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I am a 25 year old house mom. My amazing husband is in the military which has allowed us the pleasure to be stationed all over the world. I have a 6 year old little girl, a 3 year old little boy, and a 1 year old little boy. I love life and my family. Right now I am just focusing on being a mom and growing as a christian. Both a little hard with 3 crazy kids running around, but fun at the same time. God bless and have a great life!

  • in need of christian music groups name?

    There is a christian music group with a name of someones chair. Stevens chair or something like that. I cannot figure it out!

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  • computer to computer?

    My daughters laptop was thrown down the stairs by my 2 year old and I was wondering if there was an easy way to get all her info from her hard drive to my main home PC. All that seems to be wrong, is that the screen in shattered. Obviously we can navigate enought to transfer data to a thumb drive or what not, so are there any other options? Is there some sort of USB-USB cord that we can hook up both computers and just transfer stuff? Thanks!

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  • Should I put my dog down for biting?

    My husband adopted a dog from the local shelter. He didn't tell me till after he adopted it, that he had to sign a waiver. They didn't suggest that this dog be in a home with children since he was so skittish, and we have 3 small children (6, 3, and 1).

    This dog was starved, scared of every sound and bump around him, filthy, and was obviously beaten by whoever had him before. After much love and care, he has become the sweetest dog. He is now healthy as a horse, doesn't jump at anything and loves our family.

    I was playing with the kids one day and he didn't like how loud and crazy we were getting and he jumped up and bite me good. I still have a little scar. He obviously was defending the children, but I didn't like it. I worked with him like crazy on it, and he now does just fine when we play. He still doesn't like it and sometimes will give us warning barks.

    He once nipped my daughter because she was giving more attention to our other dog and he wanted it. He has growled at our youngest before, but never hurt him. He will do one of those little warning nips, just enough to get you to leave him alone.

    Tonight he got out of the yard. He LOVES to run and will anytime he gets the chance. He always comes back, but on his own time. Well our neighbor was trying to help us get him and he willingly came to her and sat. As soon as she took ahold of his collar though, he turned and bit her. It didn't break the skin, but was enought to scare her and make her scream and let him go. She is an animal lover and acted like it was fine. She did have a red mark where he bit her.

    My question is this. What should we do. I want to be responsible, but we love the dog. I am doing all I can do with 3 kids and 2 dogs, but can't really give him anymore time than I already am. I am affraid that anyday now he will really hurt someone and that we will get in a lot of trouble. I don't want to put him in another home, he is too sweet to keep getting shifted around and I think it would be irrisponsible. We either make it work, or he goes down. I was taught if a dog bites, he goes down. HELP!

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  • Trying to locate birth grandmother?

    I have recently started searching for my birth grandmother. Now that I am an adult and have children of my own, I feel the sting of not knowing who she is. My mother finally gave up the search, but I feel a yearning to know that side of me, the side I have no clue about. If anyone has any good info on where to start looking, or any one that can help please let me know. I am overwelmed and don't know where to start.

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  • Trying to locate birth grandmother?

    I have recently started the search for my birth grandmother. Does anyone have info on where a good place to start is? I don't have a clue what I am doing and I don't know what to tackle first. Any info would be nice.

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  • What could this rash be?

    It started as red itchy spots on my legs and spread to arms, then back and stomach and is also on my feet. They seemed to be going away when I was on an antibiotic, but once I was off, they started coming back. They leave small tan like scars once they are gone. They also seem to be coming back in the smae spots as they were before the antibiotic. What could this be, my doctors have ruled out insect bites, psoriosis and exzema. They think it might be some kind of infection. Please help out.

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  • itunes help needed?

    I downloaded an ablum on itunes and it turns out the flies are protected. I am not sure what this means. All I know is that I cannot play the song I downloaded in media player, only in the itunes program. I haven't had this problem in the past, can someone help me out.

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  • cancer research?

    Can anyone tell me if they know of any Christian cancer research org.? I just want to find a foundation that does cancer reasearch without the use of embryo stem cells. It doesn't have to be Christian, as long as they do not use embryos that have been aborted. I really want to make a donation for my sister since she has breast cancer, but can't find any good places to donate. Thanks!

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  • Christian Cancer research?

    Can anyone tell me if they know of any Christian cancer research org.? I just want to find a foundation that does cancer reasearch without the use of embryo stem cells. It doesn't have to be Christian, as long as they do not use embryos that have been aborted. I really want to make a donation for my sister since she has breast cancer, but can't find any good places to donate. Thanks!

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  • ? about PCSing?

    I am going to be PCSing in March from Germany. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the military will fly us into a location other than our base. I heard some say they will, and then you just have to pay to get from the location they fly you, to the base. Some say though that they will only fly you into your duty station. Does anyone know anything on this?

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  • How long do I keep things in my filing cabinet?

    I have a lot of stuff starting to overflow in my filing cabinet and I need to spring clean it. I know there are certain lengths of time that you keep things. Some are 3 years some ar 1 some are 5, but I just don't know exactly what is what. Help please!

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  • name of song?

    Ok, so I heard this song today and i need to know who sings it and the name of the song. It is kind of a techno electronic song. It doesn't have many lyrics, but the ones I know go something like this

    "i like....... i like you lips" then something about missing you and laying next to you. Ok, so I know this is a major clerks moment and I haven't given you much to go on, but if you know at all please help!

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  • ? about my ISP?

    I am military and live over in Germany. I am trying to get into a website, but because it knows that I am outside the united states, it won't let me in. This web site only deals with Americans, so if an ISP in outside the US it just doesn't allow access to the site. Is there a backdoor I can go through or something since I am american, just living overseas. I really need to be able to get to this site. Thanks for all your help.

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  • Charitable donations?

    I give cash every week at church, and under charitable donations it ask for any cash amounts. I give the same amount every week and it isn't much, but in a year I give 3,840.00. It helps with my taxes, but my question is if it is legal for me to put in on my return. I don't have a reciept for it, I just pull the money out of the ATM and drop it in the basket. On the 1040 form, it doesn't say anything about it, it just asks how much you donated in cash. I hope this makes sense. Thanks!

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  • I need help with bible verses on being a goldly woman.?

    I am trying to find the section in the bible that list all the characteristics of a goldy woman. The section that talks about sewing and cooking and ect. I want real answers, so if you don't know, please don't answer. Thank you for your kind response.

    15 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Anyone have a good bible study?

    I want to do a bible study at home, I plan on buying the material online and doing it with my husband. I am looking for something challenging, something that will make me think, but that isn't sooooooo crazy. I am Christian non-denominational, so something that will go along with growing in christ.

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  • Who decides what is right or wrong?

    If you don't believe in God, or any other spiritual figure, then how do you know what is right or wrong? If we are just a bunch of cells put together by some random chance, and if we survived by natural selection, then really there are no rules. Who is to say that murder is wrong, or that stealing isn't OK. We can create laws that say what the majority thinks should happen, but really how do you honestly tell someone that something they did is wrong.

    I am not trying to be rude or ignorant, I honestly am interested in peoples opinions.

    If we come across a culture that has no laws and they sacrifice children as a ritual, can you really say that they are wrong? It isn't a law to them, so why is it wrong?

    I think it is wrong, and it seems obvious to me, but that is because I believe in God and his teachings.

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  • Myspace image problem?

    I need to put a picture as my background, but I don't know how to turn it into a URL code. Do any of you know where I can go to turn an image on my computer into a code so that I can set it as my background

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  • ? About gameboy micro games.?

    I have a gameboy micro, and I was wondering if the gameboy advance and the micro take the same games? I was looking online for some and all I could find were games for the advanced. Do both systems take the same games?

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  • What is a good personal web site for my family?

    I want to set up a web page about my family that my relatives can go to to check in on us and see new pictures and read stories and updates on my family. I want it to be free and family friendly. I want as much privacy as I can get, any suggestions?

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