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  • How can I draw a curved line with an exact length in Photoshop or any program that I can download for free?

    i need to draw curved and zigzag lines. Simple black lines. The catch is that need to be able to know the exact length of the line. Not the horizontal distance of the line, the actual length of the line. How do I do this? I have Photoshop, but any I will use any program that will do this for me. Please just tell me where to look.

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  • Undergrad versus Masters GPA in Phd admissions?

    I am about to finish my masters degree in educational research with a 3.97 GPA. My undergraduate GPA is absolutely terrible, 2.3. My undergrad degree is in biology, I earned that degree 8 years ago; my masters and potential Phd will be in education. In between my undergrad and masters, I returned to school to earn a teaching license and had a 3.75 GPA in that program. Also, in my masters program, because I was studying research, I was required to take several doctorate level courses, earning three As. I will be taking GREs in a couple of weeks; however I have taken the Miller Analogy Test and scored in the 91st percentile.

    What should I expect in applying to Phd programs in educational psychology?

    How can I go about framing my poor undergraduate GPA when applying to Phd programs? My poor undergrad GPA is the result of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and learning how to manage this condition. In the last 7 years, I have had only one major bipolar episode and am clearly capable of graduate level work.

  • A good, fun car under $20k?

    I want to find a fun car, something sporty, under $20k. Any suggestions?

    I want to buy something new, or used (but under 20k miles or so if used).

    Frankly, I am sick of people suggesting a Mazada3. I want something fun; although, the car handles well and is nice to drive, it is four door sedan that is boring as can be. I do NOT want a 4 door sedan that looks like every other car on the road. Its my biggest pet peeve about most cars, they all look the same. So, any thoughts?

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  • Ford, GM, is this insane?

    My experience is that Ford and GM cars don't hold up well over the test of time, and therefore don't hold their value well. Compared to many foreign cars, based on my experience, Fords and GMs just don't hold up as well when the mileage starts to get up there.

    Is this a fair assessment?

    When I look around, I don't see too many focuses with 100k+ miles on them, but I see plenty of accords and civics in this category. Now I know someone is going to say, "it all depends on how well you maintain it." Please, don't say that. That is not an answer.

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  • Non Sedating Bipolar maintenance medication?

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a bipolar maintenance med that does not cause drowsiness or mental dulling. I am already taking lamictal (my doctor wants me to take something in addition to this to guard against hypomania).

    The big ones:lithium, tegretol, depakote, and trileptal are all not options (I have tried them and want nothing to do with them). I was thinking about asking about abilify, any thoughts?

    Also, I am young, so I really need a long term maintenance drug that will not have severe long term side effects (this is why my doctor said I could not use seroquel as a solution, though it worked).

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  • Hammer and sicle on the flag?

    why did Obama take the hammer and sicle off the American flag?

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  • U.S. Budget deficit? I am confused... I think.?

    So I am a little confused here. I don't really understand all the dramatics taking place. I thought that it was virtuous not to spend money that you do not have. That is, when you max out your credit cards and don't have money, you shouldn't keep on spending.

    If this is true, then why is there a budget deficit in the U.S.? Shouldn't we stop spending more than we take in, wouldn't that be a simple solution?

    And if we don't stop spending more than we take in, and run up a greater debt, who will pay? Our children? Is it right to force our children to carry our burden years later? Personally, I don't understand all this talk of going into more debt and hurting our children and grandchildren. And what I really don't get is the argument that seniors and the elderly will be hurt by reducing the deficit. Were they not the ones who elected the leaders that led to this huge debt in the first place? Is it not the elderly, the voters of years past, that created the situation that they now loath?

    I just don't understand why this vicious cycle continues. I want whats best for my kids. Why is this even being debated. I don't get it.

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  • Required Higher Education?

    Why is it that many occupations require degrees from universities? For example, I am a teacher, and to retain my license I must go back to school to get a masters degree.

    Why must learning occur through a university? Teaching is a profession, and I am a professional. As a professional, I keep up with current practices and am constantly reading professional literature. In doing so, so far this summer, I have read 3 books on education and countless journal articles. I am not saying that everyone should read as much as I do, but professionals read professional literature and are constantly improving in their practice.

    Therefore, why is it that a university must certify the fact that I learned what they have told me to learn? Clearly I am learning without the guidance of a university, and arguably I am learning more than I would learn under the guidance of a university. Also, I will add that one of the books that I read this summer was a graduate level textbook on the philosophy of education.

    My question is: why are universities perceived as the only place where learning can be assured?

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  • Science Teacher Licensure by Discipline??? Why?

    In many states, including my state, Ohio, secondary science teachers are licensed to teach only specific disciplines within science (life science, physical science, earth science, chemistry). Why is science licensure different from the other subjects taught. A social studies teacher may teach any social studies class including economics and government without significant coursework and specialized certification in these subjects. Moreover, reading teachers teach a wide array of content including poetry, English literature, American Literature, and many forms of writing.

    My question is, why is science education different? I am NOT looking for opinions, what I really want to find is some information on when science teacher certification became differentiated into different disciplines. I am trying to understand this difference from a historical perspective, if there is one (I am sure there is, its a matter of finding it).

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  • I refused to answer census questions...?

    So a census person showed up at my door since I never received a census form in the mail. Then the census person asked me if I was Hispanic and what my race was. I refused to answer both questions.

    My question is, if our government wanted to do away with racism and harmful labels, why my must they label every citizen according to race? not to mention that these questions have nothing to do with the purpose of the census. Doesn't seem that the federal government is supporting racism and racial stereotypes? Whether to help out a specific race or not, the point is, providing preferences based on race is racism.

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  • Tuck Everlasting Extension Activity?

    I was given an assignment to find an extension activity for the book Tuck Everlasting and then write a review of the activity. However, I cannot find a good extension activity to review. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look?

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  • What is at the root of Democrats' (some Democrats, not all) aggression towards Republicans?

    Why do some Democrats have such a profound disliking of Republicans? Why do I find questions like why are Republicans so ignorant? or Are you embarrassed by Republicans?

    What is at the root of Democrats resentment towards Republicans. I can understand why it would be the other way around, but can find no justifications for the viciousness some Democrats display.

    **intelligent answers only, please don't take this as an opportunity to continue bashing Republicans.

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  • -- Does any American find this acceptable?

    Is there any American citizen out there that finds this acceptable? Does anyone actually think that this is a good policy?

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  • When did Socialism become acceptable in America???

    It was not long ago that America was involved in a cold war and dedicated to preventing the spread of socialism (communism). Thousands of Americans gave their lives to preserve free choice and capitalism on the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam. Socialism was seen as a threat to our way of existence, and socialism in America today would significantly alter our means of existence. Thus, given our nation's very clear history, why is it not alarming that members of the democratic party openly embrace socialism?

    **note** I am not trying to make a blow at Obama. Whether or not you believe Obama is a socialist, is your business. I am referring to policies and ideas expressed by numerous democratic party leaders, not singling out individuals.

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  • How bad is this situation?

    My ex-girlfriend and I were together for three years and recently broke up. I lived in her house, that she owned. Anyways, I realized that I must have forgotten to take my suits when I moved out (they were in her closet, not mine). I went over there Monday to ask her for them, but she wasn't home. So I went inside to find them myself since the front door was unlocked. I could not find my suits. But I decided to take my TV that I had left there as part of an agreement we had made involving her repaying me some money that she owes me (she has not upheld her end of the agreement). Finally, today I got a call from the police saying I have 24 hours to return the TV and if I don't there will be consequences. How bad of a situation is this? How do I know that I will not get in trouble even if I do return the TV?

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  • My Representative is not representing! Do You see a problem with this?

    My congressman, Dennis Kucinich, has been foolishly trying once again to be elected president. It is quite clear he stands no chance at winning, but even if he did, he is has been elected and is being paid to represent my district in congress. He is taking the money and neglecting his job. How is this right?

    It is not only him, look at all the other elected officials who neglect their current job to run for president. They are being payed well over $100,000 a year for a job they simply ignore.

    I want my congressman to do the job he was elected to do and said he would do. His district did not elect him to spend half his term in a bus riding around Iowa.

    Am I wrong for being upset about this practice by politicians. I understand seeking reelection to their current office. Congressional campaigns are not nearly as time consumming. However, running for president leaves little time for you to tend to your job that got you there.

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  • Voting for president, how do you choose who to vote for?

    I always hear about a candidates values, character and decision making ability. I would like to here actual plans of action and solutions to problems. I dont care about your values, I want to know what you plan to do about healthcare and how you will handle inflation. Do americans really feel thats ones character is more important than the actual problems facing this country? Dont good solutions to the problems indicate wether or not someone can deal with future issues weel too?

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  • College graduate needs to know how to find a fitting job?

    I graduated a year ago with a degree in biology (b.s.). I have been trying to find a job ever since. I live in cleveland, oh and the problem I keep running into is that every job is a sales job. I AM NOT A SALESPERSON!!! I am very smart and a job that does not utilize this will be short lived. I need something that allows me to make decisions and does not involve selling. Going back to school is not an option as I need money and WILL NOT move home to live with my parents. So unless it is something that allows me to go to school part time while working full time, it is not an option. I am very open minded, all I really need is decent pay, bennefits, and the ability to think for myself so I dont get bored and quit.

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  • I think barack obama is articulate. Does that make me a racist?

    I am not racist. But whats your opinion? It is a fact that he is articulate (that would be pretty hard to argue against), so am I a racist?

    Oh any my sister who plays basketball has nappy hair (she is not black though) but am i still racist? and she really does have nappy curly hair.

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  • Recent college graduate cannot find a job. Any advice????

    i graduated last August with a BS degree in biology. I decided not to go to grad school right away so I could be with my family in a difficult time. I cannot find any job. I am not looking for a job in biology , i have no high standards all i want is a full time job that offers health insurance. I have tried for everything: bank teller, car rental, telemarketing, collections. (just to name some to give you an idea) I recently went to a temp agency and never heard back from them. I can gaurentee you it is not my resume, dress, lack of professionalism or any other silly thing that could be easily corrected. I just need to know where I can get any job. Just a job with insurance that is full time and preferably normal hours. And if you have to know i live in Cleveland,oh. I need money and volunteer work is out of the question, and also does not offer bennefits.

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