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31 Female, Detroit (MI) area, In A Relationship (happy!), mother of 9 year old girl...bored at work sometimes with not much other internet access! I love giving "thumbs ups" for good answers I run across and I love questions & people with a good sense of humor :-)

  • WHY do Halloween costumes run so small?

    I purchased a quote "plus size" costume online because I am a pretty standard size 16. The listing said it fits sizes 16-24W. Well I got the thing, and it barely fit. I had to rip the waist to get it over my head and now I have to re-sew the darn skirt back on to it! I honestly don't know how anyone bigger than my already big butt could squeeze their behind in to that thing or how they could say it fits these sizes when it does not. I had this problem with a costume I bought last year too. It fit me perfectly, but there's no WAY anyone over a 16 could get in to it.

    WHY do these things run so small and who would I complain to to make sure these listings aren't so misleading? Companies who sell these costumes don't MAKE them, so complaining to who sold it to me wouldn't do any good. It's bad enough they charge $60 and more for already cheaply-made costumes.

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  • Found daughter's birth father....Now what?

    Story in a nutshell: My daughter's birth father left the state (MI) and went to Georgia when my daughter was 6 months old. I initiated a child support case within a week of him leaving town.

    Since then, some child support was sent (wages garnished, liens were placed on a couple of his tax refunds). It was barely enough to cover half her day care for a month let alone anything else....! Last payment we received was in 2002.

    Since then, I tried to locate him but couldn't, and the GA Child Support Enforcement agency could not locate him either. He owes us about $16.5K. No attempt on his part has been made to contact us in over 5 years.

    Well, he popped out of the woodwork recently and got in touch with me. He is still in GA and wants to reinstate his child support, claiming he has "matured" and wants to have contact with "his daughter". Needless to say, I have not welcomed him with happy open arms. He claims I am being difficult but I really don't want my daugher hurt..(continued)

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  • What's SILLIEST THING you have ever been amused by?

    OMG I was just amused by the dumbest thing. Pringles makes these new “minis” (chips) now and they’re SO CUTE! What’s more is that I didn’t find a single broken chip in the little bag. WOO HOO!

    Have you ever found yourself amused by something you thought was kind of SILLY but it still made your day anyway?

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  • In your box of chocolates, which ones get eaten last?

    Personally I get disappointed when I bite in to one and get a plain caramel. I like caramels but in a box of chocolate I wish they were banned. I've learned that they are usually square though, so that helps. I really love it when a box of chocolates has a diagram on the inside of the top of the box so you can kind of plan out what you are getting in to *before* you bite in to it.

    I don't care for minty stuff much, either.

    Does anyone else put chocolates with one bite in them BACK in the box to eat later?

    I also hate the jellies...blech. You don't see them too much more but....ick.

    Favorites are any chocolate-covered clusters of nuts (cashews especially) even if this means they are combined with a little caramel. Then I love those flavored creme fillings like mocha & etc.

    What's your favorite and least favorite part of a box of chocolates?

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  • When you were a kid did you....?

    ....put Elmer's glue all over your hands and let it dry then try to peel it off like it was dead skin trying hard to to get the largest piece without tearing it as possible?

    Did you ever put a safety pin in your finger through only the first layer of skin and pretend you had a pin stuck in you?

    I don't know why but at lunch today I remembered doing this stuff. LOL.

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  • Daughter going through early puberty....Resources?

    My daughter is nine and going through early puberty (has breasts, body hair, body odor, has gotten some pimples). She has not started her period *yet* but I know it's got to be coming soon. I have no idea how to approach the subject with her. She's only nine and I am not sure she can handle the emotional part or the responsibility of taking care of herself....She's a tomboy and I still have to literally nag her just to brush her teeth and wash her hands!

    I know there are tons of sources ONLINE for PARENTS regarding early puberty and I've read some. What I am looking for are resources for girls - books or movies preferred, that might help us deal with this. I just don't know how to explain to a 9 year old that she may be bleeding soon, why, what it means, and how important it is to keep herself clean/change pads....that sort of thing.

    Help :-) This is a serious issue to parents...please no perverts or jerky answers, *please*!!!

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  • Moving in with BF, how to handle finances? How do you handle?

    Background info...I am 31, he's 34, and I have a 9 year old daughter. We will be moving in to his place. I'd like to hear from others out there who have a good plan on how to handle the finances/bills. I make more money than he does. Not a whole lot, but more.

    Splitting everything straight 50/50 seems odd but if it works for you, please share.

    Which one of you keeps track of the bills and makes sure they are paid? Do you have a joint bank account for this, or separate? How do you handle buying groceries and household items, and the rent or mortgage payment?

    I've been a single parent, and I have not lived with another adult in years. This will be a big adjustment as it is, so the last thing I want to do is end up arguing about money and how to handle it. I want to have a good plan in place and discuss my ideas with him prior to moving in so there is no question later how things are to be handled.

    Any tips or success stories you could share would be much appreciated!

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  • Need a HUGE favor now...PUDDING SHOTS recipe...need someone to search....please?

    Hey all! I need a favor 'cuz I am at work and even RECIPE websites are blocked from us. I need a recipe for pudding shots (NOT Jello shots) and I found some by doing a Yahoo search for "Pudding shots recipe" but I can't click on it....BLOCKED.

    I even searched in Yahoo Answers for past questions on this but what did come up was not helpful. I can not stand it when people ask questions on here without doing a search on past questions first!

    I made these for a party at Halloween but don't know what I did with the recipe. It's not too hard but I don't want to mess it up by forgetting one little dumb thing. The recipe I used had Cool Whip, Bailey's, vodka and pudding in it...posisbly some water. If someone could go to these links and post the recipe for me, I would greatly, greatly appreciate it!!!,,

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