hell, I can't even do a whole hunter course.

    I just dont understand what's going on. I feel like a failure. I dont know how to get out of this rut, my confidence is absent and I dont know what to do to get back to the way I used to be... Or if i ever will...

    Any advice? Anyone experienced the same thing?

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  • Burning neck/collarbone/chest pain?

    I've been experiencing a sharp burning above my collar bone, that continues up along my neck and is starting to hurt my ear a bit. It hurts very badly to breathe and I cannot take a deep breath, when I do it hurts my chest and above my collar bone even more. I dont experience this everyday but sometimes I feel my neck burning when I do activity. But this happened tonight while I was just sitting on the couch.

    What could this be?


    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management10 years ago
  • Humidity Too High In Bearded Dragon's Cage?

    So today when i had my beardies light on the humidity level was fine around 20-30% but as soon as i turned the light of it jumped up to %60 percent.

    What can i do to help? it's late at night right now but i may be able to buy something tomorrow or in a few days.

    2 AnswersReptiles1 decade ago
  • Baby Bearded Dragon Tips?

    I just got a baby bearded dragon today from the petstore and have all the necessary provisions for him but I was wondering if you have any good tips for me to keep him healthy.

    I was told to feed him 5 crickets once a day and to mist the tank every once in awhile... anything else? Thanks!

    2 AnswersReptiles1 decade ago
  • Books about wilderness?

    I'm looking for a book about people getting stranded/and/or surviving in the wilderness.

    When i was younger (im 18 now) i read the hatchet and my side of the mountain, i really enjoyed those but am looking for something a bit more mature.

    Any suggestions? ( i already read "into the wild")

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  • First time nose piercing... after care???

    Ok so tomorrow I am going to get my nose pierced and I have been reading up on the aftercare and it seems like its very hard to take care of, but maybe im getting it wrong.

    On sunday im going to be camping for an entire week (in a small cabin), don't tell me to wait because i can't and i am not-- i will still have access to electricity and plumbing...showers...etc...

    i was just wondering what precautions i should take and i have a few other questions too.

    1) do i have to cover it with a bandage in the shower? thats what i have hear?

    2) i use clinique liquid mild soap to wash my face, should i not use that anymore after i get it pierced?

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  • Ortho Evra Patch/Pill Help Please??

    So I am about to start the Ortho Evra patch and I was wondering what are some side effects? Specifically I'd like to know your experiences and my main questions are: Has it cleared up any acne? And has it lead to weight gain and increased breast size? (more so than the pill?)

    I am asking because i have a perscription for the patch but my doctor said that i could take the pill too that it was my decision... And i would really like a BC method that adds a little weight on and clears up acne ( i dont have it bad at all but on occasion i break out a bit)

    So what do you guys think, any info is great!!

    Also, do any of your smoke marijuana that are on the patch or pill? Has it effected you at all?

    5 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • Quick Abs-- Once a day or through out the day?

    Say i just spent all day doing crunchs on and off, would i get fit any faster than if i just did like 400 a day at one time? I am still eating healthy and not overexcersizing but i am grounded and am not allowed to leave the house at all so i have just been watching tv and doing crunchs, eating etc... I have been doing them on and off through out the day-- i want quick abs, i know it will be awhile but im trying to get them as fast as possible :)

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Jesse Spriggs: Run Soul Run?

    Has anyone heard of Jesse Spriggs Christian/Rock artist? I know he has "run soul run" for sale but has he been doing any recent work?

    2 AnswersRock and Pop1 decade ago
  • I want FAT!!?

    I weight 105 lbs and am 5'4. But i eat a ton! No matter what i do it's impossible for me to gain any more weight, i try as hard as i can and i really dont even excersize. I have fat on my butt and legs etc.. but my ribs still show. I dont look sickly but i would like to put on more FAT weight. People tell me to work out to gain muscle mass but i want fat. What can i do!?

    p.s- im a vegetarian because it is healthier for me that is NOT why i am so skinny.

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  • Mystery Game??

    Ok this sounds kind of dumb but my boyfriend places this PC game but he wont tell me what it is... i got ahold of the CD and saw 'conquer expansion' but i didnt see the rest.

    He says its NOT command and conquer so i was wondering if someone can help me figure it out lol i bet him i'd find it out without him telling me

    .... from what hes slipped it has...

    has relics in it


    you can find 'shiny things'

    you can connect two games

    build walls to protect civilization

    get attacked

    his mom brought it back from europe

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  • I have a question.... 7th book spoilers warning...?

    I just finished and I really am confused about the whole hallows thing and how harry died but came back...? I just dont understand because i thought harry had to die all the way to kill voldemort since he was a horcrux... can someone kind of go over these confusing parts?

    16 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago
  • A 'break' when we are about to be with eachother for a week straight...?

    Ive been in a relationship with this guy for almost a month now but we havent seen each other in a week because i've been at camp-- now this upcoming week i just found out that we are both going to be there together (me in the senior girls cabin and him in the senior boys cabin)....Since hes my brother cabin we will be spending a lot of time together and go on camp outs and everything... the problem is--

    He just called me and said he wanted to still be together but not be obligated to each other at camp because he's not sure how he feels about our relationship. He said he just wants to see how this next week goes and see how he feels after-- technically though we are broken up.... I dont know how to act when i see him...

    Do i hug him when i first see him? flirt? act like it used to be? or be a little more standoffish? I really want to make the best of this week- if i dont take the right approach it will turn out horrible. and most of all i want him to still like

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  • WHY would someone do this!!?

    WHY in the world do people like to read the last sentence or chapter of books before they read it so that they can find out what happens? Are you THAT anxious to find out what happens? I mean, I am with my books too but part of the ending is the journey that took the character there. Why ruin the whole thing??

    Does anyone do this? Or does anyone agree/disagree?

    17 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago
  • What can I do to help me thro this... Please be nice.?

    Me and this guy I had a 'thing' with just kind of broke up and he didn't even really give me a reason why. He just stopped talking to me, blocked me and is completely ignorin me. I realy liked this guy and we really had something going---

    Idk what went wrong but now Im devastated and i CANT stop thinking about everything that happened between us. What i may have did wrong or if thats really even the reason....?I know that hes a loser for doing that but im not completely convinced at my own words.

    I miss him so much. Every song reminds me of him, simple small things remind me of him, ive been trying to take walks, write poetry, music, reading. I knw it sounds crazy but i just sleep all day and cry..I knw its time 2 move on (its only been a day) but its so hard to find a diversion.

    WHAT CAN I DO? AND HOW CAN I BECOME MORE INDEPENDANT? Better yet is that all my friends are away for the summer and are offering little support-- i have only me, myself and I to make it through this.

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Im still in love :(?

    I need some good songs-- Me and a boyfriend just broke up and he didn't even really give me a reason why. Im devastated and i CANT stop thinking about everything that happened between us. What i may have did wrong or if thats really even the reason....?I know that hes a loser for doing that and that I will find someone someday but right now im crushed and not hopeful-- im still im love with him...

    Do you guys have any songs to reccomend that will pick me up a little bit? Or talk about moving on? coping with losses? heart breaks? Or overcoming lifes obstacles in general? I like country, rock, punk, r and b, rap ANYTHING. But nothing sad...

    10 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • **I can't find anything good to read!**?

    Ever since I read Tolkeins work, Harry Potter and The Inheritance series I find it hard to connect with other fantasy books and get interested in them... I tried reading 'The floating island' but to no avail...

    Does anyone know any good ones out there that are sort of similar?

    22 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago