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  • i dont know what this means?

    okay there is this guy that i see around quite often, i recently found out i was friends with his sister awhile back and hes friends with a family friend. hes really cute, and according to our family friend hes a shy guy. i always see him when hes at work and we always make eye contact and i catch him looking at me often. like ill be in my moms car and hee will be outside at work and he will look at me while were driving in the car, and i have seen him when hes not working and he smiled and waved but idk because we saw eachother multiple times that day. but just by chance...i just really wanna know if this is a shy guys way of saying"talk to me" or not because i dont really meet too many shy guys.

    **when hes looking he often smiles(and his friend that he works with will be talking to him and looking in my direction, and the kid will come work in the direction im in or walk by me smiling and kinda looking down or at me from the corner of his eye)**

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  • How can I convince my parents to let me get a dog?

    We already have a family pet. A dog. That's not good with people at all, he always snaps at people, nobody cam touch him or go near him except my mom cause he snaps and bites kids, and he's just a rude. cranky, unloving dog. And I've been trying to convince my mom to let me get my own pet that's actully nice that I can socialize with, and she says I already have a dog and I should love him, but I'm honestly kind of scared of my dog, he's just to agressive, it's not like me just being in his face, people will be minding they're own business and he'll walk up to them and start growling. And for some reason he hates me even though I'm the one who takes care of him, and I've never hit him or abused him or done anything bad to him. I just want a loving pet. Please help.

    Btw I was thinking I wanted a short haired kitten or a medium size,short haired dog. Not like a great Dane or husky.

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  • If I keep re-applying sun in does it get lighter?

    Okay I used sun in cause I thought my hair was lighter then it really was and it turned orangish blonde so I wanted to know if inkeep applying sun in will it get lighter each time??

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  • how much can i sell my dsi and accessories for?

    i have a nintendo dsi in blueand charger all the bottons work and everything.

    but now the important stuff: i need to know how much money i can get for that and one of those cases that look like little suitcases plus a buzz lightyear armor case that aso holds games in the jetpack part.

    and than a few years ago i got some games for christmas that i never play

    nintendogs:dalmation and pals

    tinkerbell and fairy friends(somethin like that?)

    super princess peach

    and high school musical making the cut.

    and maybe pokemon yellow special pikachu edition

    please tell me hw much i can get for the stufff at gamestop or ebay or craigslist.where ever i can get the most

    and i know crappy games i got them in like 3rd-4th grade..

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  • ibought an app that doesnt work?

    please please please tell me what i can do: i bought an app at the app store that doesnt even work:(

    it was quite pricy for an app and i kinda want my money back since it doesnt work can someone tell me if apple will refund me if i tell them what happen?? something like that i really want my money back cause i couldnve bought some music with the money i spent on it


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  • help fake coon tails?

    okay so my mom wont let me dye my hair:c but what if i do like sharpie coontails? i really want coon tails and have been wanting them for years:c so i was wondering if i put sharpie in my hair will it wash out of my hair in the shower so my mom wont be pissed at me even more than usual? please no negitive comments or wth are coontails cause all of you who want to type something that'll waist your time typing and my time reading DONT you can never get that waisted time back

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  • would i look good with ariana grandes hair color?

    i love ariana grandes hair color and i really want it and my friends say it would look cute on me but i dunno please tell me if id look cute with the color

    i have a oval face im pale:)

    i have ash colored eyebrows and blonde hair but natural brown hair i have brown eyes and yeah please answer

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  • whats your fav pokemon from kanto?

    okay thats no sinnoh or jhoto or anything like that i like pikachu squirtle charmander and bulbasaur

    also do you think pokemon has gone down hill since misty left like may was okay dawn sucks you no answer yes or no

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  • where can i get a Beautiful dress for my 7th grade dance?

    ok im in 7th grade and we have a dance coming and i NEED a dress.its a winter dance and the cafeteria is going to be decorated white and baby blue.So i want to get a pretty dress for cheap since its winter i want to go with black, white, red, or black and white! if you post a picture thats not those colors but is really pretty that would be alright! ummmmmmm,i want it to be dressy its a dance where you get a date he wheres a tux you where a dress and slow dance and im going with a guy i really like so i want to look drop dead gorgeous!!!!!! soooooooo please post a pic!!also please be stores in san antonio please!

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  • where can i get a pretty white dress?

    ok so im in the school play and i need a white dress and some gold strappy sandles and i cant find th em ANYWHERE please help the plays in 6 weeks and i need them asap

    also can yu put the price?

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  • does never shout never have a cd out yet?

    i know never shout never has a ep out and its the summer but does he have a full cd out if not would anyone mind telling me what songs are on the summer ep please!!!! I love christopher drew SO much

    1 AnswerGolf1 decade ago
  • Is a guitar hard to play?

    Ok im getting my first guitar in like a month and i want to know is it hard to play and i kinda want a hello kitty or badts maru one buy where soooooooo expensive can anyone tell me where to buy one or if i should get electric or acoustic i really dont know i cant decide where can i get one cheapest and do yu know if teardrops on my guitar is hard to play please help now please ugh cant choose

    3 AnswersPerforming Arts1 decade ago
  • should i get an ipod touch or ipod chromatic?

    ok soooooooooooo im a wii bit clumsy and im afraid the touch will crack if i drop it and the on the touch yu can go on youtube and see music videos instead of buying songs but the chromatic has a camera whitch one please its foe my b day next month help

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • should i forgive my old best friend?

    ok so i like a guy named Troy and she knows it and im with her and Troy and she says"BYE TROY" and kisses him on the cheek should i forgive her?????

    2 AnswersFriends1 decade ago