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  • Amazon or Walmart? What's your Opinion?

    I am planning on pre-ordering 3 films online. If I purchase from amazon I get the free super saver shipping, and there is no tax. The total comes up to something like 72.98. Only con is that they take forever to get movies to me with the free shipping. Walmart however has the same movies for cheaper, but with shipping and tax the total come up to about 81 something. The only real pro about thi is that I will get the movies much faster. So my question is, who should i use? 10 dollars may not be much of a difference, but on amazon i could buy an entire new (albeit old) blu ray with that amount? So what means more to you guys: quantity or promptness?

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  • Blu Ray Movie Confusion..PLEASE HELP!?

    So, I am trying really hard to start my own blu ray collection.

    I've been working on it through this last month, and so far i have District 9, Transformers 2, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Franklyn, and Star Trek.

    Now I have 22 dollars on a walmart card, and want to buy a new movie...

    BUT WHAT???

    what is a great BLU RAY?

    other than watchmen and 300...

    i like every genre of film and appreciate even the most b-rated indie films

    SO, any recommendations?

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  • I need a "script" for a ghost movie.?

    Basically like most other haunted films, this is one about a family who was murdered and still remain to haunt the next family. I need a quick script, or some ideas for the film. This is just for fun. The only possible cast could include one 17 year old boy, 2 14 year old girls and a 30 something year old couple all living in a 2 story house. like i said this is just for fun. Thanks for your contributions.

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  • Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena, or Bionic Commando?

    I never got the chance to play Escape from Butcher Bay, so both games are entirely new to me. What do you guys tink I should buy? they are the same price, and personally i think they both look good despite some not so great reviews. Thanks for your opinions.

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  • Little Big Planet GOTY Edition, OR...?

    Little Big Planet 2008 edition AND Resistance.

    which should i get?

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  • Okay so should I....?

    Get only Uncharted 2


    for the same price, get Little Big Planet or Chronicles of Riddick, Resistance, and Mirrors Edge?

    and if you choose the second option, should i get LBP or Riddick?


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  • Little Big Planet GOTY Edition, Killzone 2, or Uncharted 2?

    Which one should I get?

    I like all kinds of games.

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  • HELP PLEASE HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


    so hopefully my title helped influence you to click on my question.

    now who thinks i should trade in TRUE BLOOD season 1 (which i love) the pink panther 2 (which i like) and tropic thunder (which was o.k.)

    I could get enough cash to buy about 5 or 6 kinda old dvds.


    does anyone know if FYE gives more cash than Moviestop?

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  • How much would I get for trading in the DSi at Gamestop?

    I just bought it, and I do really like it...But I'm beggining to think I'm getting tired of video games. I'm to busy, and there are things way more important. Does anyone know how much cash/store cred would get. (I know they take off 20% for cash)

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  • Do you think this would be selfish/dumb?

    Ok...So recently I've REALLY been needing some new clothes. My parents don't really make enough money to buy me any. The clothes I have now, are all at least 2 years old, and are mostly old school pants and a few t-shirts. Plus I've lost weight, so all that I own iss HUGE on me. I have recently traded in all my movies, games, my xbox 360, and had a yard sale. I have come up with about $225 cash. I figured I can now get a couple outfits. But I was wondering if getting a book or a cd or 2 would be dumb, or a bad idea. I would still have $190-$200 for clothes. It's just now that I've traded everything in, i have nothing to keep me entertained.

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  • should I trade all my movies, in order to get some clothes?

    I just turned 17, I don't YET have a job, and ALL my clothes are very old. I used to be bigger, and now all my clothers are extremely to baggy and severly torn. I don't get allowance, and my parents can't afford to buy me knew clothes. I do have about 30 dvds, that if given cash for, I could get about 60-70 dollars. I really like my movies...ALOT, but i think clothes are way more important. Just wondered what you guys think.

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  • Is this idea ok? Can/Should I continue?

    Another one of my drafts written in under 10 minutes.

    Any criticism will help.

    I'm not realy sure if i like it, so I want some opinions.

    It has yet to be edited, it's pretty recent.

    And the Door Came Crashing Down

    I awake to a scene of horror. I am lying on the ground. I see the corpse of a woman lying to my left. I am covered in blood. In my hand is a knife. Multiple stab wounds cover her lifeless body. Who is she? More importantly, who am I? Am I the killer, or the survivor of a brutal murder. Is it possible I did this? The questions swarm around in my head. I begin to feel sick. She was young, mid-twenties. She will never get to see the wonders of life. Is that because of me? I stand up. Every inch of me is shaking. I’m still holding the knife. My first thought, was to check if she was still alive. I could tell by the amount of blood what the answer was. Why can’t I remember. Why would I do something like this? As hard as I try, all I can remember is screaming…Her screaming. Did I know her? Was she a friend, a relative, a lover? Did she make the wrong person mad? Was that wrong person me? I am still trembling. I need to pull myself together, focus on getting help. I close my eyes, trying to escape. All I see is her. It’s to much. I fall into darkness, and I hear the door come crashing down.

    I am woken up to the sound of voices. Voices of men, police officers, crime scene investigators. I hear them calling me a sick bastard, a murderer. So quick they jump to the conclusion that I did this. I guess it’s the only reasonable answer, considering the circumstances. I hear the paramedic telling an officer that I’m awake. He approaches me slowly. He asks me what happened. I don’t respond. I don’t know what to tell him. I go with the truth, that I honestly have no idea. The face he makes tells me he doesn’t believe me. I don’t blame him. He tells me I will soon be receiving help. I have very few injuries, so I can only assume he means psychological. He says his goodbyes, and tells me he will be talking to me again very soon. The paramedic tells me to lie down on the gurney, she says that I need rest. She says that hopefully some sleep will help me recover my memory. I’m not so sure I want to remember. If I am the person I’m being made out to be, a murderer…I think I’d rather forget. I close my eyes again, and slowly the ambulance takes me away.

    It’s dark. No lights, no sounds, barely any air to breathe. Thick metal bars appear before me. I try to get up, and realize I am in a straight jacket. Suddenly a roar of echoes smother me. I try to separate the multitude of voices, but can’t. It sounds like an argument, a screaming match. To many voices, to much static. I begin to realize where I am. A mental prison. I am locked inside the darkness of my own mind, and there is no way out. I want to wake up, but I can’t. This is not a dream, or a nightmare. This is a purgatory from which there is no escape. The screaming stops. I hear footsteps approaching me. I can make out a the shape of a woman. I can’t see her face, but I recognize her. She asks why I did it, why I hurt her. She screams at me, and I begin to cry. I’m breaking down, going mad. I go to tell her I’m sorry, but my lips won’t move. I can’t help but wonder if I belong here. No more words now…Just screams. Blood is slowly flowing into my cell, her blood. The woman is now slamming her arms against the cell door, and again the door comes crashing down. It comes crashing down onto me, and the weight of the world comes with it. I’m drifting back into darkness, wishing the black would hurry up and swallow me away. Soon the screams fade away. They are replaced with the steady beeping sounds of the monitor at my side. I have now awoken to the real nightmare…Reality.

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  • Can someone tell me if this DRAFT is okay.?

    I have alot of stuff swarming around my head, and this is my most recent story. To me, it sounds to familiar, like a common alien horror. I wrote it in under 15 minutes though, and just wanted opinions. I've actually wrote about 3 chapters, but I don't know if I should just move on.


    The year's 2803. In 2015, the world we knew, came to an end. Due to global warming, the Earth has frozen over. What used to be, is no more. At first, people ignored it, and when the storms began, it was too late. Nature, began to take itself back. Sickness spread throughout the land, millions died. Then there was the Flood, and with it more death. Religious fanatics claimed it was the end... Guess they weren't far off.

    No one could survive the extreme temperatures. Scientists built an underground city, called Valve, to protect them. For a while, people lived "normal" lives. Peace never lasts though. Pretty soon, people got tired of the government, the laws, the confinement, and as technology grew, leaving began to get easier. So they left. They formed a brotherhood of outlaws, and called themselves Polars. Little did they know, they weren't the only ones living on the outside. Animals had changed...evolved, to adapt to the climate. You know what happens when animals are left without food? They grow savage. Thus the wars began. A group of rebels formed the New Faith. They believed God had selected them to carry out his will. So to prepare, they began to form armies, of both man and beast.

    To destroy the Valve, they unleashed the captured untamed creatures into the underground. No one was prepared. People kept them back for a while, but it turned out the creatures liked it better in the warmth. Soon they had no choice, they had to retreat. Over time, the few survivors found that sanctuary was no further than the stars. So, here we are...

    My name is Velvet. I'm a crew member aboard the Conquest. Seven days ago, we received a distress call from the Harvester, a mining ship used to gather our natural resources from meteors and dead planets. Their signal shows that they have just left earth's orbit. It's supposed to be a simple mission, check in and get out. Or at least that's what we thought...

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  • Out of all the Indy (Jones) films, which one should I trade in @ Moviestop.?

    ...And about how much will i get for it??? The first 3 are the newest versions of the films, that came about about 6 months ago, and the 4th one is just the regular one disc version.

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  • I've never really read any graphic novels. Any recommendations?

    I like dark books and action. I like books that make you think. I know I'm getting watchmen, but what else should I get??

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  • Fallout 3 of Far Cry 2?

    which will keep me more entertained?

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  • Can Obama swear in over the Quran?

    I heard someone say he was going to and was just wonderinng.

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  • I may be short on cash this C-mas, and i need to know which of these games to NOT GET.?

    Mirrors Edge, Prince of Persia, Gears of War 2, Dead Space, Far Cry 2, and Fallout 3.

    I could afford all, and have cash left over if i didn't get the Rock Band 2 drumset.

    What should I do???

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  • Should I trade silent hill 2,3,and 4 in so i can afford silent hill 5?

    Im really not completely done with them but i am willing to trade them if its worth it.

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