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  • A question of race.... but not a racist question....?

    I just want to say right away that I'm not at all racist and I don't care what color your skin is because God (or whoever you worship) loves us all the same... but that I really am confused. I was just wondering what everyone thought. How come we have Black History Month, NAACP, Black scholarships, Black colleges, etc.... but if someone tried to make a Caucasian History month, Caucasian scholarships, Caucasian colleges, etc., then we would be called racist. Can we not call the African Americans racist for excluding Caucasians from all of this? So the African Americans have been persecuted for a long time (mainly because their own people from different tribes would raid a tribe and kidnap them to sell to slavers several hundred years ago).... Is it going to be the Caucasians persecuted a thousand years from now??

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  • Miss No Good question...?

    Are Jiang Xiao Hua and Jia Si Le biological brother and sister? Because in episode 10, Jia Si Le's mother said that she met his father when he needed to have someone look after Jia Si Le. So does that mean that Jiang Xiao Hua is her only biological child? And if so, then it wouldn't be incest if Jiang Xiao Hua and Jia Si Le got together, just frowned upon because they are "legally" siblings? Just wondering...

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  • Clay Aiken is a father?!?!?!

    I thought that he was gay. Wow. Shows how much I know! What does everyone think about this little tidbit of gossip?

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  • What's your favorite restaurant?

    and what's your favorite menu item from that restaurant?

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  • What do you think about the Chinese gymnasts being supposedly underage?

    Some people are saying that two of the Chinese gymnasts are being portrayed as 16 and are really 14, because to participate in the Olympics you have to be 16. Do you think their passports (which they are using as proof of age) is rigged by the Chinese gov't to try to win a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics?

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  • Transfering data...?

    How do I transfer data, such as photos and music and such to a new computer from an old one?

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  • Naruto....?

    could someone please tell me who naruto's parents are? I know vaguely but i would like to be sure.... and when he finds out who his parents are what reaction does he have? any help at all would be great and the one with the most detailed answer gets 10 pts. i would read the manga to find out but i dont have time. actually, if you want to ramble on with spoilers that would be fine by me too. i am too impatient to see one episode of the anime every week, it goes too slowly. lol. and thanks sooo much for your help!! =)

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  • Vampire Knight.....?

    I know that it would be spoiling the rest of the series but it is killing me to find out what is happening and i do not have time to read the manga, so if someone could tell me the basic plot ouline from where Zero first drinks Kaname's blood to where the manga stopped i would GREATLY appreciate it. the more detailed the better, and the one with the most detailed answer gets 10 pts. :-D i just have to know what is happening when Yuuki becomes a vampire, how strong she gets, if she ends up with Zero/ Kaname, etc. Thanks soooo much!!!!

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  • blocking restricted numbers...?

    There is a person with a restricted number calling me continuosly day and night about 50 times a day. I have Verizon Wireless. How do i block that restricted number? The website Verizon Wireless has says that they do not offer that service at this time, but this incessant calling is driving me crazy. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Fugoh Keiji- Japanese Drama....?

    Does anyone know where i can watch Fugoh Keiji, the detective japanese drama, on somewhere that isn't veoh, youtube, mysoju, or because those sites wont let you watch it "in your region" or something like that, and almost put a virus on my computer. so if anyone could help me out i would greatly appreciate it, because this has been driving me crazy. thank you in advance! =)

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  • Can you solve this riddle???

    You are in a room with one door leading to the other room. You cannot see into the other room at all, not even a crack around the door, etc. Inside the other room there is only a small table and a lamp connected to a plug in the wall. In the room you are in, there are three light switches. You must find out what switch turns on the lamp. You can only go into the room once to see if you are right, and you cannot leave the room you are in until you have choosen a switch. How do you know which switch turns on the lamp?

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  • witness protection tv series?

    What is the title of the witness protection tv series that just started a few weeks ago? its been bugging me, but i dont remember what channel it plays on, who plays in it, the title, or anything really. if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • When is the Naruto Shippuden Movie going to come out subbed in English?

    I know that the movie came out in Japanese theaters on August 4, 2007, but I was wondering if anyone knew when they were supposed to finnish subbing the movie for people who understand little or no Japanese?

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  • Why are people always complaining about God?

    I know that a LOT of people will not agree with me on this, but after reading some of the comments people have put on here, I just had to get my point across. And if you do not like my opinion, oh well. God is the almighty Creator, always has been here, and always will be here. If you don't believe in God, then shame on you. But while im lazing around in heaven, most of the people will be toiling away in hell. The bible says that you must obey the Ten Commandments, that you must believe that Jesus Christ is our personal savior and that if we do not accept him, then we will go to hell. Take the story of Job for instance. God took away everything that he had to prove a point to the Devil, gave him horrible sores, yet Job never stopped believing in God. This is the example we should follow. And if I have offended anyone, Im not sorry, b/c if I have offended you, then shame on you. It angers me to think that people think God is a tyrant and evil, out to kill everyone. Comments please.

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  • I like this guy, but he just got a girlfriend.......?

    I like this guy, but ever since I hinted that maybe I like him as more than a friend, he got a girlfriend, one that just broke up with her boyfriend. She is very pretty and smart. My friends and i decided to go to the mall one day, and he decided that he and this girl were going to go with us. He spent the entire time laughing at my jokes and whatever, and he was kinda ignoring that girl. Do you think he's trying to make me jealous?? I don't know what to do. Should I tell him how I feel, even though he's going out with this really popular girl? Help, please.......

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  • I have a major problem..... involving my best friend, my crush and myself.... HELP!!!?

    My best friend is cheating on her boyfriend, although he doesn't know it. I totally have a crush on her boyfriend, but out of loyalty to my friend, I haven't done anything about having a crush on him. Yet, she is not being faithful to him, and I think that he deserves better than that. I can't tell him, because then my friend would hate me. Then she would hate me even me even more if I made a move on him after he (understandablly) broke up with her. WHAT SHOULD I DO???? I'm completely confused!!!

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