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  • I feel angry,frustated,sad, and annoyed .?

    So I want to start off by saying I am having really bad emotional problems. First off I get really annoyed when people ask me to hang out and I do not want to hang out. also because I dont have want to spend gas money to go to their house and hang out. and then my friend keeps telling me lets do this lets do that as in go to universal studios or go eat or go shoppnig or go to the zoo. I find it annoying because im trying to save my money. and also i just do not like being around people that much because i rather be home watching tv doing school work or playing video games. okay so lately i have been having suicidal thoughts that come and go and i just feeel like crying because i get frustrated with people. Also i just feel like i cant be myself which TBH i dont know my sexuality. Everyone knows me as gay but TBH i never told anyone my sexual preference they just asssumed . okay so it bothers me because my mother says im confused, or shelll say things like gay people are gay because of hormones . and it hurts me because i dont want to hear this stuff even though im still figureing out who i am. im 21 a guy in college to. anyways just that hurts me and makes me cry and i dont like people thinking im gay at alll because i dont like being gay. im super sad though because it makes me cry when i think about it. third i just feel angry towards everyone im not playing the victim btw. i just get angry and i want to be left alone i dont want people to bother me i dnt knw wat 2 do,

    3 AnswersFriends7 years ago
  • I Heard its possible to get stimulus checks for going to college?

    Can someone please explain to me how this works and how do i do this.

    2 AnswersOther - Politics & Government7 years ago
  • How do i Turn a place into a park?

    There is a lot near where i live at and it has a fence around it it makes the neigberhood ghetto. How do i convince people to turn it into a park this lot is big enough to be turned into a small neighberhood park. it is next to those storm drain man made rivers.also there is a lot of ghetto abandon biuldings in my city i want to know how can i help to biuld new places im only like 17 and i dont know what to do.

    2 AnswersCommunity Service1 decade ago
  • How do i start a support group?

    IM a Senior In High school and what i want to do is start like a therapy group at my school there are lots of people with problems with like depression being the main thing and i think this is a type of group to have to share your feelings thoughts or make new friends.So How do i start a group like that in my schoool????

    3 AnswersYahoo Groups1 decade ago
  • telll me the best wii shooter game?

    it could be 3rd person or 1st person it can involve zombies or like monsters or something but i dont like it to be like a classic tye view game or like a birds eye view type of game

    3 AnswersNintendo Wii1 decade ago
  • HAs anyone one HAd An Out of body experience?

    PLease tell me your stories i would like to know them and describe the astral plane and the beings that are there

    10 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Is it me or MGMT KIDS music video scare you?

    Does that music video scare the shmit out of you i get scared of that video becaus ethere scaring the baby

    3 AnswersHalloween1 decade ago
  • How to stop a person from shooting you?

    Like how do you talk them out of it when you are in that situation.

    For Example: Your at the bank and a masked man walks in shoots the ceiling and he wants to shoot you how would you react . Or how would you calm them down by talking about it

    13 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • Can Earth survive with out an economy?

    Do you guys think earth can survive without an economy or bartering system Like is there any way where everyone can share things and be all equal.Tell me your opinion and what you think id like to here from different people.

    7 AnswersEconomics1 decade ago
  • Are there any good mmorpg for the wii with good Graphics?

    Are there any good MMORPG games for the wii with good graphics and lots of custimization like for example like city of champions,or starwars online type of games.

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago