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  • Has anyone switched mid-career to Information Technology?

    Has anyone from non-IT background (Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Biologist, Chemist, Compliance, Lawyer, Chemical Engineer, etc.) switched mid-career or during their mid-30s to an IT field, such as software engineering, machine learning or Artificial Intelligence?

    What was your experience? How did you do it? What did you learn to make the change? Did you do a masters degree? Share your thoughts.

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  • Undergraduate courses for a Masters in Artificial Intelligence?

    I want to do a masters in artificial intelligence but do not have an undergraduate degree in computer science/computer engineer/mathematics/electrical engineer/etc.

    What undergraduate courses will help me into the degree? I found that a lot of universities are willing to accept those from other backgrounds as long as they have the sufficient undergraduate courses. I messaged them about the courses but no luck!

    What undergraduate courses are useful for AI and ML? I did some research and found mainly math, statistics and algorithm courses.

    I did the following courses though:

    - Programming I + II (C++ and Java)

    - Software Engineering

    - Human-Computer Interaction

    - Database

    - Networks

    - Data Structures and Algorithms

    - Calculus I + II and statistics

    - Discrete Math

    - OS

    I am not sure if I am missing something. I read in a blog that Linear Algebra is also required?

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  • Is a Masters in Chemical Engineering a Good idea?

    I have studied business administration and have 7 years of finance experience. Hate the job and got fired last November 2019 (because of cost cutting and not performance). I have, however, taken general chemistry I and II, organic chemistry I and II, Physics I, Calculus I to III and differential equations. I wanted to study engineering but parents forced me otherwise.

    I applied for a masters in chemical engineering (online) with one college. They said they can admit me to the program as long as I pass two bridge courses that covers Material and Energy Balances, Thermodynamics, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer and Separations. (

    MY QUESTION: I am thinking, is graduating with a Chemical Engineering Masters with no related experience at the age of 32 is a good idea? I'm worried of being overqualified.

    Some people suggested Artificial Intelligence or computer science since I am also good with computers (I can build one, know how to program, understand networks, etc.) but I love chemical engineer.

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  • Using RAID 1 as backup?

    I understand what RAID 1 is (disk mirroring) - you drop a file and it gets mirrored to the other drive. If one drive fails, your data remains. I understand.

    I am planning to use two external HDD as RAID 1 for back-up. However, people on blogs are saying you still need to make a backup of your RAID! I am confused. In that case, aren't you just manually mirroring your data to a third drive? Why do I still need to back-up my RAID? 

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  • Which software is good at recovering files even after a hard drive format?

    I am an old laptop that was formatted before. I'd love to recover some of my old files. However, I cant find a software that recovers very old files. Can someone recommend?

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  • Masters Degree vs CompTIA/CCNA/Etc.?

    I have a bachelors degree in business administration and have been working in a financial role for 8 years. However, I hate my job and love programming and technology. Cybersecurity is the field that interests me the most but I also like software engineering, web programming, etc.

    I am looking for a career shift. I was thinking about a masters degree in computer science since I have taken 6 computer science courses as electives in my undergraduate. However, the other side of me is saying not to waste money on a masters as there are certificates available. I have done the CompTIA A+ and currently studying for the Network+. Other certificates I will be doing next are Security+, PenTest+ and CCNA Security.

    Do I need the masters or are the CompTIA (A+, Network+, Security+ and PenTest+) and CCNA Security Certificates enough? I know how to program in C++ and python. I also know HTML, JavaScript, SQL and PHP (self taught)

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  • Do I need a masters degree in computer science for a career shift?

    I graduated with a bachelors degree in business administration and worked as an auditor/banker for the past 8 years. I hate my job and always loved to code. Wanted to study computer science but got forced into business.

    Anyways, I lost my job during the COVID situation and I did the following undergraduate courses online: Programming I + II, discrete math, data structures and algorithms, networks, operating systems and software engineer.

    I want to ask if I need a masters in computer science for a career switch or can I just do certificates like CompTIA and CCNA? I already did CompTIA A+, Network+ and security+ Going to do Cloud+, PenTest+ and CCNA Security later on.

    Is a masters worth it or just wasting money?

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  • Is being a college professor worth it?

    I would love to pursue a PhD in Human Biology to teach at a university or college. However, I'm not sure if this is a good choice as I heard academia does not pay off well. As a professor, can I just teach or do I have to do research as well?

    Your thoughts 

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  • Python file won t open?

    I downloaded python (the latest version) from their website

    Made my first python file with the following:

    print "Welcome to Python!"

    saved the file as

    I double click the file but all I get is a cmd prompt opening then closing very quickly.

    Please help

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  • How is a thesis done for a PhD in Biochemistry, CHemistry, Biology, Biomedical Science?

    I understand in the business and social science, you read papers, analyze data in your thesis. However, how does it work for a PhD student in the science fields, such as Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Biomedical Science? Are they required to just do research and data analysis? Or are they required to use experiments to come up with something new?

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  • How much biology is needed for Bioinformatics?

    I heard from a lot of people in the field that micro biology, cell biology and genetics is all you need for bioinformatics. Yet, I dont understand why some universities require a lot of prerequisite in biology for their masters in bioinformatics?

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  • which is a better career choice? Software Engineering or Chemistry?

    I am in a bit of a roller coaster here and I understand those are two different path. Let me explain myself more as I love both software engineering and chemistry.

    I enjoy the lab work in school. I enjoy working with chemicals. My main interests are Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry.

    I also love programming. I did some programming and basic software and website programming projects. I really enjoy it. Another thing I enjoy in IT is cyber forensics.

    I enjoy both almost the same but I want to ask which is a better career choice. Again I love both and doing both is not possible. I feel software engineer is a better choice as Chemistry is not a good career (from what I heard).

    What are your thoughts?

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  • Will a masters degree help me switch careers from business to science?

    I found a masters degree in geoscience which i can apply to and i only have to take 4 prerequisite courses because my bachelors is in business.

    I am 31 yo and have worked in a bank for 7 years. I hate my job and i love science. Parents forced me to study business. 

    I am thinking, will a masters degree help me to swicth careers?

  • Is bioinformatics limited to only genetics?

    I did some research and all i can find on bioinformatics is application to genes. Is bioinformatics only limited to genetics or is it applicable to environmental science and other fields in biology? How often is it used in other fields?

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  • I don't have any friends. Is there still chance of marriage?

    I am 30 yo Male and i don't have any friends at all. I am a loner. I don't like spending time alone though. I cant make friends as guys don't enjoy my presents. However, girls are somehow okay with me. I only dated two girls in my life and it didn't go well. I am always at home but love to go out but no friends.

    My mom found a wife for me and i do want to get married. I am financially stable and know what i want in life and willing to settle. The problem is because i dont have any friends and because most of the time i spend it at home, im worried that she won't accept me. I am also thinking who can i invite to my wedding. Is there a chance for loner guys like me. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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  • How can you make sound travel through the wall so that only the people on the other side can hear it?

    How can I make a device that would transmit sound to the other room without me hearing it from my room?

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  • Passing the GRE chemistry test and applying for a masters degree in chemistry?

    I did my bachelors degree in business. However, i wanted to study chemistry. I won't go into details why.

    I am currently doing an online diploma in chemical engineer while taking courses in general chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry and analytical chemistry. I am working at the same time but not in chemistry.

    I don't like the business job and i am planning to switch to science. I also want to add i love chemistry and i was a straight A student back in high school.

    Question is, if i get the diploma in chemical engineer and passed the GRE chemistry exam, what are my chances of being accepted in the masters in chemistry program?

  • Should I buy a new Limited Jeep Compass or a used 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee (both almost have the same price)?

    I am interested in the new Jeep Compass. It costs around $25,000/- where I live. The compass is a fun drive. Only problem is the slow engine, which I don t mind.

    However, I also found a used 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee for almost the same price and has 30,000 KM on it. I love the grand cherokee. It has a lot of space and engine is great. To be honest, I don t need that much power in the engine but I love it. My only problem is that it is used and not safe. The new compass is rated "Top Safety Pick" by the IIHS.

    I will be getting married soon. I feel like i will be needing extra room for the baby stroller and other shoppings/groceries. The compass does not provide that room. I have a 2014 jeep compass and I understand.

    What do you guys think?

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  • Passing the Chemistry GRE exam and applying for a Masters in Chemistry?

    Quick question. I do not have a bachelors degree in chemistry nor in any science field. I won't go into details on why but I wanted to do my bachelors in chemistry but parents forced me into business.

    Anyways if I do my chemistry GRE exam and pass it, will I be able to apply for a masters in chemistry? I don't have any chemistry experience.

    I studied General Chemistry I + II, Organic Chemistry I + II, Analytical Chemistry, Microbiology, Bio Chemistry, Physics I + II, environmental chemistry and Calculous I + II ALONE ... NOT IN COLLEGE

    Guys my question: Will passing the Chemistry GRE exam help me get into a masters in Chemistry despite no bachelors in science-related field.

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